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I am so excited to write this post about this amazing dead sea mud mask.

Honestly, you’re gonna love it.

This face mask was bought from Amazon a while back, it was around £15?
Cannot remember, but it is still available on the website.

I am not someone who always stays on top of their skincare routine…I admit it, I get lazy.

Having a mud mask can really help to catch up time, face masks in general are amazing at getting your skin back to normal.

This one in particular has so many good points, and not so many bad ones at all!

I’ll also talk about what little things you can do everyday, to ensure your face stays perky and smooth.

(Oh, and spot free)

Be Kind To Your Face

That sounds like one of the ten commandments of health and beauty… Probably should be!

Now that we have finally hit the winter months, we need to start caring for our skin that little bit more…

Its getting cold, our skin is drying out, and well, none of that is good.

Cracked and dry skin is;

1) Uncomfortable

2) Just all round annoying!

3) Not very nice to look at, or cover up.

I mean we all get spots here and there, but that’s something we unfortunately just have to deal with.

But, there some things you can do to help prevent massive breakouts and keep your skin looking squeaky clean. Ready for those ‘no make up days’.

There are many things you can do to ensure that your face is naturally glowing 24/7.
I wrote naturally because caking your face with all that foundation and highlighter, to make it glisten all day everyday may look nice, but underneath all that shimmer and shine – spot heaven.
They thrive, they live, build their own communities, they love it.

I guess with some of us, it takes a lot of courage to leave the house without any make up on.
For a while I would never go out anywhere without even putting some concealer on, or mascara.
I understand that you might feel like you have to, but once you have found that courage, your face will thank you for it. You don’t need to never wear it ever again, just have a break here and there, yeah?

No Make Up? No Problem!

Sometimes you may be late waking up, you may have left our makeup at someone’s house, or you may even have that ‘I cannot be bothered’ feeling.

The make up bag gets left in the drawer or wherever you store it (I only have a bag, as makeup is another world to me), and you tell yourself that you will just go out looking 100% natural.

Then you look into your mirror…

And see the redness, the blotchiness, and the spots.

Then you probably get back into bed, cry for a little bit (hopefully not) and start again, grab the make up.

The cycle repeats its self!

To get ready during the week, I often skip make up all together, I am not bothered who sees me at work, I’ll probably end up rubbing it all away anyway.
However at the weekends, I SOMETIMES like to try a little bit harder with my appearance.
It doesn’t always happen, I have no clue how to contour, or do eyeshadow. I still try… Sometimes.

I mean, you are of course allowed to wear makeup when and however you want to, just as long as you care for the skin underneath it.

I am also sure that makeup isn’t the only factor in having bad skin.

Your diet has the biggest impact, over everything.

Now lets get into how you can really look after your skin.

There is really only one word.


Water is gods gift to us, it is the holy grail of, well your life basically. It is just magical.

In fact I have a post all about water, you should probably check it out – Water And Its Endless Benefits

There isn’t much to say on the factor of water. Its just great. Drink truck loads of it, and your face will be glowing, like the sea once was in this little pot of Mud Mask.

Cutting out sugar can drastically change your skin too. Sugar leads to spots (and bad health), and that’s that.
Trust me, when you cut out the sugar, those random pimples you wake up with, will be no longer.

Is your skin feeling dry, gross and spotty this winter? Try this super amazing face mask. It smells just like the deep sea, and it leaves you with a perfect fresh face.


I have blabbed on about caring for your skin, and how you can limit the amount of spots that move into your pores. Now lets get onto the mask, the main event.

Barefaced Deep Sea Mud Mask – The Review


Lets start with whats in the mask. You wouldn’t put anything on your face without not knowing whats in it, right?

Good news, all of the ingredients in this mask are natural. Well the packing claims to have a ‘high content’ of “Skin loving natural ingredients” Which is great!
Excellent, it makes you feel so much better knowing that there is something natural in this product. The more natural it is, the more likely its actually going to help you. That’s what I believe in anyway! Surely all these chemicals are genetically modified ingredients are not good for your skin?

How To Use The Mask –

The packaging does state how to use it and tells you that you MUST follow the instructions “strictly followed” to be exact.

First you need to wash and dry your hands, of course… What is the point in rubbing your dirty hands all over your face?

You need to stir the mask using a clean spoon. I used a tiny teaspoon to stir mine. Its quite gross really. On top its a light, green/brown, and underneath it is dark brown. Once it is all mixed until it is all dark. It is ready to use. I think this activates the ingredients too.

Then apply it to your face, massage it all in! Be sure to not apply it to the lips or the eyes. It would really sting…

Let it sit for 10 mins.
I confess, I have left this mask on for up to an hour.
My face is alive, it’s still here to tell the story.
Might have been watching a documentary on Netflix. #SorryNotSorry #LouisTherox

The packaging tells you to use it twice a week, in order to have the best results. I have done this, and I agree!

“Sensation may be increased if used after a hot bath or shower” hell yes thing thing tingles like mad. Your pores will be open and ready to play after a hot shower or bath, therefore – super cleanse of the face.

When you’re all done, rinse it off with warm water. I like to use a flannel soaked in warm water, I hold the flannel or cloth on my face for a few seconds, then gently remove it all.

These ingredients are supposed to stay fresh, if you keep it in a cool place, so I wouldn’t position it by your radiator or in front of your window.

My Opinion 

I love this mask, its the only mask I really enjoy to wear. It does go super hard and crunchy on your face, so try not to smile, or laugh. My advice is to apply it whilst on your own. Unless you and a friend are ready to sit in silence!

It doesn’t take long to mix, and its really easy to apply. The pot may be small, but you only need maybe a raspberry sized amount to cover your entire face. It will last for ages!

The sensation when you apply it is quite odd. It feels like it stings, but don’t worry, it just tingles a whole lot when it first comes into contact with your skin.

The smell is very very strong. I personally think its quite minty. I have never smelled seaweed though, so I guess that’s what it smells like the most. Its a nice fresh smell. Certainly wakes you up, and makes your eyes water a tiny bit…

My face immediately feels smoother, fresher and lighter after the first application of this mask.

I highly recommend it, to everyone, and anyone.

Its nice to have a hot bath, face mask on, candles on, and relax.

If you have really sensitive skin, then I think you should test it out first.

Of course its not going to be perfect for everyone.

There you have it, I hope this post has been of some use to you. Let me know if you try this mask out, and what your opinions are too!

Is your skin feeling dry, gross and spotty this winter? Try this super amazing face mask. It smells just like the deep sea, and it leaves you with a perfect fresh face.

Thank you so much for reading.
Please comment below if you have any questions, or well… Comments.

Loves From Charlotte xx

Charlotte Dawson


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