Staple Wardrobe Items – Trusty Items I Will Always Love


We all have those trusty clothes we always revert back too, purely because they are so comfortable and you can wear them with anything! These items are probably really boring, but they are very flexible, so I can wear these items in any weather, and any time of the year.

Do you love all things beauty related, then read this post all about L'Occitane Products, and you will want to make this your next purchase.

L’Occitane – My Fave Beauty Products – First Impression Gift Box


This post is all about my first impressions on my new L’Occitane beauty gift box. I already love these products so I had high expectations. The Verbena extract is what really makes these products amazing, as the smell is just lovely and refreshing. So have a read if you are looking for a gift to buy for a loved one, I recommend these products!