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Saving Money… Why You Should!

I like to look at myself as a pretty good money saver, and I am quite good at saving money on a daily basis.. Probably because I HATE spending my money, which isn’t a bad thing! This means I dont often buy any rubbish I don’t really need. I know it can be tempting to buy more decorative pillows, or yet another mug with a cute picture on, but do you really need it? If the answer is NO, then do not get it!

It is quite unfortunate that we do have to think about saving money, and not being able to spend spend spend, although I think most of us do anyway, but again, unfortunately we aren’t all superstar actresses, or models, so we don’t have millions in our accounts. We are lucky to have a couple hundred or thousand!

So in this post I will be sharing with you my top tips on being a proper good money saver! Everyone loves saving money and see more in their bank account right?

Money Saving Tips 

The most obvious money saving tip is DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY. Which is what I try to do. I talk myself out of buying things, and then its done, I have just saved another £30 just like that!

Money Saving 101

101 Sounds really important.
Here are some really important reasons why you need to start saving your all important money. 

Moving house! –

We all want to move out one day, and if that day is a few years into the future, you may be thinking “why should I worry about it now?” Well you need to, don’t stress and worry, but its a smart idea to start saving money each month towards your future, just so that you are stable, and wont have to worry too much when the time comes!

Buying A Car –

Driving is expensive! You need to pay £20+ and hour for a lesson, then you need to pay for a theory test, which you may fail and have to do again. You also need to pay for your actual test, which again you may fail and have to repeat it (if you are like me, this may be four or five times…).

Then finally when you have passed, you’ve got to pay for a car, insurance, tax, and any repairs that may need doing in the future.

Wedding/Children etc etc… –

Okay so not everyone needs to start saving for this yet, I don’t because there are some higher priorities and this saving will come in due time. But if you are thinking of getting married in a year or two, or having children soon, then SAVE.

Weddings are expensive, and although making children is free, they are expensive to have… So think about it, if this is something you want, start saving money, then be prepared to spend a whole chunk of it.

Holidays/Experiences –

These are so much more important than making sure you have a McDonald’s breakfast every weekend, you dont need it! Holidays are exciting, they are fun, and they are worth your money.

Discovering something new, finding out about yourself and others, and simply having a wonderful time with whoever you will share this time with.

For me, I would much rather start saving money to go on holiday with Sean, than making sure we go out to eat every week. If you are dreaming of going somewhere exotic, then turn it into reality.

Treats –

It is important to save your money so that you can treat yourself, I mean this is why we work right? I don’t mean by buying a bag of sweets, or a new nail varnish (who else has millions of red nail varnishes?!)

I mean buying an expensive pair of shoes you have been wishing for, or a new gadget, a new hair cut. These things give us temporary happiness, that are worth buying.


What You Really Don’t Need To Buy

There are so many things we waste our money on, and don’t even realise it. It is easy to be saving money once you rethink these silly expenses.

Phone Bills –

You might be paying too much for your phone bill, check how many/much texts, minutes and data you use a month on average, and change your contract, you could be wasting quite a lot.

Food –

Everyone spends hundreds on food each month. And its awful! Like your mum/dad would say “there’s plenty in the fridge at home!” So instead of buying another meal deal for lunch, just go home and make yourself a sandwich!

Stationary –

We all love a good bit of stationary, but once you have every colouring pencil in every shade, you really do not need anymore. Or anymore notebooks, I bet there’s some you have never written in!

Makeup –

This is probably my own point of view, and you may disagree, but why do we spend so much on make up? What is the point in buying a new foundation, when the one you have isn’t even empty yet? Or buying another pallet of eyeshadows when you might not even use it for another two months, or decide you don’t like the colours anymore.

Parking Spaces/Petrol –

Another expense I should have previously added. You could save a lot of money if you walked a little more, or caught a bus.

Clutter –

So last one now, otherwise I will go on and on. We all get drawn in my pointless pretty things. Like a new storage basket, or a picture fame that has no picture to do in it. If you have no use for it. Don’t get it until you REALLY need to.


To Conclude –

You need to be saving for the things that matter, and not spending on the things that don’t.

Be smart with your money!

Example – Save to move out, don’t buy another pair of shoes… Yet.

WHy saving money is important. What you should spend your money on, and what you shouldn't!


Thank you for reading! If you have anymore tips please comment below.

Charlotte x

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  1. 15th April 2016 / 5:50 pm

    Making your own food at home is such a money saver, by taking a packed lunch to work or not getting a fancy coffee every day can save you £100’s a year.

    Tasha x sincereblonde.con

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