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New Year Resolutions!

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2017 is finally over!
Wow, thank goodness!
First of all, I’m not sure why I feel like this. The prospects of having a better year in 2018 make me quite excited to sort of ‘start again’…

I did write a New Years resolution post for 2017, and looking back, I didn’t really hit any big ones…

2017 New Year Resolutions

2017 New Year Resolutions

Complete Fiction Writing AND Self Publishing by the Summer…

I mean, I completed my Fiction writing course. However, I completed it at the start of November, not the summer.
I haven’t finished Self Publishing yet, but I plan to finish that over the course of this year.

Blog Every Monday

I always give myself the goal to be a better blogger.
Now I am going to stop. It doesn’t help!
It’s not a goal I need, its motivation and inspiration.

Take WAY More Photos and Videos.

Taking more photos and videos is a rubbish one.
I feel like this was a ‘I dont know what to write, so I’ll write anything’ goal…

Sell All My Crap.
(Could have chosen a better word last years Charlotte)

Selling my stuff… HAHA. I mean, this is hard to do!
Over the course of this whole year i made about £200 selling old clothes, but that wasn’t the amount I was hoping for.
I will still be selling next year too, on depop, and possibly Ebay.
My depop account is – charlotteanndawson

Make Money Outside of My Job

Making money outside of my job didn’t happen.
I thought I would have finished my course a lot sooner, but I will be carrying that resolution on to 2018.

Get healthy. Gain weight. Exercise.

Getting Healthy and gaining weight…
I well and truly screwed myself over at the beginning of this year by having the depo provera contraceptive injection. Which has completely ruined my body. BUT hopefully it gets back to normal this year, now that I have a new Ninja Bullet – I can make sure im having all the nutrients my body needs to detox itself, and recharge. #notanadd

Get A New Hairstyle

I can say that I have done this! I cut all of my hair off, well to my shoulders.
Not a very fun goal though, I wont be setting this one again!..

Finish Writing My First Book by Christmas

Finish writing my first book by christmas HA…
I planned to take part in the NaNoWriMo, however, some personal issues came into play, so I had to put it aside.
I found that forcing myself to write a certain amount every day didn’t really work for me. It’s hard to force creativity, if it’s just not flowing!
I might try again this year, but do it on my terms…

2018 New Year Resolutions

Finally, here are the resolutions I am setting for myself this year. Some are the same as last years. I still want to sell my things, and I still want to write a book!
The biggest goal I have for myself this year, is so earn some more monies! (I really want a new laptop!)

Start My New ‘Writing/Book Blog’

I will be creating a post all about my new blog very soon! It’s basically going to be more focused on the subjects of; writing, reading and BOOKS.

I have recently created a new instagram page for reading, books, and writing –

Written By Charlotte Instagram (Books/Reading/Writing)

Be More Creative

This is kind of an open umbrella.
I just want to do more this year.


The same as last year, although, i hope to make more than £200…
I probably need to sell on different platforms, because, people on Depop are just frustrating sometimes? Anyone else agree? Ever had someone message you for two weeks about an item, then not buy it? And you’ve saved it for them and changed the price, the lot… In the end, they decide they haven’t got enough money.

Write A Book

I feel like this can happen this year. I have finished my course, I have more time. AND, I have an idea I actually like! I always start writing something, and rather than carry on being inspired by the idea, I tend to get bored of it. So if I am bored of my own book, then I guess the readers will be bored reading it.

Earn Money Online

I just want to be earning more. I dont want to be obsessed with money.
There’s just a few things I would like to save for.

Read More Books

This is a given.
I wanted to read a lot more in 2017. Instead I focused more on my course.

The books i’m going to start of reading this year, are ALL of the Harry Potter books. I am so excited!

Be Excellent at Yoga by the end of the year.

I mean, this is a bit ridiculous.
I might not be excellent, but I would like to be able to hold a handstand for a long time!

Play the Piano

I played the piano a lot when I was younger (in primary school), I even did an exam that I annoyingly achieved something like 98% on.
I have started using an app on my ipad to learn again.
It listens to the sound from your piano or keyboard, so you can actually learn whilst you play!

The app is called – simplypiano

Its free for a few sessions, but you have to subscribe and pay if you want to unlock more lessons.

Joy Tunes – Simply Piano




That is all! I think I have chosen some pretty reasonable goals this year? I’ll do an update further into 2018 to see how its going.

(I might add more if I think of any… Maybe)

Thank you for reading this post! Have a lovely new year, I hope you achieve everything you want!



Writing this post very last minute!


Charlotte Dawson

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