How to Boost Your Mood – 5 Easy Things You Can Do

How To Boost Your Mood

Welcome back to another Lottie things post, i’m getting good at posting every Monday now… I am in the process of updating the whole site, im aware its looking kinda bleak over here. Fingers crossed by January this whole blogging thing will be going a whole lot better.

This post is all about how to make yourself feel better when you’re feeling pretty crappy. Below I have included 5 super easy ways to boost your mood. We all get moody now and then, and we all face times in our lives where we feel like we have had enough. We each will have our own ways of cheering ourselves up. Here are mine.

5 Easy Things To Do

Here are the five things that I personally do, to make myself feel better. I hate hate hate feeling poo, and feeling like I want to curl up in a ball and cry. Believe me, it happens, and it happens to all of us.

No one can be positive and happy all of the time, I don’t care what they say. Don’t dwell on your mood, of course you don’t want to be grumpy all day, so why not make it better? Boost your mood with anything that you love doing, or anything you know works.

Listen to Music/Watch a Film

This is something I do all the time. If I am feeling annoyed or angry about something, I’ll put my earphones in and listen to some happier music.

By this I mean not slow cry worthy music, or screaming angry ones. It could be anything from cheesy old school classics, to songs you hate to love dancing to when you go out.

Everyone has those films that can change their mood as soon as they hear the intro music. I have so many, the best films are of course Disney films (Love a bit of high school musical). Switch on whatever you want to watch, and forget about everything else. Think about singing along with Zac and you’ll be fine.

Do Some Exercise

Doing exercise releases endorphins, this helps you to feel so much better by releasing hormones in your body. Its all scientific, im not a scientist so there’s no explanation from me.

I do know from experience that going for a run, or practising yoga can really boost your mood.

Put on your workout playlist, and sweat a whole lot. I promise afterwards you’ll feel amazing, you might need to shower though…

Treat Yourself

Although money cannot buy permanent happiness, it does purchase you some temporary feelings that boost your mood. Don’t go crazy and spend millions on something you don’t need, just to feel a little better. A new set of stationary fills me with complete joy (how embarrassing) or even a new pair of pj’s.

You could also run yourself a spa worthy bath. Having a bath is the ultimate way to chill out and feel utterly amazing afterwards. Fill it with bubbles, put on a face mask, and treat yourself to a lovely calm relaxing bath. To complete the ambience, light some candles and some incense, and turn out the lights.

Give Yourself a Break

If you’re in a situation where you can feel your blood begin to boil, or you’re getting upset. Its fine to give yourself a quick break, just five mins to re adjust.

Do some breathing exercises, slow down, have a cup of tea, and think of something else that makes you happy. You could arrange to go out after work, or later on in the day. This gives you something else to think about and look forward to. You could even have a nice little emotion release (a good moan) to your friend, let it all out, and move on.

Think about how much of a big deal the thing is that’s making you upset.
Tomorrow is a different day, and it will all be over.

So before you burst into tears, or run away to the other side of the world (Although this would be quite nice). Take some time out, and chill.

Get Ready and Go Out

Have a shower, get squeaky clean, and get ready.

Like proper ready, take a little longer to make yourself feel good. Do your hair in a new style, apply a little bit more makeup than usual, try out that new eye shadow you wanted.

Once your ritual is complete. Go outside!

Get some sunshine, some light into your life. I’m sure there is an actual reason why having some sunshine makes you feel better, and it does boost your vitamin D intake… Being in a dark gloomy room isn’t going to make you feel any better. So,  hello light!

Maybe this is why we hate going to work when it’s still dark. The dark is so depressing. Although this contradicts my love of everything that is black, or grey…

How to boost your mood with some 5 easy steps.


Thank you for reading my post. I have so many more ways to chill out, these are just the first ones I go to.

Please comment below and let me know if you also use these methods, or if you have your own!

Charlotte xx


Charlotte Dawson

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