Little Life Update: A Few Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Getting Healthy – Ish 

There are things we can all add into our daily routines to help us be healthier - Here is my hot lemon detox tea i drink every morning to cleanse my liver

Todays post is all about the little things im doing to be healthier. Now theres a reason for this random health kick. Besides the fact that everyone should try and be healthy, it makes you feel so much better! The reason for me, is because I have just finished having the Depo Provera (Contraceptive injection) – and i’m trying to get my body back to normal as quickly as possible! I’ve been experiencing some pretty annoying side effects whilst being on the injection, and since coming off! (That’s a whole other post, I have actually written it, but i’m too scared to post!)

I have done quite a lot of research on this matter, for a long time! Here are the books I recommend you read if you have just finished some kind of hormonal birth control, figuring out what to do next, and also what you can do to retrieve your healthy cycle!

They are both very different books, depending on what you want to learn – Taking Charge Of Your Fertility focuses on how to track your fertility, and how to use a natural birth control method (it also contains a whole other world of information that every woman should know). Coming Off the Pill… Focuses more on what might happen to your body afterwards, and the different foods and supplements you can take to help balance your body!

Now that’s been cleared up, here are the things I am adding into my daily life, to make myself a little healthier!

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Drink hot lemon tea every morning (most mornings) – 

This is supposed to help detox your liver, to cleanse it from anything that might still be lingering around! I drink this tea before I eat or do anything else. Recently, I purchased my first ever pot of Manuka honey, so now I add a teaspoon of that into my hot lemon tea. I find that this helps with my hayfever, and I haven’t taken an antihistamine yet this year, and I have been fine!

Constantly Drink Water – 

*Remember that it is not good for you to drink TOO much water, so when your body has had enough, stop. Oh, and remember to go to the toilet when you need too. Otherwise your bladder will be very uncomfortable, it’s quite dangerous not to wee when you need to go, and you dont want any water infections!*

Anyway, thats only the slight bad part, but I doubt that anyone drinks too much water without going to the toilet… I have recently bought a new water bottle. It can hold 900ml, and also has a fruit infuser! I try to drink around four of these bottles a day. Or more if I feel like I need to. If I add fruit into the bottle it does take away the amount of water it can hold. (I will do another post on my favourite detox waters another time).

Drinking lots of water helps to keep you hydrated, flush out your body, and has many other benefits. You can read them here – Water And Its Benefits

Cut Out The Sugar –

This is a super important one. Not that I do not consume any sugar (I ate some chocolate cake last night), I just recommend cutting it out of things you usually eat or drink. For example – stop adding sugar to your tea, cereal, food. Stop feeling like you need to eat sweets and chocolate everyday. Replace these unhealthy snacks with healthy ones! Its really not that hard once you have become used to turning down having a takeaway or eating fast food.

Start cooking meals from scratch so you really know what’s going into it. Do not have microwave meals, and try to eat as much of a wholefoods diet as possible. There are tons of recipe ideas everywhere, I recommend having a look on pinterest. I find that I feel so much better when I have eaten healthy all day, instead of feeling sluggish and moody – also my skin is liking it too.

Eat More Often (If you need to)-

This might not be the same for everyone. I struggle to maintain weight, and to gain it. So I have started to add more mini meals throughout the day, when I can. After lunch I will try to have some more food, maybe some fruit and yogurt, or even some toast. Also after dinner, I like to have some apple and peanut butter, or some porridge.

Its taken me a long time, but I have finally started to listen to my body when it’s telling me it’s hungry!

Exercise Daily –

This is something I have only incorporated within the last two weeks. I am already feeling a massive difference. The job I have means that I move around a lot. I wear a fitbit so I can see how many steps I have done in a day, so i’m not worried about how much I move.
I simply include a routine of Yoga at the end of each day, or when I can fit it in. And this works for me. By all means, if you would rather go running, swimming, or lifting weights, do it. Just find something you enjoy, and try to do a little each day.

Doing Yoga has helped me gain better control of my breathing, and my heart rate. I found that even walking upstairs would enter me into ‘fat burn mode’. But since doing a session of yoga each day, I breathe better, and my heart is getting healthier. (Also will be doing a post on the benefits of Yoga once my 3o day camp is finished).

Adding a session of yoga into my daily routine is really helping me to be healthier. I love yoga, it helps not just your body, but your mind too.

To conclude

There isnt many things I have added into my daily routine, but they are making a difference. If you feel there is anything else you must do to ensure you be healthier, then of course add those little things into your day. I find it easier to start off with one or two changes, and gradually add more. Otherwise it all gets a little overwhelming. Maybe start with cutting out unhealthy foods and switching for healthier ones. You might want to learn new healthy recipes instead of ordering a pizza? Or simply carry a water bottle around to make sure you remember to drink more.


Ps – I’m not perfect at following my little rules I have given myself. Ive just had chinese for dinner 🙂 But it’s okay, i’ll do some yoga later xxx


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Thank you for reading!
Ill keep you updated on how the Yoga is going over on my instagram @lottiethings

Love from Charlotte xx



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