Read this lottiethings post all about being healthier, and being body confident. It is so important to love and care for your body, and enjoy the life that you have!

Body Confident / Being Healthy – This Weeks Update


 Weekly Update – Body Confident/Be Healthy As promised from last week (i didn’t do an update, sorry) here is this weeks weekly update (what a mouthful)! All about being healthier, and being more body confident. I like to do weekly…

My Grandpap and I when I was a mini Charlotte! My key to happiness, one of them, is my family.

My Key To Happiness – Lottiethings Life


We all have things that make us happy. So i decided to write a post on my own keys to happiness, in the hope that you may share some of the same things. Happiness cannot be bought, it has to be gained, so do what you love, and be around the people you love.

Read why you should do a weekly update t understand what you have learnt, and achieved.

Weekly Update – Little Things I Have Learnt


What Has Been Happening This Week I have decided to do a weekly update from lottie things for you this late Sunday evening, for two reasons.. I feel like i need to write down what has been going on, as…

WHy saving money is important. What you should spend your money on, and what you shouldn't!

How To Be An Expert At Saving Money |Life Advice


Now that I am 20, its time to start being a bit smarter with money. So in this post you will find a small list of what you should be spending/saving for, and what you really do not need to waste money on!

Are you bored, and feeling overall rubbish about everything including yourself? Then read this blog post to give you some ideas!

How To Feel Better When You Feel Rubbish


Little Things To Do When You Feel Like Poo , To Make You Feel Better Anyway, this post will be all about what to do when you feel rubbish, and how to feel better. Whether you are ill, or just not happy…

All about why I read, and why you should too!

Chapter One – The Reading and The Why


Lottie Things Library – Why You Should Read Who doesn’t like to read? If you are saying “pft me” .. You are reading the wrong books. Now during this post I am in no way telling what books or genres you…