How To Feel Better When You Feel Rubbish

Little Things To Do When You Feel Like Poo , To Make You Feel Better

Anyway, this post will be all about what to do when you feel rubbish, and how to feel better. Whether you are ill, or just not happy for whatever reason. Everyone always has those days where you just do not know what to do with yourself. You may be feeling under the weather and trying to forget about it. Or you are just having a bad day. I will be sharing with you some ideas that could help you forget about your illness, or make you feel happier. 

Get Ready –

I always feel worse if I am sitting doing nothing.

When I look rubbish, I feel rubbish.

To feel better , this the most obvious little thing to do, nothing feels better than getting dressed in nice clothes (you could get back into a clean pair of pj’s if you want too), and doing your hair, and/or makeup.

If you are still sitting in your pjyamas, have a nice hot bath or shower, use all of your favourite products, I like to use a bath bomb, put on a face mask, and listen to some relaxing music. You could also have a cup of tea, I guess that would be quite nice too.

Of course you don’t have to do your hair and make up if you cannot be bothered, but feeling clean and fresh always helps.

You also never know, you might need to dash out of the house, or decide to go somewhere, so you may as well get ready, just in case. But if you have given yourself a day away from the world, then dont worry about this part, taking time off can also make you feel better!

Take Time For Yourself –

It is important to care about your own self sometimes. Its nice to just take a break from everything and everyone else, and think about you. Do something that makes you happy and feel better!
You are allowed to take some time off, and not worry about anything. If you were supposed to have that blog post up for yesterday, don’t worry about it! Just finish it and do it for another day. I have decided to not post every day because I was so busy coming home from work and trying to figure out what to write and what pictures to use. I wanted to take some time off for myself, in order to create better posts.

Some fun things to do when you are having a break and want to feel better is to;

Read a book you are trying to finish.

Make something, be a little bit creative.

Get comfortable and watch a film.

Paint your nails.

Watch videos, learn something new on YouTube.

Listen to music.

Meditate and do some yoga

Have a nap if you’re over tired! I would advise only having a 15 minute nap, if I have any more I end up feeling worse.

Cook Yourself A Nice Meal – 

There is a sense of accomplishment that comes along with this, which is also quite nice, and certainly makes you feel better. It also means you can make whatever you want to eat, or learn how to cook something new. Set up the dinner table with some candles and pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink. You could invite a friend over and you could do this together if you wanted to.

If you don’t want to cook, but you are hungry, then order a takeaway. Order anything you want, and someone else will cook it for you, all you need to do is put it on a plate. Yum.

It would probably be wise to plan when you are going to do this, so you can buy the foods you will need, otherwise you will end up getting frustrated because there’s no food in the house. (Does not help)

Do Some Exercise –

Exercise is wonderful, it can help you in so many ways. It definitely makes you feel better when you are all groggy and moody.

By exercising you will be keeping fit, and also making yourself feel happier, you feel better after exercising due to your increased heart rate, blood flow, and brain activity. It helps you to control your weight, and let off some steam, sweat away all of your problems.

By increasing your amount of physical activity, you will increase your muscle strength and your endurance, meaning you could do an extra ten squats, or run that little but further. Your body will be carrying oxygen and nutrients through your body, and helping your lungs and heart work better and more efficiently, meaning you will have more energy to get on with your day, and do what you want, Woo!

So overall, exercise if good to when you are bored, because it has so many benefits, so you may as well, right? Or you could sit and eat your own body weight in chocolate and crisps, but I don’t advise this, at all. In fact don’t read that part.

Talk About Whats Wrong – 

The best way to feel better about something that is circling your brain, is to let it all out. Sit and talk to your Mother, friends, boyfriend etc. Tell them whats wrong and get it off your chest. This really does work, once you feel better, you can then carry on with your day.

If you don’t want to tell anyone what is wrong, then write it down in a journal. I always write things down in my journal, especially if I don’t think I could tell anyone else about whatever it is.

Its always good to have a nice long chat with someone, a catch up with an old friend can make you happier and feel better for ages by reliving old memories.

I have realised I should probably see my friends more often, or just make more time every now and then. This gives Sean some time away from me too, so I don’t have to moan to him all the time about my problems, not that he minds, I hope not anyway!

Be Productive – 

You may be feeling rubbish because you haven’t done anything productive in a while, I know I feel like this after the weekend, and I have not achieved anything.
Being productive doesn’t mean you have to do something boring, you can do lots of fun things that make you feel a little bit more accomplished and feel better, or it ticks off that thing off your list of ‘to do’. So get off your bum and get busy, finish of that blog post, or your homework or make that craft you saw on pinterest and pinned three weeks ago.
Other things you could do to be productive;

Tidy your bedroom – Tidy room = tidy mind.

Get a new hairstyle – how you have wanted for the past month, this will make you feel like a new person!

Read, of course I was going to say this. Reading is fun, and productive.

Go shopping – This is productive I suppose. Well it is now! Go and shop for some new clothes, or food, or pretty much anything you want. Remember, spending your money and buying new things can temporarily make you happy, so don’t go wild and break your bank account.

Workout – I have already written about why above.

Go for a walk, clear your mind, and get some exercise too.

Take those pictures you need for upcoming blog posts.

And I could go on for ever and ever.

If you have any other ideas of how to be productive them please comment.

There you have it, what to do when you feel like.. rubbish. I understand there are probably so many more little things you could do. But the above is what I would recommend. If you have anything you do when you are bored, then please comment below.

Thank you for reading, heres a nice relaxing picture of some scenery. I also take lots of pictures like these for those annoying posts that have no picture to go with it.

Want to feel better and stop feeling so down? Here are some helpful tips that could brighten your days and make you a happier person!

Thank you for reading, if you have any other tips please comment below!

Charlotte xx

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