Night Time Routine – How To Have A Better Nights Sleep, And A Better Morning!

Wind Down At Night Time –

Get A Night Time Routine!

This post is going to be all about making sure you have the perfect night time routine in order to be tip top for the next day. It can sometimes be really hard to get ready for bed at night. Sometimes we hop straight in and find our selves lying there awake for hours! Well this post is going to help you wind down at night time and fix up your night time routine! I am going to share some of my top tips from my own night time routine. Hopefully they help you too!

I think it is really important to go to bed with a happy body and a happy head. By this I mean don’t go to bed after eating rubbish and don’t go to sleep mid argument with someone. That’s not good at all. Your poor brain will keep your mind awake and filling you with not very happy thoughts!
So sort out that situation and then you are ready to begin sleeping.

Also for no reason and no relevance to this post. I am typing this with my brand new iPad Air 2 how exciting! I just wanted to give it a try! There will be a more in depth post on the iPad Air 2 and why I chose to buy it later on in the week.


 Night Time Routine

It is important to have routine in your life, just so you know what you are doing and when. I have previously written a post on nighttime routines, you can find it at the end of this post.
So here we go –

Know What You Are Doing

I think your night time routine pretty much starts once you have had dinner and have decided you don’t need to go out anywhere. This is a good place to start, there nothing worse than getting into bed and realising that you have to go somewhere or meet someone. Once you have decided to stay in. Stay in. Remember it is important to eat healthily before bed, don’t stock up on junk food, your body will not like it and it will not digest properly, so just don’t do it!

Tidy Room Tidy Mind

The first thing that I usually do for my night time routine is make sure my bedroom is tidy. There is nothing worse than going to sleep with a messy room and having to wake up in one. Throw your rubbish in the bin and take down your dirty washing, I like to make sure my room isn’t hoarded with bottles or glasses, and make sure there is no left over food! Once your room is tidy, have your bed is ready too, I suppose it doesn’t make sense to make you bed if you are getting into it, I just hate having an ugly bed. Have your blankets ready, your cushions and whatever else you sleep with at night!

Get Clean and Cosy

Now is a good time to get properly ready for bed, so go and have a nice relaxing bath, throw in a bath bomb, put on a face mask, and chill out for a little bit, not too long though… Have your pj’s ready for when you get out of the bath, I like to put them on the radiator so they are nice and warm, it’s the little things! Also having new pj’s is a good feeling too! Oooh and new bed sheets! A key night time routine tip! Who doesn’t love being cosy?

Body Preparation

This is quite an important step you should have in your night time routine, beauty sleep and all that! So now your pj’s are on, make sure you have brushed your teeth so they are squeaky clean, I assume you have already taken your make up off and washed your face. But if not, get that done now! Put on any cream or moisturiser you usually wear, if not, start wearing some! You don’t want dry wrinkly skin! Have your hair ready for bed too, you should wear your hair in a protective hairstyle so that it doesn’t break or get damaged when you are sleeping. If you have long hair it’s a good idea to sleep in plaits or a bun.

Life Preparation!

Make sure everything is ready for the next day, your work clothes, lunch, bag, all sorts, just so you don’t need to stress about it in the morning, which is the whole point of a night time routine! It’s also a good idea to know what breakfast you are going to have the next day, this also saves time thinking about what to have!

And Relax

Put on some candles and burn some incense, this will really calm you down and get you ready to sleep. Try not to have any harsh lights on in your room, you want your eyes to start feeling tired, this happens when a room is dark! At this point I might write in my journal if I am worried about anything, or need to let out some thoughts, or simple write what had happened that day.

No Gadgets!

Avoid watching TV, or getting sucked into a new series. Try not to be on any kind of device like your phone either, this will keep you awake too!
The best thing to do before you sleep is to read, or listen to some soft calming music. I use Amazon prime music, to get this you simply need to sign up for Amazon prime you can do this from their Amazon website All you need to do is download the app on your phone or iPad, and off you go, create your own library for night time music, and you are ready to relax.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep 

Now hopefully by now your incense is burnt out, and you are feeling pretty sleepy. Do not fight the sleep!
Put down your book, get cosy, and go, go to sleep, you will be happy in the morning when you have had a solid eight hours sleep, not five!

Thank you for reading my top tips on having a night time routine! I hope this has helped, I kept it simple, so if you have any tips then please add them in the comments below!

Here is my first attempt at a really messy flat lay, this shows some things I use before I go to bed..


Charlotte x

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