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Changes You Should Make For A Better Life

This post is all about the changes you can make to be a happier human, these changes are super easy, and will most definitely improve your life, you will be happier, and your mind will be healthier! Win Win…

We all reach that stage where we are bored with how our lives are going. This is not fun at all, and you should not continue like this, especially because it is SO easy to make changes to your life, for the better, for yourself. There’s no need to give up and accept how you are when you know you can do better. You can do anything you want to to, and achieve anything once you set your mind to it, and believe.
No more “I can’t” and more “I can”!

The EIGHT Changes You Must Make This Year.

(Maybe not all of them, if you don’t want too… Just try some)

1) Tidy And Clean The Space You Live In –

Keep your room tidy! I really do not understand why you would allow your bedroom to get so messy, that you have probably created a whole new organism in that moldy bowl under your bed. Yuck.
It is so easy to keep it clean, do a massive clear out once a year, get rid of stuff you do not need, and do not buy anything you do not need either! Try not to clutter your room with nik naks that are useless. Make your bed every morning, open your curtains, and take down your rubbish. Simple.

Once you have a clean and tidy room, it is more manageable, you can keep it clean. When your room is tidy you will also find that you will sleep better, and if you are working in your room, your mind will be clearer, and not cluttered and dusty like your room once was. Seriously, having a tidy room as so many benefits.. Try it out and see how it changes things.

2) Create A New You –

This is such a good way to make changes in your  life, and make you feel so much better. Once you reach that stage where you hair is up in a ponytail (I do this) and you aren’t making much effort with your appearance (also do this), then start thinking about how you want to look, and who you want to be right now (doing this now).
I am not saying you need to get all fancy everyday, because I certainly wont be! But its nice to feel nice, and have nice hair. Its also so much fun getting a new hairstyle, buying new clothes, and learning new make up skills, so why not do it? Creating changes in your style can really make you a new person.
It is so easy now that we have the internet, you can shop online, watch YouTube tutorials on how to do make up, and you can look on pinterest for that new hair do.

Create a new and healthy mind for yourself, there are so many ways to do this, the easy way is to always think of your glass as half full, and not half empty, give yourself 20 seconds of courage, and go ahead with whatever you were negative about before. If you are surrounded by negative people often, then change! Find people that help you grow as a person, and not push you back into the ground – TOP TIP.

3) Get Fit And Healthy

Now is the time to start making changes and working towards your dream body goal, remember, everyone is different, you may want to gain or lose weight, or even stay the same and tone up, get stronger, or gain muscle. It really does not matter what you decide to do. Just be more active, eat better foods, and drink more water. The body will come along soon enough. Everyone wants a better body, and everyone can strive towards a healthier one, whatever that takes for you, like I said, gaining or losing weight, it does not matter.

Easy ways to get more active and eat healthier are ;

– Walk to and from work/school.

– Add more fruit and veg into your diet.

– Stop snacking on unhealthy food, for example – crisps, sweets and chocolate. Instead snack on nuts/seeds and fruit.

– Have breakfast every morning, if you don’t, you will snack… More than likely on bad foods.

– Drink water NOT FIZZY POP.

– Go to bed earlier, and have your recommended amount of sleep. (around 8 hours)

4) Be More Spontaneous

This is so much fun, but for someone like me, being spontaneous is just as hard as it is to spell it. I am extremely anxious, and I need to know what I am doing days in advance, otherwise I will F R E A K out. I guess if I was surprised with a trip or a holiday I would be excited, but little things like going out for a meal, or night out… Now that stresses me out (also very annoying for everyone else).

I am now trying to be more spontaneous and makes this one of my changes, I am trying to  plan things that day, or go along with other peoples plans. Once I have been and done whatever it is, I understand that I did actually have a good time, and that there was no need to worry. So if you are like me, then this is a good life change to make, to truly change you as a person, and experience new feelings and things, and grow as a person.

5) Travel More, Be More Culturally Aware

This is something that everybody should and needs to be doing. We live in a world today where we are all surrounded by those of a different religion, race, culture and beliefs to us. Which is absolutely fine, we should all embrace this and learn about other people. I believe this can really make you a better person.
If you are someone who will not like this at all and will not talk to anyone of a different religion etc, then you need to stop, and open your eyes, we are never going to be in a world where we are all the same, so please learn to accept that, and move on.

You can become more culturally aware by travelling to different places. This is something I really want to do, I am not saying leaving home for six months and travelling the world appeals to me at all, or that you should do be doing that too. But each holiday you go on, try venture a little bit further than Spain, or wherever your ‘regular’ holiday destination is. Spain is a great place, I love Spain, it such a good location for a holiday, but if you want to learn more, then widen your choices.

There are so many places to go, and so much more to learn, so go and do it. Even if this means saving for a year, or splashing out, it will be worth it, especially if you might only get the chance to go once.

6) Meet New People/ Rekindle Friendships

There is not much to write for this one, because it pretty much explains its self, if you are someone who does not give eye contact to any human, or sits at home all day in their own company, then I would probably try this, and begin with baby steps.
You will become more confident, and this will shine through you, making you happier, and a more approachable person. Key if you are looking for a job – first; you need to meet a new person, second; they don’t want someone who cannot communicate, or smile for that matter.

Meeting new people can be scary at times, but it is a very good way to make new friends and connections, everyone is different and everyone has their own story to tell, you might even find your new BFF whilst shopping, or waiting for a train, you might even meet someone who could offer you a crazy opportunity. So be a friendlier person, and smile more, if they don’t smile back, then fine! At least you look happy, and feel happy.

7) Educate Yourself With Something New

Educating yourself is such a good life change to make, you will have more knowledge, and you will feel happier as you have achieved something, woo! You could use this new skill for your own advantage or to help others, for example learning how to french braid will benefit you, but learning how to do sign language will not only help you to understand how other people may have to live and communicate, but you could also help children or adults who need to learn sign language. Good deed!

There are millions upon millions of new things you can learn. You may have something you have always wanted to learn and never found the time to, or had the money to fund your new hobby, this could be from learning a new language, to driving a car, or even crocheting (What I want to learn).

So go ahead, and start doing more. Plan and prepare how you are going to go about learning something new, you may need to go back to school or college. You might need to book lessons, or simply buy supplies. Just don’t give up, keep going, and you will succeed.

8) Be Who You Want To Be

Finally, number 8! The most important of all changes..

Be who you want to be, do not feel like you have to act and look like everyone else, you really don’t. If you aren’t happy wearing that pair of jeans everyone is wearing because Kim K has them, or ones similar, then don’t wear them, no one is forcing you! If you don’t want long hair, cut it short! I could continue with scenarios but you understand what I mean now.

Simply, be who you are, who you want to be, how you want to look, and how you want to act.
You will never be someone else, so whats the point in trying? Be the best that YOU can be, and no one will ever be better than you are as your own self… Because, well its impossible, there is never going to be another me, so I am the best me. (Now you feel like you are good at something too.)


So there you go! I hope you have enjoyed reading, and I also hope you have learnt something and will try at least two of the eight changes I have given you!

I promise it will change your life.

Need to make a change in your life? Want to be happier, and make your life better? Then read this post all about being happier, what what changes you should make for a better life.

Here’s another tea and foot picture.

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment below I will reply!

Charlotte xx

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