How to Conquer Cracked Lips – Home Made Remedy

How To Heal Chapped/Sore Lips At Home

I have decided to write this post because I need to listen to my own advice more often…

I CONSTANTLY have cracked lips, as I work with children, I am outside a lot, which means a lot of transitioning from cold to hot.
This as we know, or now know, cold to hot = chapped/cracked lips!!!

So ideally you need to always have a moisturizing product on your lips to prevent this, but in reality, I cannot be bothered.
Your lips become chapped when they are dry, and especially when you are in different temperatures.

Here are some tips on how to make your lips b e a utiful again. For you + me.

There are so many products that ‘claim’ to be the best and they they can save your lips and face. Reality is, they are full of weird ingredients you probably don’t even know, and have loads of chemicals, or even marketed to in fact make your lips worse so that you will keep using their product..

Some products that you can buy which are very helpful are;

  • LUSH lip scrub – Costs around £6.00 I think? But its very good, and tastes lovely, there are lots of different flavours.
  • Vaseline… dur, Its highly moisturizing, doesn’t contain as many harsh chemicals as other lip products.
  • Cocoa butter – Also very moisturizing, they make a great lip balm.

(When you are on holiday, be sure to buy lip balm with SPF – sun protection factor, so they dont get burnt, ouchie.)

Home Made Lip Scrub

If you like to get creative, or none of the above are working for you, then why not try to make your own!!!

You will need –

A small plastic tub with a lid (so you can store it, I would only keep it for a few days, week maximum)

Honey -smells/ tastes nice (you could lick it off and eat it = no mess. Downside, eating dead lip skin, ew…) Also very sticky, so the dead skin that is being rubbed off will stay off!

Sugar –  preferably brown, doesn’t dissolve as easy, lasts longer, tastes better (this is what I think, no scientific fact here).

Cinnamon – Is known to be able to plumps lips, also makes it smell nicer, finer scrub than sugar.

Coconut oil – I just love coconut oil, and it can be used for almost everything, so why not throw that in there! It can make it easier to apply.

Then all you need to do is use your finger to scrub off the dead skin, then remove with warm water.
Once this is done be sure to apply Vaseline (or likewise product).

You are now on your way to having a smile that doesn’t hurt! Congratulations!

How to get a smile that does not hurt. You need to heal those chapped lips! This post shows you how to do that at home.

Thank you for reading,
I hope you liked this tiny bit of information I thought might help some of you. If you have any other questions please comment below.


Charlotte Dawson

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