Dealing With Anxiety And Stress – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


One in 13 people suffer with anxiety, I know i am one of them, and you might be too.
Hence why i am writing a post about dealing with anxiety, to hopefully help some of you.

I have written previous posts (Stress and Anxiety Relief – CLICK HERE),
but that was waaay back, so here is a new one.

Of course there is unfortunately no way to completely erase it from your brain. All we can do if find out what works best for us. Then learn how to cope with it when we are feeling extra stressed.

Stress and anxiety sound the like the same thing, but have some differences. Stress may only last for a period of time, and it might not happen again. Anxiety can happen whenever, and wherever, sometimes with no reason what so ever.

So some of us can cope with stress quite well.
If you have a high demand/super busy job, then you might be used to it, although this will be some what damaging your health. Once the task is completed you will be fine and feel better. The best way of coping with stress is to just do it. (In my opinion)

However dealing with anxiety is a lot harder. You might go into an attack, not be able to carry on with what you were doing, or even leave the situation all together, and not complete the task. You might think you just cannot do it, or you are panicking way too much about it.
There is not one single way to deal with these kind of situations. Find out what works for you.
Sometimes people can feel better when they occupy their mind and stay busy, or complete what they need to do.

It is totally okay to have anxiety (or any related mental health for that matter). Its not fashionable, its not fun to pretend to have, and its not fun to make fun of those who do have it.

You are the same as everyone else, you just find situations harder, and worry more than you need to (you probably know this anyway).

The best thing to do if you know someone who suffers, is to just listen, and help. Getting stressed or angry is not going to help it at all! Just chill out, and take your time.

So many of us deal with stress and anxiety, it is important to find what works for you when dealing with anxiety, to help you live your life how you want to.

Dealing With Anxiety – My Different Ways

There are so many different things to do when dealing with anxiety, some people might not even want to.

I believe in self help, so those are the tips i am giving you today..

You can get therapy to help you, or seek medical attention, that is totally fine, i just choose not to do that.

Create A POA (plan of action)

I love a good POA!

I need to plan everything i do, i am not good with last minute plans or events, i have to know what i am doing that day in advance, if someone throws something else into the mix, it has to be exciting, and i have to actually want to do it, otherwise, i might freak out.

You dont need to write it all down (although this could work) you just need to have a mental image of what you are going to do and when. Understand how your day is going to go, before you do it.

I would advise allowing yourself to be more and more spontaneous as you become to settle down a bit. There is nothing wrong with last minute plans, apparently the best nights out are unplanned (I am half way to believing this)… Overcoming issues is a key to dealing with anxiety. If you overcome this, then great!

Find Some Remedies

When dealing with anxiety, you can actually find lots of different remedies.
I personally don’t like to take medication, even paracetamol!

I will always look for the herbal sides of things, (unless i really needed anything).

However, when i took my driving test, i did take Kalms, and Rescue Pastilles…

This was only because it took me a long time, and i was getting so stressed out. But they worked! I only took them for one test, and that is the time i passed, yippee.

I wouldn’t advise taking Kalms everyday, i cannot tell you whether they really helped, or if it was just in my mind that they would help…

Rescue Pastilles are easy to grab and have in your mouth if you are stressed, focusing on the sweet can help keep your mind off things, and they honestly do make you feel a little calmer…

We had an inspection at work last week, so i bought them in for us to take as we were all stressed to the max. We did good!

Chamomile tea is amazing, it really helps to calm your body and brain down, its such a nice smooth tea to drink, so i would drink this if i was waiting for something, or if i couldn’t sleep.


A lot of people who suffer with anxiety take part in different kinds of exercise, they may go for a run, or swim, these are quite mind clearing work outs that really help when dealing with anxiety.

Meditation or yoga is the ultimate exercise to clear your brain, to calm down your body, and achieve overall good well being.

I have only recently started taking up meditation and yoga, and i can tell the difference immediately after completing the routine.

I feel so unbelievably calm and relaxed, its amazing. Yoga also have lots of other health benefits;

Benefits of YOGA!

