Making The Most Of Your Time – Getting Into A Routine

Hola amigos, welcome to todays post!

This one is for all you lazy oafs who have no routine in their lives, and who have messy brains.

(Aka me right now after my holiday)

So this post is going to just let you know what i do to get back into a routine.

By all means, be spontaneous, that’s good.
But having a set time to do things can also help make sure you aren’t wasting your day.

Going to bed at 2 am and waking mid day is not good use of your time. You only live once! Every second counts and you could be doing so much more in the time you are wasting being lazy.

Again, just to clarify, being lazy is fine! Sometimes. We all need a duvet day every now and then.

Getting Into A Routine

Having a routine helps us humans to keep our brains strong and healthy, it ensures that they are still working to the best they can, and keeping you positive and happy!

When you are being lazy or not achieving or accomplishing, then this is when your brain starts to feel a bit poo. Meaning that you retract back even more into your troll cave. (Not literally)

Timing and Alarms!

Think about what time you want to schedule something for, and set alarms or reminders to help you!

So for example. I make sure that i set an alarm to wake up in the morning at the correct time, for me. I like to wake up an hour early for work, this gives me time to wake up, get ready, and then relax before i have to leave.

By having set times to complete tasks, you are more likely to get on with it. I really could not be bothered to write this post today, but i had already scheduled to have one finished for tonight, so i have no choice but to do it.

Having alarms also helps to make sure you aren’t late for anything, being late is bad, in every situation. So set an alarm, give yourself time to get ready and relax. Then you can go about your day.

Keep Pushing Yourself

When you push yourself into doing something, after a while, you will automatically do it.

That is how you get into a routine.

Your body and mind will be so used to doing something, you wont forget! Well you might forget sometimes…

Apparently, if you do something 20 times, or stop doing something 20 times, then your body will have accustomed to it.

So if you want to add learning a language into your routine, once you have done your hours lesson three times a week 2o times, then you wont mind doing it anymore, and it will feel normal.

I hope that makes sense – In a nut shell, complete a task 20 times, and then it will be in your routine.

You just need to make sure you keep pushing yourself, encourage yourself to complete something you have set, and when you get it done, reward yourself!


Now, if you wanted to get really organised, and really serious about your daily routine. Then you could always plan how each day will go.

You could start a chart, for each day. Write on what you are going to do and when you are going to do it, then you its been completed, tick it off! Accomplished!

Or an easier way would be to write a list every day of what you want to achieve, keep checking the list, and if something is not done, then you will do it!

Of course you do not need to plan things like going to the toilet, or having a little break, i mean you can do this when you need to.

I always write a plan for each blog before i do it. Only a few sentences just so i know what i will write about, and what to include. This also means that i will get it done, otherwise i might forget to do it.

What Should Be In Your Routine?

There are a few things that do not really need to be scheduled, or simply cannot be predicted.

There are others things that i suggest are planned, in order to get into a routine.

Sleeping Times!

It is important to have our body clocks in working order. If you go to bed at different times every night, then your body clock will be screwed, like mine was after coming home from Mexico.

The jet lag was the worst thing to get out of, it took me a week!

I would advise setting a time to get into bed, this is so you can relax, and get ready to sleep.

If you work early in the morning, i would suggest getting into bed at round 9:00 pm /9:30.

You can then catch up on some reading, or some television. I would then say that you should shut it all off for around 10:00.

It takes everyone different amounts of time to actually fall into a deep sleep, so make sure you are fully relaxed, and close your eyes.

Voila, you are asleep.

When your alarm goes off in the morning at 6:00 am, you should hopefully feel refreshed, and ready for your day.


We should schedule time to eat, because it is important to ensure we have three meals a day.

So simply decide when you are to have breakfast lunch and dinner, then eat when you should!

You can also include when to snack, and what to snack on. Sometimes if you are a busy person, or get the shakes, you need a little boost. Always be prepared.

This way you wont feel hungry, and you can always meal prep so you are even more ready!


Add some extra activities into your routine, this means you can make the most of your time.

If you want to start learning something, now is the time to do it. Do what you have always wanted, this might be learning an instrument, or knitting!

Of course if you go to work, where you leave the house to get there, then you will have to add this in your routine..

If you work from home, then your time will be more flexible. I still advise setting times of which you work, so that you do accomplish things during the day. I know it can be easy to say “Ill do it tomorrow”.


There you have it, today’s post all about routine.

I hope it has helped!

It wasn’t a very long one, but i guess i thought it was relevant for the time being.

Seems as its nearly the summer, and most of us are slacking!

Thank you for reading, please comment below!

Charlotte xxx

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