Fashion – April Showers – I Love My Yellow Raincoat (High Street)

The Love Of Spring – My Yellow Raincoat

Today’s post is all about my new yellow raincoat, that many of you have probably seen before, as it is from Topshop! And only £55 BARGAIN. I have been looking around for a yellow raincoat for so long, and not buying one because I didn’t want to spend too much money on it (I HATE spending money, as you will learn.) So when I walked into Topshop, and saw this coat, I was over the moon.
Obviously, I am dedicating a whole blog post to it!

So in the making of this post, I had to have some pictures taken, now, I am certainly not a model, so there was no real photographer, and I have absolutely no idea how to pose without looking terribly awkward… But my brother studied photography, and that’s close enough, and I had my yellow raincoat to hide behind.

What I Wore

Also in this post I decided to wear the River Island Dress that I purchased in the sale – Another bargain (£12) – I dont think I will be able to find the link, as I am not sure if it is still available.

And my newest pair of Dr Martens, not so much of a bargain, but worth the price! (£95 – top tip, use student discount if you can, or look online for offers.) I always prefer to buy a new pair, and not ones from Ebay or Depop, only because I personally don’t like the idea of wearing shoes someone else has worn, especially Dr Martens, they take a while to break in, you go though a whole lot of blisters and sweat, yummy.

You can buy the Dr Martens online – Dr Martens Website Page 1461
Or in some shoe shops, I bought mine from Schuh – Dr Martens From Schuh

More About The Yellow Raincoat…

It is in the shops right now, so if you want one then quickly go and get it!

Here is the link to the site if you are interested – Hooded Rain Mac – Yellow

First I will show you some really lovely and pretty pictures (Slight sarcasm) and then I will write the description, because that will make more sense.





So there you go! Some super awkward photos of me wearing my high street yellow raincoat, Dr Martens that I am still breaking in, and my new dress from the River Island sale.

As you can see it is super bright yellow, and I love it, you would never lose someone wearing a bright yellow coat! And more importantly, it is very waterproof which is a must for a raincoat, dur.

I love love love how it looks so vintage by having the blue and white striped lining on he cuffs and the hood. It is comfortable to wear, although you make a lot of noise when you move around in it!

I have no idea where my obsession came from with getting a yellow raincoat, I think it started when I saw one in Urban Outfitters but I couldn’t commit myself to spending so much money on one.

Urban Outfitters Raincoat – this is the exact coat, it is £132… You may have that kind of money, and if you do, BUY IT. I just hate hate hate spending money, and figured I would only be wearing the coat for a few months before it wasn’t suitable for the weather here in the UK.
The Urban Outfitters coat is actually surprisingly similar to this one from Topshop. They are both blue and white stripe lined, and both have buttons and a zipper, they are around the same length, they both have an adjustable hood, and large pockets!

ASOS Raincoat Lilac – Now they do not have a bright yellow one like the Topshop one or Urban Outfitters, but they do have the gorgeous lilac one. I thought you might like it, so click on the link and have a look.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope I have inspired you to go and get a raincoat!

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