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Why You Need To Use Coconut Oil

I love coconut oil, and it has so many things it can be used for and can really benefit you and your body. Coconut oil is the reason why my hair and nails are so healthy! Its not that expensive to by, its natural/organic (if you buy an organic one, which i recommend).

You can buy the coconut oil i use in this post here – Coconoil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Or you can just buy any organic/natural coconut oil online, or in most shops i believe!

Make sure it hasn’t got any other freaky ingredients in it, especially if you are using it for cooking, or oil pulling, it might make it taste nicer, but that’s not what you want unfortunately.

I understand there is even better coconut oil than the one i have, i have this one because it was the last one i had in my house, aaaaand because i haven’t bothered to buy another one yet!

But the coconut oil i used to use is – Nutvia Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

So lets just get started …

Coconut Oil has so many uses, its amazing and i totally swear by it! Read more about what this magic oil can do.

Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut oil has so many uses!
But here are just a few, once you have read this i would love it if you could try it out, then let me know how it goes.

I am a true believer of this stuff, so let me explain!

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Be Rapunzel – not literally, and it wont happen over night, BUT coconut oil does in fact help your hair grow, it really does, i am a living breathing example of it!

I cut my hair off to my shoulders last May i think it was, and i didn’t look after my hair very well after that, which of course damaged it, and made the growing time a whole lot slower.
My hair is now past my bra/boobs, when it is at its natural state.

Then i decided (like i always do when i cut my hair off) that i wanted to grow it nice and long again! So of course i quit the heat, i quit the hair dye, and i started using coconut oil, here is how i did it.

Of course there were more factors than just coconut oil, i mean if you bleach your hair and apply heat to it every day, coconut oil is not going to save you on its own, it might improve how it looks, or lessen the damage, but seriously, your hair isn’t growing because you aren’t looking after it.

SO first of all, quit the heat.

Quit the hair dye.

Quit the tight hairstyles.

Stop washing it every day.

Don’t use chemicals (hair spray, mouse, etc)

Now you are ready to use the coconut oil, and really get all of its benefits!

I usually use coconut oil before i wash my hair, i try to wash my hair only when its greasy, so this might be maybe every three our four days if im really pushing it!

If you dont play around with your hair, or use products in it, it shouldn’t get greasy as quick, but if your hair is used to being washed everyday, then it might take a while for this period of not washing it to extend.

You’ll get there.

I bought a wooden comb to help distribute the oil through my hair, because apparently these brushes help with soaking up the oils and spreading it through the whole strand of hair.

(I bought my wooden comb from the Body Shop I think, but you can buy them online, or in most beauty stores.)

One – Brush your hair, get out all the tangles, prepare for the oil! (You might want to wear an old t-shirt, or a towel just in case)

Two – Take a little coconut oil in your fingers, it should melt immediately, if not, then rub your fingers together and it should melt so its nearly clear.

Three – Massage this slowly into your scalp (Massages help stimulate the blood in your scalp, therefore making it grow)

Four – Use your comb to ensure that the coconut oil is fully distributed throughout your whole head, make sure you dont miss the ends!

Five – Use a big clip, or a scrunchie you don’t really care about, and loosely tie your hair up on your head. Alternatively you could wrap your head in cling film to speed up the process and keep the oil warm on your head, sort of like a hot oil treatment.

Six – Wash it out of your hair, you might not even need to use shampoo or conditioner, but if you do, use less shampoo, massage it into your scalp, then wash it out.
Now for conditioner, STOP putting it onto your roots!
Your roots do not need conditioning, your ends do, so that it where it belongs. If you put it all over your head, your hair will get greasy, and quick.

There you go! Coconut oil for your hair.

Coconut Oil For Your Nails

This Coconut oil can really help to give you healthy, strong nails. I only realised this when i was using it in my hair, my nails where getting stronger, whereas before they were quite brittle and would break off, a lot!

So as you put the coconut oil in your hair, you are obviously getting it on your nails! How great is that! But if you want a more intense nail conditioning, then you could follow these steps..

Step One – Prepare your nails, make sure there is no nail polish, no dirt, although coconut oil is anti fungal, so win win here, no nail infections for you wooo.

Step Two – File your nails so they are ready, lay down a towel, and get some q-tips (or you can use your fingers). You can either pre melt some coconut oil in the microwave, but you have to use it pretty quick, or just have it to melt into your fingers.

Step Three – Massage the oil into your nail beds, and nails. Make sure the whole area is covered, and underneath the fingernail if you can get to it (this is why you could use a q-tip)

Step Four – Leave on your nails for around ten minutes. Then wash it off with just warm water, pat dry with a towel, and there you go!

Step Five – If you have nail hardening polish, then you can put this on now. Or Just leave them how they are.


Hopefully, after a few weeks of doing this, you should notice a difference in your nails.

Coconut Oil has so many uses, its amazing and i totally swear by it! Read more about what this magic oil can do.

Other Simple Coconut Oil Uses (No Real Steps)

Let me just get something straight. I am only telling you about things i have personally tried. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a true or accurate post from me!

So i have heard a lot about oil pulling and that it is amazing. Coconut oil can help to whiten your teeth, but i have not tried this.

Make Up Remover –

Coconut Oil is a good makeup remover. It does help take off your eye makeup, but i feel like the oil stays in your eyelashes for a while. This feels a little weird!

You can also use it just for your face, it does take off your make up. I might sometimes cleanse after i do it. I dont want the oil blocking up my pores and potentially giving me spots.

Dry Skin Fixer –

I have used coconut oil on the areas of skin that tend to be a little drier than the rest!

So hands, knees, elbows, feet, i have tried it all. I must say, it does work! Coconut oil really makes your skin feel super smooth, and super hydrated!

You could also put it on your lips if they are chapped or dry. It can help prevent them from becoming dry by using it as a daily lip balm.

Cooking –

Using coconut oil to cook with is soooo much healthier than any other oil. That’s why all these fitness people are using it to make your meals a little bit healthier!

I have tried this, and to be honest, i do prefer it! Sometimes when you cook with oil, you can taste it in your food, but using coconut oil you cannot! You don’t need to use much, and it heats up a lot quicker.

Overall, its healthier, so why not?

Thank you so much for reading!

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“Look its amazing, i look like Rapunzel now”

Love From Charlotte xxx

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