Positive Vs Negative – Things To Remember

Today’s post is all about being positive, but also allowing some negativity to flow through.
I feel very strongly about this post, as i feel it is quite a touchy subject, our mental health and how we decide to view our lives and the world.
There is nothing more annoying than someone who tries to release all of their sadness and anger onto you, and equally as annoying is someone telling you to cheer up all the time, especially when you really want to just be alone with your moody Margret body/brain, and figure it out yourself.

The Debate – My POV (Point of View)

In this whole positive/negative debate floating around other blogs and social media, a lot of different opinions have been thrown around.

So here is mine – Have a positive mindset throughout your whole life. You will be happier. You will experience life in a new way, therefore finding brilliant benefits.

The Negative

My understanding of being negative (so you can relate to what i am trying to say) is that its an emotion you feel when your glass is half empty, not half full.
This basically means you are viewing your life as something less than what it really is. Your life is something pretty valuable, and you can actually do whatever you want with it, it is all yours.

You should not hate yourself if you are feeling negative. You should not hate yourself for expressing emotions you cant help expressing. Express away! Let all that negative energy out.



Cry if you need to. 

(Just do all of the above in the right places, if you start screaming on the bus, then well. Good luck)

I honestly believe that holding in all this sadness and anger does nothing for your mind. I don’t really know how some people can tell you that you need to be positive every single second of the day, that you should always be happy because how can there possibly be anything wrong going on in your perfect little life?…

Of course things are going to annoy you.

There will be people you have an extreme dislike to.

Some aspects of your life may very well be absolutely crap.

And that is fine, it is normal. No one has the perfect sheltered life, even those with millions in the bank, where they can pay their way through problems. They are not always happy.

To Summarise The Negative

Allow yourself to express, allow your body and mind to release bad energy.
Just learn to control how you do so.
Learn how you can feel better afterwards.
Learn how to not let whatever it was that turned you into a ball of fire, do it to you ever again.

Onto The Positive Side of Life

Now really, this is the side of life i would like to live on all the time, and have all of my family and friends over here too.

We have just talked about why that cannot always be possible though.

So instead of trying to burden yourself with the thought of ‘am i being happy enough for everyone else today’.

Lets think about being happy for YOU.

Why don’t we do things for ourselves? It is all well and good doing things for others to experience their joy and happiness, in fact it is pretty amazing helping others, and we should all take part in this, but sometimes, we need that back. We need the encouragement, and we need that happiness and joy four ourselves.

So here are things you should do, for yourself, to remember not to get dragged all the way down to the negative side of life, and to stay floating above water.
Allowing yourself to sink underneath, just for as long as you can hold your breath.

  • You are only having a bad day, not a bad life.
    I have no idea where this quote actually comes from, but my parents say it a lot, especially if i am being super moody.
    It is true though, tomorrow is a new day, move on.
  • You can say NO if you really want to.
    Sometimes we want to say yes to everything anyone asks of us, just to take the easy road, and to make them happy. If this thing you have accepted to do in fact makes you terribly miserable, you will regret saying yes. If you know you will feel/react this way, saying no is totally fine. You do not need to do anything you do not want to, not for anyone else in that matter. You are your own person, you have freedom.
  • Think about how much of a big deal things really are.
    If in reality, the thing you are getting upset about is no biggy, or it is something that can be fixed pretty quickly, then chill.
  • If you want to be angry, think about ways to express it.
    There are lots of ways for you to express an release your emotions, if you are feeling very strongly in some kind of way, be it happy or sad, then let it out! You may want to sing and dance, go for a drive or walk, or even take a few mins to yourself and listen to music or read a book. Just find your own thing.
  • Find some alone time for you.
    It is nice being surrounded by people you love all the time, but you need to be alone. You need to gather your thoughts, and get stuff done.
    Plan some a date with yourself, and do all the things you love to do. Have a nice relaxing bath, pop on a face mask, listen to some music and find some moments of calm.
  • Take a break from everything.
    If you are at work and are feeling like you want to drown, or run away… Then take a little break! I am sure it will be fine, nip off to the toilet and have a few moments to compose yourself, then return like a ray of sunshine.
    You could also take a break from any aspect of life – get off social media for a while, stop looking at depressing things on your mobile phone, switch it all off, and do something that makes you happy.
  • Treat Yo’self.
    You know, just go out any buy that fluffy pair of slippers you have been eyeing up for a week, just do it! It wont make you happy forever, but you will have a temporary boost?! The little things in life are those that matter most. So even if you treat yourself to an expensive bath bomb, hot chocolate, computer game? Do it.

There are many many more things you can do to remember to love yourself and your life. These are the few that sprang to mind immediately. If you do think of any more, then feel free to comment below i would love to hear your opinions on the matter!

Thank you so much for reading another post of mine – see you soon


Charlotte Dawson

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