November Update – Starting Again

Lottie Things Update


OH well look, once again, I’m just writing a random update because I haven’t blogged since AUGUST!
I have finished my fiction writing level three course, and now I have the time to blog again (and hopefully squeeze in some book writing too).

I thought the best kind of post to do, would be a little update, because I’ve been too busy doing other non important things (procrastinating mostly). Well, in all honesty, I’ve been stressing out, freaking out, and everything else, over all kinds of different aspects of life.
Its all good now.
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Where Have I Been…

So I’ve spent a really long time, going back and forth with even continuing with this blog. I wanted to created a whole new ‘nichey’ blog, solely for reading and writing, but I also wanted to add in some fun little lifestyle things too.

So all that time I spent thinking of new blog names, layouts, social media accounts, was a total waste, because here I am, back on Lottiethings, but I’m now going to be posting some more about books, reading, writing, and all that stuff, because that’s what i enjoy.

I don’t want to start taking this too seriously, posting at the same time everyday, and only posting about certain things. It takes the fun out of blogging.
However, I do want to start taking the whole blogging aspect more seriously; posting better content, keeping up with the community, sharing on social media, and all that stuff.

So yeah, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking, not doing, then getting upset about the not doing.

Writing and Self Publishing…

As I have already mentioned, I have finally finished my fiction writing course, and it actually took me a whole year.
I had planned for it to only take about six or seven months, but I was way wrong about how hard it would be. Anyway, its all done, I passed. Hooray!

Now it’s only the extra short course I also signed up for a year ago. Self publishing. I mainly got this course because it came with the fiction writing, and it was a good deal, aaaand I thought oh why not learn about self publishing? Sounds fun, right?
Who knows, I might be publishing some of my own ebooks soon???

I have completed my course with the Open Study College –
Click the link for their website if you want more information.

My Monthly Favourites

To round of this post, to make it a little bit more fun, here are some of this months faves!

1)Hot chocolate OBVIOUSLY –
Now that’s its getting freezing, its acceptable to drink them, ALL day.

2)Journalling with the Leuchtturm journals –
I mean, journalling altogether is just good for all kinds of reasons, and I’ll be doing a post dedicated to it soon. It doesn’t matter what book you write your notes, in, or even if you write on your laptop/phone/computer.
I think its important to just write a little something everyday.

OBSESSED! I love everything to do with stranger things, and for Christmas I want to have the whole of Nancy’s wardrobe.

4)The Sims 4 Pets –
I know, I know. I want to be an adult, but adults can still enjoy playing games!… Can’t they? I’ve played this game my whole life, I’m not about to stop getting excited about it just yet.

I have really started to enjoy poetry since jumping on the bandwagon for the ‘Milk and Honey book’, now I’m just obsessed with Rupi Kaur and love her.

Thank you for reading! I’m so looking forward to actually using my camera to take photos, and write tons of ‘good’ posts for you all to read…
Please comment below if you want to chat, or have anything to say! I will always reply.
See you in a few weeks for my next post (its gonna be a Christmassy one oooh.)



Drinking some chamomile tea because I’m currently feeling sorry for myself, and my health, and I need to chill out.


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