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My Morning Routine

(That I Sometimes Do)

We all need some routine in our lives,so here's my morning routine! Its not perfect, but it will do!

I was going to write a morning and night time routine in one go. But me being clever and never having any ideas on what to write, I’ll do them separate! So this is called my ‘sometimes morning routine’, because let’s be real. I don’t do this religiously every single morning of my life.  However, I try to do this most mornings during the week, when i have more of a routine at work, but at the weekends, i’m afraid it all goes out of the window…

I thought i’d just let you all know that, before you think it’s amazing that i do all this stuff every morning, or feel bad about about yourself because you shower, dress and go, which is perfectly fine, and efficient, if that’s what you want to do…

I am the sort of person who likes to have some time before work. It would stress me out to the max if i woke 2o mins before i needed to go, and only had time to brush my teeth… No. I need a good hour or even two. Some days i start work later than others, so i have more or less time depending on the day. But i still wake up at 6am every morning – Only snoozing if i really need to, and only for 15 mins (which is pointless anyway, you always feel more awake if you just get up on your first alarm!).

So here is my sometimes morning routine! –

Get Out Of Bed

We all need some routine in our lives,so here's my morning routine! Its not perfect, but it will do!

Maybe i should publish my night time routine first? Oh well – First things first! Make sure you are comfortable when you go to bed, take off your make up, and sleep in whatever you like, as long as its not the clothes you’ve been wearing all day…

Set An Alarm –

This is super important, for me anyway. Unless you are those people who can sense when they need to wake up… If i was like that i’d literally have nightmares about being late for work! So i set an alarm for 6AM EVERY MORNING – Even on the weekend. This is because the first thing i do before anything else, is take my temperature. Not for some random strange reason of just wanting to know how hot or cold i am. I’m trying out a new way of Birth control (maybe there will be a post about this in a year or so).

Initial Preparations –

I didn’t know what to call this step, but this really wakes me up. Also, it ensures that i do not curl back up into my bed, and fall asleep for another half an hour! So, the first thing i do, is open my curtains, and let in the light (unless its winter, its still dark at 6AM). In the winter i usually go ahead and actually turn on my side light, and wait for the sun to rise.
Then, whilst i am still in/on my bed, yes this is possible. I make my bed. Basically, i arrange my pillows first, then i pull the quilt up and manoeuvre around it and tuck it under my pillows, then i just get off and straighten it all up.

Phone (Trying to Avoid This) – 

I hate myself for being totally obsessed with doing this, but i always check my phone. In case i ever have any important messages (which i never). I then spend a few mins scrolling through social media. Totally pointless. I am slowly trying to stop this. So maybe don’t include this into your routine! I have added it because its honesty what i do. Every morning…

Get Moving

Now is the time to actually properly get out of bed, or off it.
The stage nearly everyone dreads, because it confirms to you that you wont be getting back in bed for possibly 12 hours, or longer!

We all need some routine in our lives,so here's my morning routine! Its not perfect, but it will do!


Drink Some Water –

I always have some water by my bed every night. There’s nothing worse than waking up with a dry mouth, desperate for a drink… So the first thing i do, is take a good drink of water, just to wake me up a little more, and hydrate. I used to wake up and hop out of bed, making me feel quite dizzy. Drinking some water before moving anywhere really makes it better. Below is a previous post about why you should drink water!

Water And Its Many Benefits – Body And Mind

Yoga Or Stretches –

Sometimes i don’t have enough time in the morning to do yoga, so i will do a few stretches. Still in my pj’s. This just wakes up my body, gets the blood flowing, and wakes up my brain! If i do yoga, i will spend maybe 15 mins to half an hour doing so. I might plan the night before to do Yoga in the morning, if so i will make sure my lunch is ready, and maybe make some overnight oats for breakfast so i don’t need to worry about prepping that either. I find that doing stretches in the morning keeps me awake for longer in the day, i have more energy, and i don’t want to get back into bed.

