Being 21 Years Old, eating mint choc chip ice cream from a waffle place...

Being 21 Years Old

Im officially an adult now, I can drink alcohol in America. I kind of feel a little bit weird about it! Not the America thing, the being 21 years old thing. This is the first birthday I have really felt different, not physically, but more mentally. Which is tons of fun obviously.

This is just going to be a short little ramble post. As you may know I have been pretty rubbish at blogging this year, so this will ease back into the routine (of which I have not decided on yet, once a week or month who knows).

So back to it. TWENTY ONE. Its not even a big deal, everyone turns this age at some point, but its a big deal, a big one.

By now (in my 16 year old future) I had moved out, either on my own or with someone else. I had a nice car, not a rusty,old, nearly going to literally fall apart car.
Finally, I was also earning a good amount of money! Good amount as in enough to pay for a house and a car and a fancy holiday every year…

Now im not saying im all upset or anything, because really I dont really care about the stage of my life I am currently in. (I mean I care about my life of course but I know ill be okay)
My life at the current moment;┬áis basically not knowing what I should be doing, feeling confused, and not having my priorities straight, or why i’m not doing more for myself.

Hence why I started this writing course, to hopefully build a different future for myself, and why I have decided to blog again. I think I need more of that ‘sense of achievement’, that I am so not getting right now.

So I am doing things I guess, I just want it all to fall into place faster, and thats my inner 13 year old brat-self saying that.

On a lighter note, although I do hope this is coming ofF more relatable and not so moody and depressive… I dont think im the only 21 year old in the world who thought their adult life would be more fun by now, and thats it in a nutshell. I thought id be having more fun by now/living how I thought I would be.

Anyway, the lighter note is that I had a really good time on my birthday (31st of March FYI. I know its a month ago but i’m slacking). Sean and I went to London for a couple of nights. We stayed in the Park Plaza Waterloo hotel, and it was amazing. Like a spaceship. SO fancy.
We spent a hell of a lot of money, on things we/I didn’t really need, and on food, because everyone knows all food in London is extortionate. Ill do another post at some point about where we went and what we did, or I might not who knows.

Things I am Happy About

I suppose I should include things I am happy about before people begin to think I hate my life. Which I dont!

Every year I spend my birthday with my Brother. Being a Twin is fun, and also only having one sibling who has the same birthday as you makes life easier.

I have reached 21 and I do know what I want to do/be. I just haven’t got there yet.

Sean is a good boyfriend and puts up with me when I am in one of these moods.

My health is good, well would have been if I didnt have the hormonal injection, but that’s another story.
I am all good now!

My family is healthy, and all still around me, and also still put up with me when I’m in one of these moods.

I can’t think of anything else, but overall, im happy.

Cheers to chipped nail varnish and mint choc chip ice cream xxx


Thank you for reading my post!

If you are also 21 or have any other comments to add,
please comment below I would love to read them!