We all need some routine in our lives,so here's my morning routine! Its not perfect, but it will do!

Lifestyle – My Sometimes Morning Routine


My Morning Routine (That I Sometimes Do) I was going to write a morning and night time routine in one go. But me being clever and never having any ideas on what to write, I’ll do them separate! So this…

Happy 2017! Its finally the new year. I feel like some of us need resolutions and goals to work towards this year, and to get through it. Happy reading.

Happy New Year! -Resolutions And Goals For 2017


New Year Resolutions Welcome to my first post of 2017! The year I am swearing to myself that I will get this blogging business going. Here is the good old generic ‘New year resolutions’ post we all hate to love,…

Here are my random favourite things. From clothing, to candles, these can also be great gift ideas for anyone you love. Get cosy, and relax with this candle holder.

My Little Favourite Things – A Bundle Of Randoms


Little Favourite Things – Random Crap Welcome back to Lottie Things, here’s a brand new lifestyle post, all about the little favourite things I am loving at the moment. These posts are super nosy, and weird, but that’s why I love…

How to boost your mood with some 5 easy steps.

How to Boost Your Mood – 5 Easy Things You Can Do


How To Boost Your Mood Welcome back to another Lottie things post, i’m getting good at posting every Monday now… I am in the process of updating the whole site, im aware its looking kinda bleak over here. Fingers crossed…

Get ready for winter with me! This post includes some helpful tips you might need to see you through this season.

Get Ready For Winter – Things You Need To Remember


Things To Remember At Winter Time Okay, so winter is finally nearly here, this is the time of year we begin to feel sluggish, bored, and it feels like we always have a cold. (I work with children, so these germs…

Is your skin feeling dry, gross and spotty this winter? Try this super amazing face mask. It smells just like the deep sea, and it leaves you with a perfect fresh face.

Barefaced Mud Mask Review – Get Healthy Skin

Health, Life

    I am so excited to write this post about this amazing dead sea mud mask. Honestly, you’re gonna love it. This face mask was bought from Amazon a while back, it was around £15? Cannot remember, but it is…

The positive/negative debate is a highly requested topic. So here is my opinion. Included are also things you should remember everyday. Don't worry, be happy.

Positive Vs Negative – Things To Remember


Today’s post is all about being positive, but also allowing some negativity to flow through. I feel very strongly about this post, as i feel it is quite a touchy subject, our mental health and how we decide to view…

restart your body and your brain to get back to who you are.

Restart Your Brain & Body – Self help / Love yourself


Well hello, Lottie things is back… Finally. I’ve decided to kick it all back off with one of my favourite things to talk about. Loving yourself, helping yourself feel better, and just all round being happy! I was planning on…

I love to read, its my favourite thing to do when there is nothing else. Read this post to find out what i have been reading, and what i am up to now.

This Months Books – And What Am I Up To Now?


Welcome to todays post! As you may have guessed, it is all about books… I love to read. In fact I love everything about reading. The whole process of a book amazes me. The fact that someone has spent such…

It is important to have a clear out here and there. So lets de-clutter our bedrooms and get ready for the summer!

How To De Clutter Your Room! Summer Clean Up


Hello! Welcome back, I know I have been pretty pooey at this whole blogging thing recently. Well now I have actually bought myself a new fancy computer. So I will be blogging a whole lot more frequently, and hopefully be…

When you come home from your holiday, you need to get your brain back into gear! Read my post on post holiday detoxing and see what i am doing to get out of holiday mode!

Post Holiday Detox – Getting My Brain Back


Hello friends! Yes i am back from Mexico, and no i am not happy about it at all! I need to be back on holiday right now, i am so completely done with it being cold, raining, or even having…

Blogging on holiday can be hard, that's why i wont be doing it! But heres a little post of the struggles you may face.

Blogging On Holiday? See You In Two Weeks!


HELLO! So, i am actually currently in mexico, i so deeply appologise if i am not being very social, because well, i am enjoying my self on holiday, and i don’t really want to be on my phone the whole…

Hello, welcome to another update post. I talk about re-thinking my health choices, and what has been going on with me.

Re-Thinking My Health – Update On Me


This weeks update is a little bit more serious, although i like to think i have tried not to make it so deep. But anyway, here is why i am re thinking my health choices, and there’s also a lil bit about going on holiday!