Get Ready For Winter – Things You Need To Remember

Things To Remember At Winter Time

Okay, so winter is finally nearly here, this is the time of year we begin to feel sluggish, bored, and it feels like we always have a cold.

(I work with children, so these germs stick around for a long time).

I love a good helpful tip post, a list of things you can do to change, have a better time, or figure yourself out.
Its time to get ready for winter.

Another thing is, its nearly Christmas… Ask me if i have bought any presents yet? The answer is no… I avoid Black Friday like the plague, unless its online, then I make an exception.

Its far too stressful, I am an impulse buyer of things I dont need, crappy things, so it would have been a major waste of time and money..

Hopefully some of the tips in this post will help you to chill out, be calm during these holidays, and sort out Christmas!

Also remember to have a nice time for yourself, you deserve some time off too, and maybe a few presents from ‘me to me’.

Get Your Wardrobe Ready

I’m not telling you to buy loads of new clothes. Just be sure to have the essentials.

Get your winter warmers out from the back of the wardrobe, where you stored them away during the summer.

Winter wardrobe essentials consist of;

  • Jumpers, the bigger and woollier the better.
  • Fleece lined tights aka heaven for your legs.
  • Woolly socks.
  • Coats – Have a super warm one for those extra cold days, and a slightly thinner one for the usual.
  • Hats, Scarves, Gloves.
  • Cardigans – So easy to throw over your outfit, to add some extra warmth.

Sort Out Your Living Space

If you are anything like me, then you like to have major clean ups and clear outs of your room each season…

If not, then you should do this anyway. A huge de-clutter can help your mind relax, and your room feel so much better. You need to get out all your Christmas candles at some point right?

  • Treat yourself to some new bed sheets, or get out your fluffy ones!
  • Get out last years Christmas candles, and put away the summer flower ones.
  • Move the furniture around, fix the ambiance and the atmosphere!
  • Drape blankets on everything. The bed, chairs, tables, yourself.

Stock Up On Hot Drinks

My favourite thing to do at the moment is to drink hot drinks. Either tea, hot chocolate, or even coffee. Make sure you have tons and tons of your favourite drink to get you through the night. Or when you are out, treat yourself to a nice little costa coffee, just to get the cute cup.

Favourite hot drinks you should try;

  • Galaxy hot chocolate
  • Malteser hot chocolate
  • Mocha
  • Cappuccino
  • Cup of regular tea
  • Horlicks malt drink (you can get it with or without chocolate)

Change Your Hair

This might just be me who likes to go crazy and change their hair every now and then. Recently I

have been thinking about getting my hair cut and dyed a different colour, ready for winter.

Here are a few styles that I really really want, and need. But im a little too scared to go for it – Here is my board on pinterest, you should check it out and come be my friend. Im always adding and saving pins!



Everyone needs a little bit of Vaseline.

Carry it around in your bag, because without a doubt, your lips are gonna get chapped, and dry and all horrible…

It just happens.

I prefer to carry the little tins, I use the original Vaseline in the blue tin, I just think there must be ingredients in the other flavoured ones that prolong the amount of time you have dry lips. Thats my theory.

Find Time For Yourself

Most importantly, you need to find some time for yourself. Meaning chill out once you’ve come home from work, done all that Christmas shopping, cried your eyes out because you’ve spent so much money…

The best ways to chill out;

  • Have a hot bubbly bath, read, light some candles, play some calming music
  • Make yourself a nice drink, chill out on your bed and read a book
  • Catch up on your favourtie series
  • Put on some clean or new pyjamas
  • Pamper yourself – face mask, paint your nails, pluck your brows
  • Catch up on reading, magazines, other blogs.
  • Try steer away from social media, it’s not relaxing at all
  • Yoga, take some time to release your bodies energy in a good session of yoga.

Plan Christmas Presents 

Okay, maybe some of you have already bought all of your presents. I haven’t… I have a plan in my head, and I am not stressing, not one bit.

If worse come to worse, then everyone gets a chocolate bar, or a bath set.

This is my plan, it works for me.

  1. Think about each person you need to buy for, write their name at the top of the list.
  2. Decide how many presents each person gets, or how much money you want to spend.
  3. Write down what they want, or what you are going to get them.
  4. Tick off what you have bought, calculate the damage (the money) and done!

Top tips for Christmas shopping;

  • Shop around, you might find it cheaper on a different website!
  • Amazon is my best friend, I always search on their site before I buy anything, you never know, there might be a good deal.
  • Don’t buy what they wont need/use. I always end up getting crappy little bits for people just to make it look like I have bought them more. When really, you’re better off saving your money.
  • Don’t know what to buy? Don’t be afraid to ask, or just get some gift vouchers. Its better than buying the wrong thing.
  • Once you have spent and you are finished, dont look for anything else. You will find yourself buying more and more! Start saving again once it’s all done and dusted.

Remember, Christmas is supposed to be all about giving and having fun.
Not just about receiving the most expensive gift, or buying someone a belt that costs £800 pounds, because really? Thats a holiday right there. Just think, be clever with your money.

Stay Healthy

Last but not least, stay healthy.

Don’t over do it on the sweets and chocolate, although it may be super tempting.

You will only hate yourself afterwards! Of course, you can treat yourself, but there’s no worse feeling than over indulgence (might just be my opinion).

Keep eating your fruits and veggies, and hydrating your body with lots and lots of water.


Thank you for reading my get ready for winter post,
my first wintery post of the year!
Come back soon to check out some of my other posts.

Lots of love,  Charlotte Dawson xxx

Charlotte Dawson

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