Blogging On Holiday? See You In Two Weeks!

Blogging on holiday can be hard, that's why i wont be doing it! But heres a little post of the struggles you may face.

HELLO! So, i am actually currently in mexico, i so deeply appologise if i am not being very social, because well, i am enjoying my self on holiday, and i don’t really want to be on my phone the whole time! But i have scheduled some posts for you, so that you all know i am still here, and still caring about my blog, and its readers. So i thought it would be a good time to write about blogging on holiday.

This basically means it is quite hard to keep up with blogging, and social media, when you are on holiday (i think so anyway). There isn’t much WiFi here, and when there is, i am most likely using it to talk to my Mum and Dad, and hopefully occasionally posting on Instagram so you still know i am here, and so i don’t lose all my followers in two weeks, if you want to keep up to date with me then follow my Instagram here!

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So whilst im off having fun, soaking up the sun in Mexico, you can be keeping up to date with me, and following my blog! There will be more holiday related posts after my holiday, so around July time, because, well, i want to share my pictures with you all!

Blogging On Holiday Problems –

So here is a little list on the top problems i am facing whilst i am on holiday, but also these things i am not really caring about too much, because i am lucky to be able to have a holiday, and i am having tons of fun!

But on this side of my life, there are a few things that i think will be hard.

I am so worried that people are going to stop visiting my page, im going to lose followers, basically i am worried my blog is going to the poop.

But i will not be blogging on holiday, hence why i have pre written a few posts to share, just to keep my page alive…

Right, so here are the troubles i am facing in a quick list form, if you feel the same way, you are not alone!

  • Losing peoples interest, not posting on my blog will be boring!
  • Thinking i need to be social, when i wont be (i just wont, sorry)
  • Trying to get back into blogging once i have had two weeks off!
  • Trying to keep my Instagram up to date – i am going to try load a picture every day.
  • Not having WiFi connection when i need it, or whenever i need it!
  • I wont be able to share like i usually do, so i will have to do so after my holiday.

Update On Me Before My Holiday

I have just bought a new camera, i think it is called a Sony Cybershot HX60 (I think) its my first camera, so i might not be that great, but hopefully the pictures will turn out nice, and i might even start filming and uploading to YouTube ooooooh (let me know if you think i should/if it is a good idea…)

I have been ‘holiday shopping’ about three times now! I have bought a lot of clothes, and hopefully enough to last me two weeks! I haven’t been on a two week holiday in a while, so we shall see how this goes. I will update you when i come back!

I am very scared about the whole getting bitten by a mosquito thing. I have bought bracelets that apparently keep them away, i have after sun containing insect repellent, and spray… So no bites hopefully (fingers crossed).

So as i have stated, the flight is around nine or ten hours long, so i will probably have a little drink, and sleep for most of it! Once we get to mexico we need to find where to get the coach, and then sit on it for two hours. Then finally i will be at my hotel, and i will be jumping straight into that pool!

I dont know if i will be doing any excursions, but you will find out about those things on Instagram, hopefully. I will be making sure that i am relaxing to the max, and making sure i have tons of sun cream on 24/7.

So there you go! This is a pretty boring post, but trying to write them whilst trying to sort out my holiday has proven to be a little difficult. I will be getting back into it when i am back though..

Blogging on holiday can be hard, that's why i wont be doing it! But heres a little post of the struggles you may face.

Thank you for reading my blogging on holiday post, just to remind you, i will NOT be blogging on holiday, so see ya later.

Charlotte xxx

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Charlotte Dawson


  1. 3rd July 2016 / 8:20 pm

    I wish you a pleasant stay!

  2. 29th December 2016 / 9:38 pm

    How was MeXico? I’m thinking of going. And can I ask, where do you usually share your posts, so i don’t miss any 🙂

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