About Charlotte

All About Lottie Things

Welcome to my blog

Now of course my name is not Lottie Things…

It is Charlotte Dawson, I am 21 years old, from the UK – Living in the midlands where its all a bit boring…

I am currently working a full time job in a school, and I love it.
But blogging is my second passion.
I have a blog here at lottiethings, and of 2018, I have a new blog for posting about books and writing


So I started this blog in the hope to help others and myself. I find that it helps me to write down what I am thinking or how I am feeling, and it may help someone else too. I am new to all this so I am experimenting with writing all different kinds of posts and topics and seeing how that goes! Now in case you have not noticed, I am not one to write much about fashion and beauty (I am trying), but I write an awful lot about lifestyle, and health.

I write everything from my own brain and mind, I do not copy any other bloggers,
and I try very hard to use all of my own pictures!

So take a look through my categories, and my posts. If you like it, share it, help me out a little bit. If you do share any of my posts let me know in my comments and I will happily check out your blog as well. I am very grateful for any help I get with my blog.


My hope for one day is to become a full time blogger, and commit all my time to it. I love writing for you all to read, I sincerely hope that everyone likes my posts and if not that is also fine, you don’t have to read them! I try to write about topics that will enhance your life from my own advice that I have learnt or acquired, I simply want my blog Lottie Things to help you in any¬†way.
The reason being is I find it super fun, its a great hobby to be taking up, I want to be controlling my own life and doing what I want to do! Which is fair enough right? I understand that this takes a long time, and a lot of hard work, but I know that it is possible…

Go Lottie Things WOOOO…

If you have any questions to ask me then please comment on my posts and I promise I will reply!

Thank you for reading, and again, WELCOME TO LOTTIE THINGS