Body Confident / Being Healthy – This Weeks Update

 Weekly Update – Body Confident/Be Healthy

As promised from last week (i didn’t do an update, sorry) here is this weeks weekly update (what a mouthful)! All about being healthier, and being more body confident. I like to do weekly updates just to share a little bit of information about me, and what i have learnt. Its also nice to recap on the week, and see how you are doing, sort of like self help. So if you are someone who struggles with anxiety, this is a good way to help keep it under control!

Last time i think i posted quite a few things, this week i am only doing two, otherwise i wont have anything to post about again next week, and i guess you don’t really need to be overloaded with information..

Although in the title body confident comes first, i am actually going to talk about being healthier to begin with, as i guess it makes sense to be healthier on the inside and outside before feeling more body confident altogether .. If you get what i mean? It probably makes no sense to you, but it does to me!

Here we goooooo.

Read this lottiethings post all about being healthier, and being body confident. It is so important to love and care for your body, and enjoy the life that you have!

Being Healthier

This is a sort of on going life lesson, we should all be a little healthier, depending on what lifestyle change we need to make. Whether you need to gain or lose weight, or if you need to consume more fruit and vegetables.

Being healthier can help change so many aspects of your self, and your life, including making you feel more body confident, even if your body does not change dramatically, you will feel better by being healthier anyway.

You hair will look nicer, your nails will be stronger, your skin will be clearer, and your insides will love you.

It is so easy to be healthier, over the last couple of weeks i have been making sure i am treating my body, how it deserves to be treated. Kinda like a temple. You only have one body, why not make it look great?

Here are a few lifestyle changes you can make to ensure that you are being healthier (changes i have also made)

One – Swap the sugar filled drinks, with water, or even better, detox water if you want some flavour. Yummy – Detox Water / Water Benefits

Two – Start exercising, find out what you enjoy to do, and add a small 15 or 20 min routine each day, or every other day, depending on what you need to do. I wouldn’t advise weight lifting everyday, otherwise you might fall apart. I have just began taking up yoga, which is so much fun! I downloaded the track yoga app to help me – Track Yoga App Information

Three – Eat healthier, once again, its all about swapping the bad food for the good stuff. So instead of chocolate and crisps for a snack, eat fruit. Simple right?

Four – Make sure you get plenty of rest. Sleep is good for our bodies, if you do not get enough rest, you will feel drained, tired, and your body will just slow down… You want your metabolism to stay higher than lower, and you want your body to feel alive!

Five – Go outside, with any opportunity, just go outside, get some fresh air, and have a walk, or maybe even a little jog. Being outside is great for our bodies and minds! Read more here – Why The Outdoors Is So Great

And there you have it, what i have learnt from this week when it comes to being healthier, which in turn, makes you happier! And i am all about feeling happier, and being positive.

Being Body Confident 

Being body confident is something i guess a lot of people struggle with, but it is so important to love yourself. I have found it really hard the past few years to feel better in my own skin, due to being such an up and down weight which i felt comfortable in.

Over the past few weeks i have been trying really hard to gain weight, this week i have gained three pounds due to these tips i have followed on this previous post – Gaining Weight If You Are A Vegetarian

It is important to feel happy in your own skin, but also important to be healthy. You need to know what your body needs, and you need to make sure you suit its needs!

For example, if you are overweight, then you need to lose weight, if you are underweight, then you need to gain weight. I understand that it may not be easy, but you can do it, with help, you will get there.

I have needed to gain weight for so long, and now i can finally except myself gaining weight, and seeing my body change, which is something i really struggled with (and still kinda do) but i know that i am healthier for it, and i know that i feel so much better.

I am now beginning to work out, so that my body is healthy, but also begins to look how i want it to look, i am trying not to do too much cardio as i don’t want to lose all the weight i am gaining, but i want to be stronger, fitter, and toned!

I have started weight training three times a week, and i also do yoga around four or five times a week. I find that this isn’t too strenuous on my body, but it makes me feel like i am finally getting somewhere, and hopefully my body will be how i want it to be soon!

Here are some tips on becoming more body confident (from me)

One – Take care of your body, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise. Pretty easy if you ask me. I work a full time job with quite long hours, and i still manage to do these three little things. Whilst at work (i work with children) i try to move as much as i can. (This comes with working with children anyway…)

Two – Wear clothes you want to wear, decide you own style, and buy the clothes you want, not just because all the models are wearing it. Wear clothes which show off your body, stop wearing your brothers, or even your dads baggy jumpers (yes i did this for a good year or two) and wear clothes which make you feel good, and look good.
(Good time to throw in a post about fashion?! – Staple Wardrobe Items)

Three – Don’t get obsessed. I know it can be so easy to start going over the top with exercise, or eating healthy all day everyday. It is fine if you want an ice cream on a hot day, or a glass of fizzy pop. Just make sure you don’t fall back into bad habits.

Four – You also don’t need to do yourself up everyday, by this i mean; feel comfortable in your no make face, and your lounge wear. You really do not need a full face, and a whole body clothes in uncomfortable things. If you are like me and slack in the boob department, go without wearing a bra! (I do this all the time and no one ever knows) It feels so good not being strapped in all the time, there is frankly no point if you are like me anyway. If you feel like you need to wear something, then get those bra-lets, or the lace ones, they are comfortable too!

Five –  Change the way you hold yourself. Stand up straight and proud, stop slouching! This does no good for your posture, or your back! You also look super gloomy when you slouch, it sticks out your bum and your belly, and can make you look like a zombie. Standing up straight can also helps your belly be a little flatter over time by tightening the muscles. Try not to have resting bitch face 24/7 (we all do it sometimes), its nice to walk past another female and have them smile at you, or smile back at you. Seriously, you just look so incredibly moody, just smile!


Thank you so so so much for reading this weeks update!
Lets begin our journeys of being healthier, and being more body confident today.

Charlotte xxx

Charlotte Dawson

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