My Advice on How to Have a Good Day, and Avoid the Bad Ones!

How To Have A Better Day – Self Help

This post is all about my own tips and advice on how to stay calm and enjoy your day, even if it is Monday…

Start to love Mondays!

Mondays aren’t all that bad, its the start of a new week, you can begin fresh, write down all of the ideas you have for the week, and get started. I think its best to pretend you like Mondays for a while, and eventually you will!
Go to bed early.

I don’t mean go to bed at 7’o clock, but there’s no need to stay up until midnight! Having a good nights sleep does wonders for your body and your brain, you will be ready to take on the next day without feeling gloomy at midday.
Wake up when your alarm goes off!

It is so easy to keep pressing the snooze button, but then comes the stress of having to get ready with only 20 mins! My advice is to set a reasonable alarm, and if you want to ‘snooze’ set it for 10 mins before. (That’s what i do)
Have a hot drink, make sure you have a big breakfast, remember;

breakfast is the most important meal! You must must must ensure that your body is getting nutrients in the morning, otherwise you end up snacking throughout the day, on foods that may not be that good for you…
Go to work!

If you are someone who hates their job, then my advice from experience would be to begin looking for a new job and leave. Always make sure that you are doing something you love and enjoy, otherwise there is no point!
Take snacks to work, ensure that you eat and hydrate your body throughout the day.

This helps to keep you active. When it is your break time, HAVE A BREAK, its your break, you do not need to continue working! Take that 15 mins to chill out and calm down, and get ready for the rest of the day.
When you come home, get done the work you need to do, if you do this first you have longer to chill out afterwards!
Have a good healthy dinner, and catch up on something you love to do, this could be reading, coloring, crafting.

Then start the cycle all over again! Have a nice hot relaxing bath, then get into bed and sleep.

I hope this might have helped, please comment below if you have anything else to say or add.

I hope you have a lovely day -Be HAPPY


Charlotte Dawson

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