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I was first given a box of L’Occitane products for Christmas, and fell in love. There are so many things I love, the smell, I love the fact they use natural/organic ingredients, and the products also have benefits for your body. Making your skin smoother/clearer, and are not just chemical filled things to make you smell nicer. I have now got another set for my birthday, (thanks Sue) and I am really excited to use them, although I hate the thought of ruining some of them… (R.I.P Soap)

So today, the 31 of March, is my birthday! I was going to write a post about everything I received for my birthday, but that would be too long, take ages, and I haven’t got everything yet! So I decided I will do a few different posts. That way I don’t need to think of loads more #bloggerprobs…

Anyway, this post will show you what is in my L’Occitane box, and my first impressions. Unfortunately I cannot tell you where the box is from, because it is a gift, and I believe it was bought in America.


Thinking of buying a gift for someone, don't know what to buy for loved ones? Then this L'Occitane beauty box is the best.

So here is inside of the box, the hand cream is hiding, but it is in there! So first impression when opening the box was the smell, the amazing scent of Verbena – which is a plant which has over 250 different species ooooh. The smell is kind of lemony, and sweet, but not too strong, a smell you can tolerate for a while, and not get bored of. The yellow box is also a bonus, I  will be using this box even when the products are empty. Who doesn’t love a free box?

L'Occitane's Extra Gentle Soap is perfect for sensitive and dry skin, it also smells like heaven.

Here is a picture of the Extra Gentle Soap, I haven’t opened this one, but I had a smaller sample one. They all smell pretty much the same, and they all contain the organic Verbena extract. This soap also contains Shea Butter, which is amazing for your skin, my Mum actually uses pure Shea Butter everyday, and I must say, she has pretty good skin! Shea Butter helps to nourish your skin, and keep it moisturised.

This L'Occitane Candle is so soothing and calming. A must buy.

So this is the Candle, well the box containing the candle, I had a little chuckle to myself as it looks like it says ‘bogie’ when you first read it.. Of course it doesn’t contain bogies, nor does it say that.. It again contains Verbena extract. On the back of the box it reads –

“The elegant aroma of the Verbena Candle combines the fresh and citrus notes of verbena to create a convivial ambiance in your home, recalling the atmosphere of the markets of Provence.”

This L'Occitane Candle is so soothing and calming. A must buy.

This is the candle, I think it is very visually pleasing as it is small, plain and simple! You could also use the glass jar to create your own candle afterwards. It has L’Occitane embossed onto the jar, which is pretty. The colour of the candle is also just so lovely. I love the colour green, it just looks so fresh and will definitely match my bedroom! Once again, the smell is just a-may-zing.

Hand cream is an essential beauty product, especially if you are always on the go.

Here is L’Occitane’s Cooling Hand Cream Gel. My first impressions on this product is that it looks so nice, I would pick this up in the shop just due to its packaging, it is so simple and natural.

I of course had to try this product out to give a better review, I was intrigued by the ‘cooling’ part and ‘gel’ part. I thought this was just going to be a cream that again smelt like Verbena, which it does obviously.

When I put it onto my hand, it comes out as a cream, but it has a watery kind of texture, kind of like hand sanitizer where it slides around your hands. When I rubbed it all in, it also dried immediately which is great, you don’t get greasy hands at all. I feel like there is a sort of cooling sensation when you first apply it, I have no idea why this happens..

L'Occitane Perfumed Sachet is perfect for making your clothes smell even fresher, or your car, or anything you put it in!

The Verbena Perfumed Sachet, its sole duty is to make the area it is in, to smell nice. Which it certainly does, you recognise this as soon as you open the box. Supposedly you put this little sachet of perfumed plastic Verbena balls, in your drawers, so that your clothes smell nice. Although I think I might put this in my car, I guess that would work too? Some of the little pieces have fallen out, probably during transportation, but I haven’t had any fall out when holding it.

L'Occitane Organic Body Lotion is so soft and soothing, you will want to use it everyday.. I do!

And last of all, the L’Occitane Verbena Body Lotion. First of all, the bottle is very pretty, it isn’t this small, dont worry! Take a look at the first picture to see the width of this product. It is actually 250ml, pretty good right? Anyway, I love the creamy looking white colour, it looks soothing before I have even put it onto my skin. When applying it, the first thought was that it is quite hard to squeeze out to begin with. Probably due to the shape, and the bottle it is in is quite sturdy. But it does make your skin feel soft, and it smells so good.

And there you go, I won’t write anymore as this post is longer than I thought it would be!

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed, and are looking to buy yourself some L’Occitane products right now!
Here is the website if you want to take a look


Thank you for reading!

– Charlotte


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