Post Holiday Detox – Getting My Brain Back

Hello friends! Yes i am back from Mexico, and no i am not happy about it at all!

I need to be back on holiday right now, i am so completely done with it being cold, raining, or even having to wear a jacket!

I have decided to finally try and push myself back into blogging, so i am starting with a post holiday detox post! (What a mouthful) This detox post covers many aspects of a detox, not just drinking gallons of water…

Anyway, for anyone who has just come back from their holiday, we all feel the same, we all just want to go back! (Unless you have a really bad time, im sorry if you do…) I hope you enjoy this post, and maybe get some ideas to help you get over the fact you are sitting at home, wishing you weren’t!

So a little update on me, MEXICO WAS AMAZING…

The only downside was the food, we went all inclusive, so you may know that this can be quite boring after 4 days… And i think the food must be prepared differently, or something, because i was so poorly, my poor stomach…

But now i am home, i am trying to sort of re evaluate my life, and turn a new leaf. I also need to get healthy again, as i have been so lazy and so unhealthy for the past two weeks.

I have so many pictures of my holiday, and i have been posting them on Instagram, so i would LOVE IT if you could head over and follow me!

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Welcome back to my blog! Yes i am back from Mexico, and here is my first post.. This post is a detox post, we all need to get back into our lives when we come home, so read this post for some advice and tips.

Well lets just get into it now… Enough of me blabbering, i think its going to take a while to get back into this!

Post Holiday Detoxes 

I am not sure if detoxes is a word, but i want it to be, so it is now..

Body Detox –

Lets start with the health side of the holiday detox, the side that we all know and love. A detox of the body! Wahey.

So the food in Mexico, was not that great to be honest, i have no idea why, i mean it was nice food, my body just didn’t agree with it.

The first kind of detox i of course need to do is to sort out my health, and how my body is feeling.

I haven’t eaten or drank healthily for two weeks, and i can really feel it. I haven’t really done a proper workout in a while, i have pretty much lay on a sun bed the whole time…

Here is what i am going to do, to get my body and my health back into gear.

  • Drink tons and tons of water – In Mexico i may have drank a lot of alcohol, and fizzy drinks. Water will help my body flush its self out, and get rid of all this horrible bits, and also stop these headaches, and fix the jet lag!
  • Start my fitness routine again – I was just beginning to get into yoga! So now i am most likely going to need to start again. I was also weight lifting, so i need to start that before my muscles disappear ( i have none anyway).
  • Watch what i am eating – So i ate a lot of things on holiday that i wouldn’t usually eat everyday! A whole lot of bread, pasta, desserts! (The jelly was the best), I am going to eat more fruit and veggies, and there wasn’t many fresh ones to eat.

I think thats about it for the body detox, i mean what else can you do?

I do have previous posts on detoxing if you would like to read more about the different water concoctions that are super yummy, and super good for you.

Detox Water / Water Benefits

Mind Detoxing – 

This is my favourite kind of detox, even if i have made it up myself. A holiday is basically a major holiday detox, but you still need to clear your mind when you get home..

Detoxing your brain is amazing, it can really change who you are, and how you feel.

When you come home from a holiday, your mind is just not in the correct state to carry on living like normal! My brain is still sitting on the beach, drinking Coco Locos and reading my books.

Well now its time to snap out of it and move on, so here are a few tips on detoxing your mind.

  • Mediation – I guess this comes under yoga too, but mediation is so great at just relaxing your brain, and making you feel happy! There are a few breathing exercises i do pretty much everyday, especially if i am getting anxious or stressed.. I use the track yoga app on my iPad to help me.
  • Reading – I took the Rosie effect book with me on holiday, i am so bummed out that i didn’t finish it! I have also bought a few more books, and a new bookmark to encourage me to start reading again! Reading really helps to relax me, and i like to think of it as an accomplishment when i finish a book.
  • Doing what i want – This is quite a broad statement. By this i mean if i want to buy something, then i should. If i want to go somewhere, then i should, and so on..
  • Writing in my journal – I always used to do this. It really helps to release any anger that you have throughout each day. And it can help to express emotions when you might not physically be able to do so.

Key To Happiness


Thank you so much for reading my holiday detox post.

I really hope it helps!

I tried to keep it quite short and sweet, there are obviously many more things you could do.

– Taking a hot bath, with a bath bomb.

– Going for a nice walk.

– Listen to music.

– Curl up in a ball, in your duvet, and watch your favourtie films…

I love you all, next post will be on Monday. Hopefully… So stay tuned.


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