So I Decided To Cut My Own Hair – How To Do It Yourself, And Why!

I Cut My Own Hair! Why It Was Pretty Good…

So I cut my own hair.. I plucked up the courage, and finally just did it. I find it such a pain going to the hairdressers, and playing someone to do a simple cut that I may as well try for myself! And that is what I did.

This post will be dedicated to my new fringe/bangs. I always had a full fringe on and off whilst in school, and since watching Zoe London’s Youtube ChannelThe impulsive decision came to me. Trawled the internet, saved hundreds of inspiration pictures on my pinterest (click here) 

I had a look on the internet, and went to a couple of hairdressers, then once I realised it wasn’t going to happen that very day (I wanted it cut right there and then! I am impatient..)

Sooooo then it happened, I knew we had hairdressing scissors at home, I You-Tubed how to do it a few times, and then just sat in front of the mirror and spent probably over an hour cutting it! And I am super happy with myself!

I cut my own hair - how to do it yourself at home.

Things To Consider When Cutting a Fringe/Bangs

This is a big thing! Its a whole lot of long hair you are going to have to chop off.
If you are not 100% sure then please have a little time to think.
I would consider these things before having a fringe put in.

– Have you had one before?

– Will the style you want suit your face shape?

– Do you wear glasses? If so will it get in the way.

– Are you willing to style it pretty much everyday?

– Are you going to get annoyed and shave it off…

– Have you got a steady hand? If not get someone to help you and make sure it is even.

– You cannot rush, it may take a few hours, but you want to get it right.

– If you cut it when its wet, remember it will be shorter than where you have cut when it dries!

But always remember – IT GROWS BACK.. Its just hair, so dont stress it.

Or you could visit a hairdresser and they can fix it for you…

How I Cut My Own Hair At Home

I used the twist technique, if you search on YouTube, it will come up.

I found this made it so much easier, and I now regret not taking photos of each step to show you!

You Will Need –

– A comb – one that you can section hair with

– Hairdressing scissors/shears (sharp ones, not blunt! Please dont use kitchen scissors..)

– A towel, to catch the falling hair so you dont make a mess.

– Reference pictures.

– Hair dryer to test the length, and style it afterwards.


First you need to have semi-wet hair, this means you don’t need it dripping wet, but it will be easier to cut when its damp.

But basically you need to create the triangle section you are going to cut. You want to create a middle parting to help this. Then go a few inches back (depending on how thick you want it) then create a triangle shape buy using a comb fro the middle part, to the edge of your eyebrow, or to the point of your eyebrow, you dont want the hair sectioning all the way to your ears, this will cut it too far into your hair.

You then use your fingers like scissors, take hold of the hair, then twist it once towards the bridge of your nose using your dominant hand, then swap to your other hand and complete the twist. You can then use your dominant hand (the hand you use the most) to then cut straight across! Easy peasy. This creates the longer bits at the sides, so you dont have a block fringe to begin with. You can repeat this.

I would advise starting your first cut at the end of your nose. Always go longer, then shorter, you cannot do it the other way round.

I would also say make the fringe thinner first, if you make it too thick, you cant make it thinner! You will end up with half of your hair on your face.

I then cut my own hair just using the scissors to straighten up the edges, and get it to the length I wanted it to be, and this was just above my eyebrows, just because I personally like the way it looks! But this technique works with thick full fringes too.

I cut my own hair - how to do it yourself at home.

I think that you should always try something once, (as long as its not going to harm you of course…)
so why not have a go at cutting your own hair?!

Its fun, saves you money, and surprisingly releases stress! I am so so happy I decided to cut my ow hair.
Just make sure you have done your research and you know what to do!

Thank you for reading!

Let me know if you try having a got at cutting your own hair in the comments below.

Charlotte xx

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Charlotte Dawson


  1. 19th April 2016 / 11:01 pm

    Hi Charlotte,
    *New Reader* Woot! You go girl for cutting your own hair. I’ve done the same and still do. It took me many bad haircuts to finally figure out what I needed to do to get my hair looking the way I’ve always wanted. So congrats on taking the self salonist plunge! Your bangs came out gorgeous! I love that you cut yours above your brows. I’ve never done that, wouldn’t think that wouldn’t suit me but you’re giving me second thoughts on that! Love the bangs!! Looking forward to reading more post!


    • 20th April 2016 / 1:13 pm

      Thank you so much!
      I cut mine above my brows so my glasses don’t get in the way!
      Oh and welcome to my blog 🙂

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