Exercising More – Working Out At Home/Taking Classes

Why We All Should Start Exercising More!

Okay, so it can be boring, tiring, sweaty and take a long time, but we should all start exercising, and more often! Walking to the shop to buy a microwave meal does NOT count by the way.

By exercising i mean really getting down and working hard. Walking everywhere is a good way to keep fit, and we should all make sure we walk as much as we can, but sometimes its better to do more than just walk.

I have recently taken up ballet classes, so that is what i do once a week to get out of the house, and keep fit, its also really fun, and i enjoy it a whole lot (especially now that i have my own ballet shoes…)

Want to start exercising, but finding it hard? Do it at home! Read this post on exercising more at home, and how easy it is.

How To Exercise More At Home

It is unbelievably easy to exercise at home..

Most people will prefer to do this, you might not want to go to a busy gym and wait to use equipment, or even ask someone how to use the stuff, watching super fit people work out may also be off putting when you start off, but that might just be me. If you are fine with this then of course, sign up for a gym! I’m going to stay at home for now.

Obviously there is only so much you can do in your home, if you are looking to becoming a super buff body builder, then you will have to go to a gym, or fork out loads of money for your own gym at home.

I think it is really important to make sure you do a few stretches in the morning (hence the title of this post). Doing stretches before you leave the house helps to wake you up by getting your blood flowing. It can also improve your flexibility, and get you ready for your day ahead.

They Best Ways To Exercise At Home

– Buy a yoga/Pilates mat – you can find one here :   Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap

– Buy some dumbbells/small weights : Dumbbell Weight Set with Carry Case – Black

– Get some gym clothes. Yes i know you aren’t going to the gym, but this gets you in the mindset!

– Buy some DVD’S, or better yet, watch videos on YouTube! I love to watch Blogilates : Blogilates On Youtube

– Listen to good music to keep you motivated, and keep it fun.

– Set your own routine, depending on what you are trying to do.
For example i want to become stronger and more flexible, i don’t want to lose weight.
But you may want too.

– Look on websites like Pinterest Health/Fitness Board On Lottie Things,
find inspiration on what workout to do and which ones are best.
Remember don’t take notice of other peoples bodies, they may be photo shopped and your body type may be different…
Its good to have images to aspire to be like, but as long as they are reasonable…

Once you are all set, and your routine is perfect, then you can work out whenever you find time too. Try not to over do it, its good to do your routine maybe every other day (if it is only short) or a couple times a week (if it is super vigorous). I personally prefer to do around half an hour every other night, or every night if i am pushing myself.

Take Up A New Fitness Class

Another way to get fit and start exercising more is to take up a new class, this could be whatever you want!

There are hundreds.

If you already attend a gym you can see what classes they run there, or you can search across the internet to see where you would like to go.

I like to dance, so i attend a ballet class once a week, but i then have to practice at home, so i have added this into my routine, (you can do the same).

The main reason i think you should take up a class, is because its fun, you learn new things, and you meet new people! You may also unlock some opportunities if you get really good at it!

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Eat And Drink Healthily

Most importantly, if you are exercising often, you need to make sure you are eating and drinking! I don’t mean fast foods, or rubbish snacks.

You need to be giving your body what it needs!

I have done a previous posts on food groups for vegetarians so have a look here at what foods you should be eating. If you eat meat, of course change the protein section to meat.  – Being A Vegetarian – What To Eat

You also need to make sure you are keeping hydrated.

When you are exercising you sweat, and you sweat a whole lot! You must replace these fluids that are lost otherwise you are going to start feeling really faint and ill, and you wont be able to keep up with your fitness regime.

Want to start exercising, but finding it hard? Do it at home! Read this post on exercising more at home, and how easy it is.

Read this post on water and detox waters, and all its benefits to find out more – Water And Its Benefits

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