How To De Clutter Your Room! Summer Clean Up

Hello! Welcome back, I know I have been pretty pooey at this whole blogging thing recently.

Well now I have actually bought myself a new fancy computer.

So I will be blogging a whole lot more frequently, and hopefully be a bit more productive.


It is important to have a clear out here and there. So lets de-clutter our bedrooms and get ready for the summer!

(There will be a post coming soon about my new computer, but not just yet!)

Now that schools out for those of you who are unfortunate enough to still be there (some of us hated it..),  unless you love it of course, and you cannot wait to get back.


As your parents may say.

It is summer time now, we need to get out, and clear our rooms of all the crap that we have left behind.

I am here trying to help you out a little and give you some advice on how to de clutter your room. As I am currently forcing myself to do the same.

There are so many reasons as to why you need to clean your room.

  • Some of you might have 100 cereal bowls under your bed, and it needs to go (gross).
  • It is starting to smell disgusting.
  • Dust is collecting in your lungs whilst you sleep.
  • You might need to create some space for new furniture.
  • Your room might have to be decorated, therefore you need to get rid of EVERYTHING.
  • You have found the motivation to work, and clear some space! (My reasoning)
  • Clearing your room gives you a sense of accomplishment, and clears your brain – NUMBER ONE REASON.


So once you have picked one of those, you know its time to take action.
(If there is another one, please comment and I shall add it in!)

My motivation stems from buying a new computer, a desk, and a chair, a really cool chair I must add!

This chair has made my life, it has actually inspired me to add some colour to my room! Once it is tidy…

I also really want to take blogging more seriously and get back into it, so now my computer has a real purpose, and not just for playing the Sims 4.

Tips On De-Cluttering

I would love to tell you to just bin all of it, because really, that’s the whole point of de cluttering.

BUT grab some bags, and salvage what you can! Donate to charity, or try to sell some of the better items yourself.

De cluttering your living space does not only clear space in your room, but also some space in your brain! Not even joking here… Tidy your room, and see how much better your feel!

Well lets get to it, here are some top tips on how to de clutter your room

  1. Take out of all the food waste, empty bottles and mouldy tea cups…
    Just get rid of it all.
  2. Plan how you would like it to look.
  3. Get an idea of what colour scheme you would like – for example, very colourful and boho, or clean and minimal.
  4. Find some storage boxes or baskets that you like – I love these wire copper baskets.
  5. If it is something you have not used for six months, then get rid of it!
  6. Give everything a place, and keep it there.

Most of all, you need the courage and the ruthlessness to just get bin it.

It can be so easy to see an empty box and think “oh I will use that for something one day” well that day is not now, so just get rid of it!

First Step – Get rid of stuff you don’t need. – Send bits to charity, or sell online.

Second Step – Re-arrange furniture. – Moving furniture around can make your room feel brand new. I love to do this at least twice a year.

Third Step – Clean, hoover, de-contaminate…

Fourth Step – The Final step! Put things back in place, for example, lamps, decorative items and pictures (switch up where you have your pictures to give your room a new feel.)


Here are some room ideas that I love on Pinterest! You could follow me if you really liked to, I mean I would really like you to follow me…

Room Inspiration over on Pinterest!

Head over to pinterest to find exactly how you want your bedroom! Here are some pins that i have saved for your viewing pleasure.

As you can see, I have been loving lots of colour recently.. Especially now that it is summer! Colour makes us happy, so why not have it all over our living space?

But I do also love the white clean and minimal rooms, the ones with barely any colour…  they look so crisp and easy to keep tidy.

I am someone who gets bored easily, so if you are the same, just keep switching up your room!

There are lots of other boards of Pinterest so check them out for more updates on Lottie things!


Well there isn’t much more else to write on this de-cluttering subject.

Basically – Chuck the rubbish, and style it up… There you have it!

Thank you very very much for reading this post!

Don’t forget to share this page everywhere so all us humans can be tidier!

Lots of love from Charlotte xx

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