Helps to increase your muscle strength, and gives you better flexibility. Yoga is not easy, although it may look it!

Can help you improve other athletic workouts. Once you have gained the perfect balance and breathing skills, it is of course going to help you in other areas.

Improves your cardio and circulatory health. Having a healthier heart is always a bonus.

Gives you a more energy and vitality but making your insides and outsides healthier (a very childish way of putting it), also helps with respiration due to the slow timed breathing.

Can help you keep and maintain a healthy metabolism.

If you are overweight, yoga is perfect, you can lose weight whilst gaining other benefits.

Reading/ Adult Colouring

I have heard a lot about people who are dealing with anxiety and doing adult colouring books (this does not mean unsuitable for children by the way)

The designs are more intricate, and a higher difficulty level, so it takes a lot of thought, and a lot of time to complete them.

I understand how these can work, i did start using colouring as a way of dealing with anxiety, but i found that after a while i got quite bored and frustrated with it.

The whole idea is that your mind is completely taken away from what you were worrying about, and by taking part in something like colouring, it can be very calming.

Colouring is something we all enjoy or have enjoyed once upon a time, i think it takes us back to our childhood.

I love to read, and i personally find that it really does take your mind away from life, you are focusing on the story, and reading helps to pass time and help settle you down.

Listen To Calming Music

As much as i love super loud music of all different genres, slow quieter music can really help to soothe your mind, and help you wind down and relax.

If you are listening to dance music for example, your mind has to keep up with all the sounds its taking in, your brain is dancing inside of your head (not literally, this is what it feels like) But you do not want that!

You want to feel like your brain is lying down on a hammock facing the beach, having the sea breeze cool it down, (What a nice image, ps picture yourself, not your actual brain, ew).

So many of us deal with stress and anxiety, it is important to find what works for you when dealing with anxiety, to help you live your life how you want to.

Why You Need To Deal With It

I am not telling you it is easy, and having a go at your for not dealing with it, because i am also still learning about it myself!

I just believe you shouldn’t let anything take over your body and mind, you are in total control of yourself.

Many people will not try to help themselves, thus making their lives even harder. I believe you might not always need special therapy, i believe in self help, and finding out what works for you.

Dealing with anxiety might take a while if you still have no idea what helps you, unfortunately you might have to go through a couple of hard weeks whilst you figure it out! But it will be worth it in the end.

It is important to learn how to deal with your anxiety, in order to carry on living your life how you want too.

There is no point letting it take over, we only have one life, and need to make the most of it!

There are tons of things you can do or try, that may help you. You just need to take the time to figure it out.

My anxiety was taking over my life when it came to driving… It took me five times to pass my test, whereas my brother who also suffers with anxiety passed first time. Because he is better at getting on with it, then having a mini meltdown afterwards. Where as i continue to freak out until its finished.

Passing my test was the best day ever. I overcame the stress. And now ill never have to do it again.

I took rescue remedy sweets, and Kalms.. I was desperate, but i might not advise taking both. But i did pass!
I also changed where i took my test as i lost all faith once i had failed four times in the same location.

You can purchase them here:

Rescue Pastilles Orange and Elderflower

Kalms Herbal Tablets

Some Facts About Anxiety 

There is more than one kind of anxiety, and there is more than one reason why you may have it,
not just because you stress a lot.

It can affect you mentally and physically. Can affect your breathing, it can make you feel dizzy, and can give you a headache. There are lots of things anxiety does to your body.

10% of teenagers, and 40% of adults suffer with anxiety.

Not many people seek to retrieve treatment, or even try to treat it themselves.


So many of us deal with stress and anxiety, it is important to find what works for you when dealing with anxiety, to help you live your life how you want to.

Thank you so much for reading all of that! I hope it wasn’t to much of an overload, or too serious..

I really hope some of the information i have given you may help you a even just a little bit! If it has, please let me know in the comments below. Or if you have other ways of dealing with anxiety, please let me know!
I know it can be a kind of touchy subject, but it doesn’t need to be. Talking about our personal issues and problems is a major helper outer.

Charlotte xxx

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