Why The Outdoors Is So Great – Top Up Your Vitamin D

Why You Should Go Outside More Often

The Great Outdoors!

I feel like this seems like a pretty pointless post, and it probably is. But for some reason, I really want to write about it, I do feel like this subject is important for us to live a healthy life, and I enjoy writing about that, so why not!

Our parents are always telling us to “get out more often”, “go get some fresh air”, and the reason why we always get ill, is because “we don’t go outside enough”… And you know what? They are right, and you should listen. Going outside is very simple and easy..

Walk out of your front door, and voila! You’re there already!

Most of us only like to venture the great outdoors when the weather is nice. Which makes sense really, you receive more Vitamin D at these times when the sun is out, but you must be careful not to over expose your skin to the sunlight. Some people do enjoy the rain, snow, and storms, which can be fun I suppose… I however will go out whenever, except when its raining, its just not pleasant! I also go outside a lot due to my job, I work with children, and they play outside, a lot.

Being outside has so many benefits, of all different sorts. Your body, health, mind, life, experiences, lessons. And so on…

So here is a list of why I think you should be going and exploring the great outdoors more often. (Yes, you need to actually get out of bed, and move, sorry.)


The Benefits Of The Great Outdoors;

Getting Fresh Air

This is a given. Its going to happen and you cannot stop it, thankfully, this is why the great outdoors is so great.
We all need some fresh air, everyday. Fresh air can help us in so many ways.

You get oxygen from being outside (obviously) and this is very important and can help us a whole lot. Your body needs oxygen for it to function properly, lungs need it to work efficiently, and blood needs oxygen too, as it carries it around our bodies, helping our millions and millions of cells to reproduce.
Anyway enough of the scientific facts (I dont know anymore..)

We need fresh air to make us feel healthier in ourselves. Once you are outside you feel more awake which is very helpful, your skin feels refreshed, which also helps you to feel awake, and your skin appears fresher, your cheeks are red and rosy, which looks very pretty and it also makes you look more alive! You may also feel that it is easier to breathe outside, especially if you have been inside all day breathing in the same air.


I think that it is so much more fun to exercise outside, and it is so much easier when you are breathing in the fresh cold air.
You could go for a run, even do your daily yoga routine in your back garden, just take out your mat, and off you go.  There is honestly not much else to write about this one, exercising outside is good for the reasons I stated above. (The sciency stuff)
We should all be exercing in some kind of way to be honest, but this post is being outside, so there you go, get out there to the great outdoors.

FitBit – Great for having to track your progress!

Discover New Things

You never know what you will find or see.

The world we live in changes all the time, and we will encounter different things everyday.
When Sean and I went to London, we decided not to use the tube, as we didn’t want to be underground looking at the same thing everyday, and we wanted to see more of London! Which we did, and it was lovely. Although it was raining a little bit…
So go outside to the great outdoors, and see what you can find, ignore anything you don’t like to see… (dog poo, litter, general ugly mess)

The great outdoors is great. Go outside and get the most of the free health benefits you can get everyday. This was really pretty, and I was proud of my photography…

Being productive – Get stuff done

Of course you need to step outside to the great outdoors to get stuff done.

Alright I understand that a lot of us may work from home, and all that great stuff,but you need to go shopping for food, clothes, go to the bank, meet up with friends and family, walk your dog, go on holiday, run errands, the list is endless of what you need to do outside, therefore, outside is great.

If you are trying to be productive at home, but your mind has gone blank, then go for a walk, clear your mind of whatever was taking over, and come back. Hopefully you should be ready to work then.

Being productive is also fun! Your day has so much more worth when you have things completed. You might have finished your homework/coursework, finished your blog post, or even tidied your room! Meeting up with friends is also productive, you are engaging in conversation, and getting things of your chest, whilst having fun.

Wear Your New Clothes Out

This might not be a big deal but, I don’t know about anyone else, when I buy something new, whether that might be clothes, shoes or a new bag, I always want to go out anywhere, just so I can wear/use them, and so that other people can see…
If you are stuck in your house or office, then no one will see!

So did you really buy it if no one has seen you in it? – Just joking here.

Before you know it, its out of fashion, or its too cold outside to wear your new dress.

I bought a new coat the other day (love a new coat) and I was so excited just to go to the supermarket, because I could actually put it to use and wear it! I know that sounds so childish and weird, but its true, and I know you feel the same way.

Anti Stress – Clear Your Mind

Breathing in fresh air, and going for a walk can really clear your mind, and help if you have a hangover!

If you are worrying about something, and need some alone time to think, then the best thing to do is go for a walk by yourself to somewhere nice.

Breathe in that fresh air, let the sun hit your face, even if it is not hot, and relax. I promise you will be much happier, you may even forget what you were worrying about in the first place!

If you didn’t want to take a walk, because you might find that boring, then why not go for a jog, find a friend who will be willing to go with you, and jog, just keeping going, but don’t get lost, that is not fun, never.

Take Some Nice Pictures

This is also very obvious and not that interesting.

Taking pictures for my blog is probably the hardest thing at the moment, and very frustrating. I can find lots of things to talk about which is great, but I never have any relevant pictures to go with it, this might be due to not having a lot of time to take pictures, but still very annoying.

Whenever I am outside, I make sure that I take some nice ones to use for back ups! Throughout the day I also try and take pictures of everything and anything just in case I might need them! TOP TIP  (This post for example..)

I also hate hate hate using other peoples images, I don’t see the point when you can take your pictures yourself, and really make your blog just yours, and be proud that all of your pictures are your own.

Vitamin D – Healthy Bones

Vitamin D is so important for our bodies! We should all be getting around 15 minutes of sunlight everyday, and in fact, March is the best time to start doing this. The sun rises earlier, and is begging to set later, so get outside, and help your body! The great outdoors is like a free tan, and free healthy bones!

Vitamin D can be found in lots of food and drink, but the sunlight is free, So why not make the most of it? And receive those health benefits! It helps us get stronger bones because the body can absorb nutrients better – Calcium and phosphorus are important for healthy bones.

Without enough Vitamin D you will notice your bones become weaker, you will experience pain, and lots of other health issues, if you are having issues with your bones, and feeling like the ache all the time, then you need to boost the amount of Vitamin D your body is getting!

I hope this has helped, I apologise if it was not helpful I understand that most of you may not have this problem, and like going outside.
If not you didn’t like this post, take a look at my other posts on my page!


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Thank you for reading.


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