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Daisy Dream –
Must Buy Everyday Scent

This post is all about perfume, I haven’t done a beauty post in a while I don’t think, so this is probably a good time! I officially have three bottles of Daisy Dream perfume now.

All Daisy Dream Perfumes have been gifts, but I am glad because it’s my all time fave perfume to just wear everyday.

We all have different ones that are more special to wear or suit a night out better than a soft flowery scent. If that makes sense? So this is my go to, and it should be yours too!

It is important to smell nice, and feel nice once you have sprayed on some pretty perfume. No one likes smelly person! There’s no need when it’s so easy to be clean and smell good. And you will certainly smell good with Daisy Dream.

Daisy Dream

So first of all, the bottle is gorgeous, I didn’t want to even use it when I first got it, I didn’t want the bottle to be empty!

It is a soft pastel blue colour, and so are the bottles of lotion I also got with a gift set.

There are pure white Daisy’s spread around the top of the bottle and the lid, there are also gold accents in the daisies and around the lid, I think this makes it look so simple, yet so pretty…

Here is a picture –

Daisy dream by Marc Jacobs. The best everyday perfume.

Its so hard to take a picture without getting my own reflection in the bottle. But that’s my own fault for still using my iPhone for pictures.. (If anyone can recommend a good camera to use for blogging, then please comment down below!)

The Daisy Dream perfume has such a soft pretty flowery scent, its so easy to wear it all the time, and it lasts for a while too! Simple take off the flowery lid, and spray away.

Where To Apply Perfume –

Now apparently, there are specific places you should spray your perfume to get its benefits! There is no point wasting it and spraying it all over your body. So here are the areas you should be applying it to.

– Neck

– Wrists

– Behind your knees (This is an area that sweats, so applying it here makes it smell nicer, says who ever decided this.)

– Behind your earlobes (be careful not to get it in your ears)

– Cleavage

– Inner elbows (the part on the inside that creases)

So the whole point behind this is that these areas emit the most heat on your body, so supposedly the perfume reacts with the heat and continues to smell nice!


Daisy Dream By Marc Jacobs Body Lotions and Shower Gel

These are the bottles of body lotion and shower gel that also came with the Daisy Dream perfume gift set.

Which of course also have the same scent. I love how simple these bottles are too, and the blue! Pastel blue is just the best colour. (And pastel yellow, like my iPad case in the background..)

The lotion applies just like every other lotion, it dries quickly – which is important in my books. I am yet to actually use the shower gel, as I have super weird skin and cannot use anything to harsh.

You can buy Daisy Dream here –

The Perfume Shop –¬†¬†Marc Jacobs Perfume

So there you go, a short post about my favourite perfume!

Comment below what your favourtie perfume is.

Thank you for reading.

Charlotte x

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