Gaining Weight If You Are A Vegetarian – Be Healthy!

Gaining Weight For Those Who Need Too

Some of you may be thinking “why would you tell someone HOW to gain weight, and not lose it?”
Well my friend, there are people in this world who struggle to gaining weight,
as much as you may struggle to lose it!

(If you do not need to gain weight, then there is not much point reading this post!
Well it might interest you so just carry on!)

So for those of you who are like me, and find eating and gaining weight the most difficult thing in the entire world. Then this post is for you.

You are not alone!

I have recently started getting a whole lot more serious about becoming a ‘healthy weight’/ Especially now that I eat a vegetarian diet. I don’t want to be underweight. ┬áBecause being super skinny, just isn’t that fun really. So follow my journey, and keep reading these posts!

Sometimes I can feel so unbelievably tired, or ill, I dont want to even get out of bed for another 5 hours. You probably feel the same way. If you do, it’s time to change!

Here I am trying more vegetarian meals whilst out at a restaurant.
Its important to try new things, especially when you realise how good they are!

Eating Vegetarian meals when out? Here I am trying a Vegetarian three bean burrito, it was lovely!

Why Is Gaining Weight Important?

Gaining weight is so incredibly important, if you are underweight, especially if it is starting to affect your body, and how you are living.

We do not need to eat McDonald’s everyday in order to gain weight, so don’t worry, I will not be telling you the bad side of gaining weight, and what you really should not do, its all healthy here!

Our bodies need food like cars need fuel.

They just wont work efficiently or at all without it!

So this is why we need to feed our bodies with the correct foods, to be able to live happily and do what we really want to do. You wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol car, so don’t put rubbish in your own body either.

If you are someone who is on their feet all day, and works a full time job, your bodies is going to be burning those calories like mad, so you really need to think about extending your meals and snacking more, just so you can keep going.

So overall, gaining weight is important, because our bodies on the inside need to be healthy before our bodies on the outside can really appear that way to.

Please do not worry about gaining weight, if you are someone who really needs to, then your will fully benefit from it, and it will most certainly improve your quality of life!

I know it can be stressful seeing your body changing shape, or having to buy a size larger in clothes.

Once you have over come the mental barrier of understanding that it is better for you, and in all honesty you might not look that different if you only need to gain a stone or two, you aren’t going to become fat, because you know that in your mind you wont let that happen, then you will be fine, of course you will be fine.

When you start to gain some weight, you can add in some exercises to help tone up your body, and keep yourself fit.

I would advise only doing short work outs, and not too much cardio, you dont want to burn off all the calories you have put in, you want your body to keep some in order to change your weight.

Tips On Gaining Weight Healthily

My tips may not help you, and you might not think they are a good idea. But i’m going to tell you what I think anyway.

Make A Food Diary –

This way you can see what you have eaten throughout the day, and you can check up after meals to see how much more you need to eat, and what foods you have not eaten yet, e.g any fiber, or protein.

I actually use an app that tells me how many calories I need to consume a day, and what foods I have eaten, now I am not sure how much this is going to help as I have only just started using it.

Although it does kind of force me to eat a little bit more.

Don’t Weigh Yourself!

Don’t get caught up on how much you weigh, this could mean anything from fat to muscle mass, concentrate on seeing a difference in the appearance in your body first, and don’t worry about numbers!

Its a good idea to have an idea of how much you want to gain, but dont concentrate on each pound you gain, this is just going to make you worry.

Overcome The Mental Barrier

Have a little think to yourself, are you happy being underweight? If you are ill, and feeling rubbish, then the answer should be no. No? Then you need to push yourself and help yourself, no one else can change your body but you.

If you are happy, then that’s fine, have a think about how healthy you are, take a look at the foods you eat each day, and think about what you are missing, and whether you are really nourishing your body. If not, its going to bite you in the bottom one day, and you will be at this stage I am at now, and many others.

Try New Foods

Trying new foods is such a good way to begin gaining weight. Sometimes you may only restrict yourself to eating a few things, and this may be making you ill if you aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients you need.

I am not going to sit here and tell you what your body needs more of, because I will never know. But if you know you need more carbs, then eat more carbs! Start researching healthy carbs and add them into your diet, I love love love to eat wholewheat pasta with pesto, its super east, and so nice.

(Diet does not mean losing weight if you are confused, diet means what you are eating. You can have a healthy balanced diet, or an unhealthy diet.)

Once you find a new food you can add this into your diet.

Meaning you have a broader range of things you like to eat, therefore, you will eat it more often.

Eat Meals More Often

By having food more often, you are restoring your body, and helping it keep up with the amount you are burning. I advise eating every four hours.

You can also make your main meals a little larger, its good to push yourself, even if you don’t eat it all the first time. Or if you panic at the sight of lots of food on your plate, then split it up, eat a few things at a time, and if you dont eat it, then save it for supper.

This is how my days go;

Breakfast (BIG)


Lunch (BIG)


Dinner (BIG)


Before bedtime –
have something else, maybe a smoothie, or some fruit.

Make sure you are snacking on foods that your body will benefit from, like fruit, nuts, seeds, salads. If you are going to snack on chocolate or crisps, there is no point, you are still going to feel ill from this.

Being A Vegetarian And Gaining Weight

As you may know, I am a vegetarian, through my own choice,
and i’m not about to preach to you why I chose to be one.

If you are a vegetarian, you may be worried about losing weight.

Well don’t worry, since I stopped eating meat, I have not gained or lost any weight.

I have not lost any. Because I still eat the same amount. I have not gained any, because I am not eating enough..

Gaining weight when you are a vegetarian may be difficult because you might be thinking “what the hell do I eat?” Well, when you go out for meals, order foods you have never had before. Try something new!

You could try new combinations of foods, swap meat products for fruit or vegetables. Or other alternatives like vegetarian meat.

Research snacks to replace protein, make sure you add these into your diet.

I try to make sure I eat a lot of eggs, eggs are a good source of protein!

Drink protein shakes, or build up shakes, these will help you gain weight, and of course, there is NO meat.

Prepare your snacks or meals the night before. If you are someone who is in a rush, then you might just skip meals and snacks… This is why you are underweight, or even losing weight! Always make time to make food.

So being a vegetarian does not make you lose weight. If you look after yourself. And introduce new foods into your diet.

Gaining weight, carbs are great! This is my vegetarian vegetable wholewheat pasta.

It can be hard to begin getting used to eating different foods and forcing yourself to eat. But I promise you, you can do it. Your body will love you for it, and you will love yourself for it once you have reached your goal.

Thank you For Reading

Charlotte xxx


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