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It is important to have a happy day, in order to have a happy life, obviously. But it is totally fine if you aren’t having a good day. Just remember, that tomorrow is a new day, and you will have a better one.

So by the time this post goes up, it will probably be Monday, or late Sunday night. So here is a little tiny post on six things to remember throughout the day, to make sure that you have a happy and positive day!

The reason for this post being so short, and quick, is because I am being a rubbish blogger, and I haven’t got a post ready for today, so I am writing this one without any planning, or any images ready! But hey ho, it should be alright, we all have these days!..


Six Things To Remember For A Better Day

Number One:

Have a good nights sleep! Key to a happy day! If you have not slept at all, you will wake up in a mood, and feeling rubbish, and your day is already off to a bad start, or you might have slept in till 12:30 pm and the day is already nearly over. So make sure, the night before, you go to bed with the intentions of falling straight asleep, and waking up at an appropriate time!

Number Two:

Eat three meals a day! Or just eat when you are hungry.. Hungry – Grumpy.. We all know this! Make sure you have some snacks with you if you are out and about, and make sure you have a good breakfast in the morning! This sets you up for a better day.

Number Three:

Ignore the negativity, this is a really important one. Don’t get caught up in the moodiness of others, its only going to bring you down. If you are stuck in a conversation that you aren’t to keen on, then leave! Go and do something nicer. There is no point listening to rubbish coming out of someone else’s mouth, if you dont agree, or dont want to hear what they are saying. Simple. Don’t have a sad rubbish day. Have a happy day!

Number Four:

Make yourself feel and look good. When you look nice, you feel nice! So wake up and have a shower, have a good wash, and put on some new clothes and fancy shoes, do your hair and make up however you want to, and go out feeling proud of the masterpiece you have made!

Number Five:

Smile more. When you smile more, you immediately feel better, I promise! Smile because you want too, smile because you have heard something funny, smile because its a new day, and your are lucky to live the life you are. Aw.

Number Six:

Have positive thoughts. Thinking positively can actually dramatically change the way that your day is going. If you think of your glass half full, and not half empty, then you are on your way! Try and find the good in the bad, and get yourself through the day with a happy mind, not a negative one.

So there you have it! A super quick post, because like I said, I am being a rubbish blogger today.

Thank you for reading – If you have any other tips on how to have a good day, and what you should remember, then please comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

– Charlotte

Five Things To Remember - To have a happy day. Be positive.


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