A Little List Of The Little Things In Life – How I Found My Blog Name

The Little Things In Life –
Why I Chose My Blog Name 

Here is a post all about the little things in life!

I dont usually post today, and this topic is a little bit different, but I thought it may benefit some of you, and hopefully a lot of you can relate!

So it is about time I posted a quick one about my blog name. I love reading about the meaning behind other peoples blog names, and how they found it. Here is mine. Also containing a little nice list of the little things in life that I enjoy. (So when I finished this post, I realised the list is not very little…)

Figuring out and finding my blog name was probably the most stressful part to creating it! It took so long, to find a name that was so ridiculously simple.

Back Story On How I Found My Name, Why I Chose It;

Right, my first thought was to turn to the internet, I searched and searched for fancy words, pretty words, colours, name generators, I followed loads of different steps, spider diagrams, lists, creating my own word, using foreign words…
None of it helped at all. I was going round in circles and coming out with really crap names.

Finally I stopped searching the internet, and reading blogs on how to find a name, and I just began to think about what I like. I decided what I like the most, was the little things in life! I then came up with Charlotte’s things, Charlotte’s little things, and so on, and all of them sounded a little bit wrong…

So I went to bed, still thinking about it, and I thought about the name Lottie, which can be a nickname for someone called Charlotte, I then realised that Lottie sounds and looks a kind of like little, and I added them together! SIMPLE and extremely frustrating that I didn’t think of it in the first place…

And there was born ‘Lottie Things’ A simple personal and lifestyle blog, and I loved the sound of it. I then bought the domain immediately, and changed my social medias so they all matched, and that was it!

My TOP TIP for finding your blog name has to be –

Do not over think it, it will always be something super simple. Don’t waste time looking for words or help, you will find it yourself. 

A Little BIG List Of The Little Things In Life


–  When its warm enough to not have to wear a jacket outside

– The joy when you go to get in your car and it has not frozen over night

– The smell of a new book

– The smell of a new game

– A perfectly poached/fried egg

– New mugs for tea

– Cute socks

– Buying new notebooks and stationary

– Putting the lid on a Yankee Candle and watching the wick burn out

– Fresh bed sheets

– Pom Poms

– Cool water bottles

– Hearing the rain on your window (although not wanting to go outside)

– Finding money in your pocket

– Eating the perfect and prettiest doughnuts with evenly distributed filling

– Waking up before your alarm and feeling good

– Waking up way before your alarm and realising you have a few more hours

– Turning your pillow to the cold side

– Not having to lick the lid when you open a Muller yoghurt

– Opening a new jar or tub of any kind of spread (butter is the best one)

– Being able to not wash your hair for an extra day because it didn’t get that greasy

– Unexpected discounts when you go out to eat or shop

– A fresh bouquet of flowers

– Making your own meal from scratch

– Taking a fresh egg straight from a chicken (we had chickens as children)

– The perfect cup of tea

– Waking up with fresh looking skin

– Driving on empty roads

– Having a mini Christmas when you get a new pair of glasses

– Free next day delivery

– Warm clothes from the radiator

– When it is still light when you go home from work

– Creating a playlist and listening to it on repeat

– Crying with laughter with no reason

– A clear blue sky

– Fluffy things


I COULD GO ON – this has now became a little big list, as I have gotten too carried away, again..

If you have any other little things in life you enjoy, please comment and let me know, I would love to hear.

Thank you for reading – I have called this the ‘Doughnut Of Life’ because life is round and colourful, just like this one… Cute.

The little things in life are the best, and finding your blog name is also really cool! This post is all about 'lottiethings' and a list of little things in life that make you happy.

– Charlotte


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Charlotte Dawson


  1. Charlotte
    1st April 2016 / 10:33 pm

    The smell of fresh cut grass (makes me sneeze but love the smell)

    The sound of birds during spring and summer

  2. 23rd April 2016 / 4:07 am

    It is always great to hear how others have found their blog name. Keep up the great work here and live unstoppable!

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