The Benefits Of Drinking Ginger Green Tea – 2 Teas In 1

Why You Should Be Adding
Ginger Green Tea To Your Life

Today’s post is all about Tea! AGAIN! I love tea if you haven’t guessed already…
Ginger green tea is even better than just Green, or just Ginger tea! You get the health benefits from both in one cup. Although there are more benefits from Green Tea, Ginger also makes it taste a little less like dirt!
(You have to admit, when you first drink Green Tea it tastes like mud..)

So I wont make this post too long, I seem to be getting into the habit of creating super long posts..
I will write about the benefits of each tea, just so it is easier to read. Then just image this in one cup – There you have Ginger Green Tea!

Want to know more about ginger green tea and why you should drink it? Then click on this post and have a read.

This is the ginger green tea that I prefer and buy either online, or sometimes it is at my local supermarket.
I always make sure the tea I am buying is pure and organic! Although there is a different language on here and I cannot read it..

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I have written about facts that I already know about from my own experience, I have also done some more research from various websites to find some extra information for you.
You could always search the benefits for yourself if you do not believe me! ūüôā

The Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants this means that it prevents your cells from oxidization -BAD. This damages your cells, and can produce free radicals in your body, also bad! So these antioxidants inhibit this and stop the chemical reaction from happening, woo! Green tea also holds lots of important nutrients and minerals for good health.

It can improve your brain function, green tea has a small amount of caffeine in it, as we know this helps you to feel more awake and alert. Green tea does not contain the same amount of caffeine as coffee, so we experience different effects, and do not get that horrible downfall once it wears off. Caffeine in green tea stablises your energy, not speeding it up. Due to the caffeine your concentration is increased, and you will find your mood is higher, and you may even have a better memory. You may also get anti anxiety effects due to the amino acids in the tea, these transmit to the brain through your blood – sounds scary, its not.

Green tea is most commonly known for helping you with weight loss, this is because it increases your metabolic rate! Excellent. Green tea helps your body extract fatty acids from the tissues to use them up for energy, apparently… I totally agree with the metabolic rate fact, mine is definitely super high! Which is also a little annoying since I am trying to gain weight..

It can lower your risk of getting cancer, I am not sure how much of this is true, but it makes sense. Cancer appears when cells grow out of control. Green tea has antioxidants which helps to keep cells stable and stop this from happening. There are studies all over the internet on this subject, I dont want to write too much about this as I dont have enough information.

Your dental health can be improved, and you risk of getting infections/viruses can be lowered! Green tea has lots of compounds which can kill bacteria in your mouth, therefore it isn’t going into your body, voila. It also helps with bad breath, bonus.

There are also many more, but I don’t want to get too scientific, or bore you too much. Trying to keep it simple here.

The Benefits Of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is great if you have a stomach ache. It can quickly soothe your stomach and help you with the pain. Ginger also helps if you are feeling sick, especially travel sickness and morning sickness. The tea can settle your stomach and control stomach acids. If you have ginger biscuits when traveling, this helps too!

Now I have no evidence from myself to back this one up, but, apparently, drinking ginger tea after an intense workout can help you will muscle pain, meaning you wont be struggling to move the next day. Ginger tea has anti inflammatory properties which helps to soothe your muscles. I believe this only works for muscle pain related to just having a workout, it just reduces the pain the next day basically.

Now, this is a good one, and I need to try this out! This could be a life saver.. All girls hate periods, I dont know a girl who enjoys this week of pain and grossness. But anyway, ginger tea can help with stomach cramps whilst on your period as it relaxes the muscles and stops them from being so sore and doubling you over! Again, I would need to try this out to really know if it works or not.

Remember – do not drink too much ginger tea, as it is very strong and your bladder may not like too much of it, you know what I mean! If you have too much you might also experience heart burn, or even diarrhea.. gross (But if you’re feeling a bit blocked, then go ahead and drink it, it may help!)

Of course having just pure Green tea, or just pure Ginger tea will give you the most benefits, having ginger green tea¬†means that the ginger isn’t as strong, and it may help you get used to drinking green tea if you don’t like the taste of it.¬†Hopefully you wont get any bad side effects from this tea as it is less concentrated.

Everyone may experience different benefits to others, so please do not tell me off you you dont experience some! The internet is full of facts, and this is just another post about the same thing too.

Overall, ginger green tea is great! It tastes amazing, it has super health benefits, so why not?


Want to know more about ginger green tea and why you should drink it? Then click on this post and have a read.


Thank you for reading, I hope it has helped, if you are trying this ginger green tea now, please let me know and comment!

Also if there is any other tea that has great health benefits that I should try and write about, please tell me.



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