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My Own Secret To Being Happy

Well all want to be happy, but we can only do so in our own way, what makes others happy, might not be what makes you happy. So here is a post on my key to happiness.

Like i just said, this might not be yours, but if you are someone who is struggling, this post might be a reminder on what to think about, and to realise what you have got, and not what you haven’t.

Having a key to happiness, can open up many more doors.

By this i mean; if you are happier, you are more confident, you are more approachable, you feel better in yourself.

Everyone is always trying so hard to find happiness, when it might very well be right in front of your nose.

Some people may think you need expensive luxuries, or three holidays a year to be happy… But this is not the case. They probably will make you happy, for the time being, but its more important being happy in your mind, and having a better mental health is more important than anything else. To me anyway.

Happiness cannot be bought, it must be gained.



A Key To Happiness – My Little Keys


Being With Loved Ones;

Spending time with those who you love, this may be your parents, your friends, or your boyfriend/girlfriend. I personally love being with my family, and Sean. That is probably my top key to happiness.

You should be grateful to have people in your life who you love, and who love you back. You know you can always talk to them, you can be weird with them, and you can gather new experiences with them, which is better than getting them on your own! Personally i would rather share and have great experiences with people i love, so that we can remember them together forever (cringey).

Let Out Your Anger;

Holding in your feelings is the worst thing you could possibly do for your brain! You need to vent, it is good for you… Bottling up your emotions will only make you explode at some point.
You do not want this to happen, you have no idea how it might affect you, or others around you, you dont want to start lashing out at people who care, and who are trying to help.

Ways to vent your anger are;

Work out, sweat out all those emotions.

Have a little cry, just let it all out!

Talk to someone about how you are feeling and what your problems are.

Go for a walk, this helps to clear your mind.

Plan to do something you have always wanted to do, go to a destination, get a new job, start making plans.

Laugh, laughter is the best medicine! Spend time with your loved ones and just let go, let it all out.

Being Healthy;

A main key to happiness.

You might not think this makes a difference to your self, but being healthy can really help your well-being. By this i mean, by having a healthy body and a healthy mind, you will look better, and you will overall feel happier.

Eating junk foods can sometimes make you feel ill (not fun), they can actually make you have a slight high due to all the caffeine, which then brings you on a massive low..

Eating healthily can make your insides and your outsides feel so much better. You will live a longer, happier life.

Being Positive;

Being positive should be part of everyone key to happiness!

Its is inevitable that having a better mindset will impact on your life.

If you are someone who is negative, and looks at life badly, then that’s how your life is going to go..

Those who say they can’t, and those who say they can, are both equally right! – Henry Ford

My Dad tells me this ALL the time..

Its is easy to be more positive, just stop thinking about the bad, and focus on the good, have your glass half full, and not half empty! I promise, if you start looking at life in a happier way, you will feel a whole lot better.

Do what you love, and live what you love. Don’t care about what others are doing if it does not affect you, if it doesn’t not impact on your life whatsoever, stop stressing about it!

If you live stress free, you are nearly there.

Take Time For Yourself;

It can really impact on your mental health if you do not spend any time for yourself. You need to chill sometimes, and stop worrying about everyone else, and worry about yourself.

Sit down and watch your favourtie film, paint your nails, put on a face mask, and chill…

If you never sit and think about yourself, you will find that you are becoming way way way too stressed, your brain will simply overload, and explode (not literally).

Make sure you are also going to sleep at night at a reasonable time, if you are tired, you are going to be grumpy! There’s nothing better than waking up in your own cosy bed, feeling nice and refreshed!

Write Down Your Thoughts;

I do this all the time, and can promise you it works! If you have no one else to talk to, then a good way of letting out your feelings is to write it all down, close the book, and then its gone…

I have a post here that will explain more about self help -Self Help – Become a better you

Be Who You Want To Be;

Being who you want to be is a top key to happiness.

You will not be happy if you are trying to become someone else.

Most of the celebrities you aspire to be, don’t even know who they are, nor do they look like the did before fame.

Learn to be confident and love yourself, find your own style, look how you want to look, wear what you want to wear, and voice the opinions you have, even if they aren’t the same as someone else’s.

Why Its Okay To Feel Weird Sometimes…

Its okay to feel down sometimes.

I am not telling you that you need to feel happy all day everyday, it is simple impossible, we have our off days and that is totally fine!

Things happen throughout our lives which force us to feel a range of emotions that we just cannot hide, but we need to learn how to overcome this, and learn how to make yourself feel better.

It means we are emotionally stable, when we can express different feelings at appropriate times.

For example, you can feel stressed if you have exams, you can feel sad when someone passes away, you need that time to mourn, and you can feel angry when you need to, but only when you need to.

My Grandpap and I when I was a mini Charlotte! My key to happiness, one of them, is my family.


Like i mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is how and why i am happy.
I am not saying i have the best happiest life in the world, believe me, i have some moments.
But its all about trying to achieve more, find out what makes you happy, and go with it.
You don’t want to reach the end of your life, wishing you didn’t hate your it so much when you were younger, live for now, and live how you want to, not how someone else wants you to…

Thank you so much for reading.

Charlotte xxx

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