Nutty Strawberry Smoothie – Refreshing Vitamin Booster

Vitamin Boosting Nutty Strawberry Smoothie!

My last smoothie post did really fricking well, so welcome to another smoothie post, a nutty strawberry smoothie!

I love smoothies, they are such a good way to add in some extra vitamins to your body, and they are so easy to make, and you could probably make a smoothie with pretty much ANYTHING.

So for those of you who don’t really like fruit or vegetables, then smoothies or juices are a great way to consume these foods, you should be eating fruit and veg daily in order to live a healthy lifestyle and keep your body in tip top condition.

I decided to make a strawberry smoothie, because, well who doesn’t like strawberries?!

It then became a nutty smoothie, as I have added some walnuts into the mix, you could also add other nuts and seeds to your preference, this would add even more nutrients and vitamins.

The final product of the nutty strawberry smoothie. I've added a little strawberry on top to make it look pretty.

How To Make The Nutty Strawberry Smoothie

Of course the main ingredients for this smoothie is strawberries, and walnuts.

Feel free to mess around and add anything else you want to.

To make this smoothie there are two amazing appliances that I highly recommend, you can buy them here:

NUTRiBULLET Pro 900 Series

Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender


  • Strawberries – 7 (I believe this is a single portion?)
  • Blueberries – Small handful
  • Blackberries – 3 or 4
  • Raspberries – Small handful
  • Spinach – Handful
  • Walnuts – I crushed some up first, probably around 8.
  • Greek Yogurt – 3 Teaspoons
  • Water or Milk – I usually fill it half way to where to solid ingredients are. (Milk tastes nicer in my opinion)
  • You could also add some protein powder, oats, or coco powder to make it sweeter!

There is apparently a hierarchy of how you should put the ingredients into the device you are blending it in.

But I like to do things my own way!

Add in all of the ingredients, solids first, then blend!

Pulse the blender first to chop up the nuts or seeds a bit, then just go for it, you probably only need 40 seconds, a minute tops.

Voila –  a nutty strawberry smoothie!

Here i have added all of the ingredients into the nutribullet cup, ready to blend!

Why It Is Good For You

You obviously want to know the benefits of drinking this smoothie, and what the ingredients actually do for your body, so heres a small little list on why you should start drinking smoothies.

Of course most foods you would put in a smoothie would have positive health benefits (I hope you are having healthy smoothies!) But these are just the ingredients in this particular one.

Strawberries – 

Strawberries are amazing, I could eat them everyday, they are super sweet, and super good for you too. If you don’t like eating them whole, then adding them into this nutty strawberry smoothie, you will still get all that goodness!

All red fruits are good for your heart. Remember this, colourful foods are better foods! ( I don’t mean Neapolitan ice cream, that’s pretty colourful.)

Strawberries help to lower your blood pressure, and it also helps keep your blood healthy. You need healthy blood!
This means you have a lower chance of getting anemia (iron deficiency).

Raspberries – 

Raspberries can be a funny kind of fruit, sometimes they are sweet, other times they are sour. This is why I much prefer to consume them with other foods, or in a smoothie.

Contains the antioxidant vitamin C! Vitamin C is the best Vitamin, you should be in taking some of this daily in order to keep your immune system in tip top condition!

They have anti inflammatory properties, raspberries can help with pain linked to arthritis. People often drink raspberry tea to help with pain in their muscles, period pains, or for good female health, if you know what I mean.

Blueberries –

Again, blueberries can sometimes taste a little funny, eat them with Greek yogurt or blend them to get a nicer taste.

A handful of blueberries can fulfill your daily fiber intake, this can help with digestion.

This basically means you can poo easier, and not get a tummy ache.

Contains manganese, this helps with healthy bone development. Manganese converts carbs, proteins, and fats into energy, therefore your body isn’t storing every single fat you consume, which would mean you would gain weight, and have bad cholesterol… But you eat blueberries so no worries!

Full of vitamin C, this helps your capillaries remain healthy, by aiding collagen formation in the blood, once again reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.

Vitamin C also improves your immune system.

Blackberries –

I am personally not that keen on the taste of blackberries… Having them in a smoothie is much better, they can make this nutty strawberry smoothie taste quite bitter, so make sure you do add milk or more strawberries to blackberries to balance the taste out.

Blackberries contain antioxidants, these help to fight free radicals (bad things) in your body, which leads to, hopefully,  avoiding certain types of cancer, and giving you a longer life.

They are blood cleansing, and antibacterial, this can also help keep tissues in your body tight which helps if you have any bleeding. So if you get a cut, your body will rush and help it fix it sooner.

Helps with diarrhea (ew), and intestinal inflammation (belly aches/cramps), so these would also help when you are on your period.

Spinach –

I heart spinach, I will add it to pretty much anything. Its a key ingredient to have, especially if you are a veggie like me! You may think its weird to have greens in this smoothie, but you honestly cannot even taste it. (I don’t think so anyway)

Super high in fiber, this helps with digestion, and makes you feel fuller. You should be consuming fiber everyday to keep your digestion system happy… otherwise, you are gonna be constipated, woo.

Low in calories, but very high in nutrients. Bonus, especially if you are concerned about calorie intake, you need to still make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need. So add some spinach to your life.

Contains vitamins;
A (good for your skin),
K (bone health),
E (getting rid of toxins in your body).

Also high in protein and magnesium, again, if you are a veggie, you need to be getting all the protein you can.

Walnuts –

Out of the many different types of nuts, walnuts are probably the nicest ones. Try to eat a handful of walnuts everyday to get all the benefits. You can have any nuts you like in this nutty strawberry smoothie, just search the benefits first, and make sure you actually like them.

Walnuts contain the Vitamin B6, this helps the metabolism of protein, fats and sugars! It also stablises your mood, so if you have a lot of mood swings, you need more walnuts!

Walnuts help our cardiovascular system as they contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. They reduce cholesterol in the body, there for improving blood pressure. (I think pretty much every ingredient in this smoothie helps your heart..)

Walnuts can also improve your immunity, they contain a lot of antioxidants that help prevent you from catching illnesses. We should all be working to improve our immunity, nobody like to be poorly, high immune systems are good!

Greek Yogurt –

I love Greek Yogurt! It so nice, especially with honey, mmm. Greek yogurt and fruit were just made for each other, although it can be a little bitter on its own…

A great source of protein, great for us veggies! Greek yog can help keep you feeling fuller for longer. Try to eat greek yogurt everyday, its a great breakfast to have when you know its going to be a long busy day.

Contains calcium, for stronger bones, potassium, and Vitamins B6 and B2.

Greek yog is the perfect pre workout snack as it provides amino acids, so when your muscles are pumping, they can repair quicker. No more hating on the gym.

This plate contains the ingredients i have listed above, i like to cut them up first before i blend them.

 Why I Wouldn’t Supplement Meals With Smoothies..

I know many of you might supplement meals with smoothies if you are trying to lose weight, but I really do not think that is a good idea, and this is my own opinion.

I believe that your body needs solid foods, of course it does, we were made to eat solid foods.

That’s why we have teeth dur.

So drinking smoothies all day everyday will make you lose weight, but as soon as you eat solids again, you are likely to gain it all back again..

Out digestive system also needs some solids to work with! Your number twos wont be very nice if you are constantly drinking smoothies…

So that is why you should be eating real meals three times a day, and snacking healthily in between.

You can have smoothies to add extra nutrition to your diet, but not fully supplement, I would suggest having this nutty strawberry smoothie a couple times a week.

Thank you for reading, if you have any smoothie recipes on your blog I would love to see them,
please comment them below! I always reply.

Charlotte xx

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