Tidy Up Any Mess –

This is not always necessary. But it means your room is tidy for you to relax in when you get home from work. I also just do not enjoy my room being cluttered, and full of mess from the day before. This might just mean putting some books away, hanging up clothes, or taking any washing out.

Whilst tidying, i sometimes write a list for myself, if i have any jobs i need to do when i get home. For example, coursework, blogging, taking photos, or anything else i might need to do for that day or week.


I try not to spend too much time here, it always helps if i prep lunch and breakfast the night before, therefore i have more time to chill out in the morning. Of course, cereal is super easy to make and takes about one minute…

We all need some routine in our lives,so here's my morning routine! Its not perfect, but it will do!

Make Breakfast and Tea

Sometimes i will just have a cup of tea first, if i am not hungry yet. Otherwise, ill go downstairs, put the kettle on, and prepare whatever i am going to have. Most mornings its cereal and some fruit, or porridge, or toast with Nutella, because Nutella is great on everything. I have a post here about how i make overnight oats – Which i must say, it is actually so yummy.

Easy Overnight Oats – Quickest Breakfast Ever

My tea of choice is either a normal tea  (English tea with milk?). Or i will have a herbal tea, usually green, or mint tea.
Whilst the kettle is boiling, i will make myself some lunch for the day, if  i was lazy and didn’t do it the night before!

Make A Smoothie –

Smoothies are great ways to get a lot of fruits and veg into your body. Drinking a fresh juice or smoothie in the morning is amazing. It gives you so much more energy, and also makes you feel healthy, and it is healthy! I don’t always have fresh fruits to use to make a smoothie, so i have a lot of frozen fruits that i use too.  Although it is so much better to use fresh ingredients.

I don’t really have a preferred recipe, i just add in a mixture of different fruits, if i have spinach i’ll add some of that, and i tend to use just water, or coconut water for the liquid. Milk can make the smoothie too thick, and not very refreshing to drink in the morning! Below are some smoothie recipes that i have already published and written about.

Super Green Smoothie – Kale Galore

Nutty Strawberry Smoothie – Refreshing Vitamin Booster

Build Up Banana Smoothie – Health Booster – THIS ONE IS MY FAVOURITE. It is quite thick and filling, so this could potentially be your breakfast, however, its called a build up smoothie because i drink it as an extra to help me gain weight.

Get Ready

Okay so this is the sad part, because its really for real now. You need to get ready to go to work…

We all need some routine in our lives,so here's my morning routine! Its not perfect, but it will do!

Shower, Bath, Wash Your Face etc –

I usually have to talk myself into getting in the shower, its a process i really find boring, and hate doing, but don’t worry, i do shower or bath everyday…
If i don’t need to wash my hair then i will tie it up into a bun on my head. I only spend around 15 mins in the shower, or maybe even less if i’m not washing my hair. I use my Magnitone brush and some face wash to clean my face thoroughly, and then of course everyone knows how to shower so i don’t need to explain that. I’m one of those people who dry themselves straight away, and i suggest this. The cold after shower feeling is very unpleasant.

This is the brush i use –

Oh i usually brush my teeth when i get out of the shower, if i have forgotten to do so whilst the shower is warming up!

Get Dressed, Do Hair and Makeup –

I try to have my work clothes set out ready for me to wear the next day, so ill pop those on, check i look moderately okay. Then ill move onto hair.

Depending on the state of my hair, i will either add a little curl into it. Or if its on its last day, (being washed that night or in the morning), then ill add a whole load of dry shampoo and plait it all back into a bun… No one will ever know my hair is an actual grease bomb underneath it all.

Next i do my makeup. Nothing too exciting. I nearly always draw on my eyebrows, and put on some mascara. If i look half deceased, ill add some concealer and some bronzer to give me life.

Welcome to my morning routine! Here is a picture of me drinking tea. As usual!


Yep, all done. Congratulations on completing your morning routine.

Now go to work, and repeat the same things the next morning!

Thank you so much for reading this post!

See you next time,

Charlotte xxx

Below are the previous posts i have linked throughout if you would like to take a look!

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Nutty Strawberry Smoothie – Refreshing Vitamin Booster

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