Re-Thinking My Health – Update On Me

Re-Thinking My Health – Whats Going On

Today’s post is of course going to be another update, as promised, although it might be a little bit later on, as i am writing this post at 7:45 on a Sunday evening… I have reasoning for my lack of posting, and as to why i have been slacking a little bit! Its not too deep, so don’t worry, i know it is titled re-thinking my health, but its just minor really… Lottie things is due an update so here we go.

There are two things that has been happening.

I am trying to figure out what i need for my holiday, being a major stress head is difficult when you are about to go on holiday for two weeks, 10 hours away from your home!

The second thing that is going on is the re-thinking my health situation. I have been trying to be healthy, trying to gain weight, trying to get fit for holiday. Those things of which i think i had been doing quite well at, until this weekend.

I don’t know how i feel about writing things that are super personal, or getting into things that i don’t think people will agree with. But this is an update, so i guess i need to be honest? (To an extent, i wont be telling you too much about myself..)

Lets start with the more serious one to get that out of the way, then we will speak about the more exciting thing.

Hello, welcome to another update post. I talk about re-thinking my health choices, and what has been going on with me.

Re-Thinking My Health / Life Choices

I am not going to go too far into this little bit, because i am not sure really what to write about it, but i feel like i probably should, considering i don’t really know what else to write in my weekly update!

So throughout the past few weeks, i have been trying so hard to get ready for my holiday, and to sort my health out.

I was underweight (think i still am), I have recently became a full time vegetarian, well its been since after Christmas.

And now i am thinking that it might not be a good idea for me to not eat any meat at all…

I went shopping this weekend, to buy more holiday clothes, and i felt fine! I had breakfast, i was feeling okay, we had finished in the shops and decided to go and get some food from the food court (lots of little fast food places in one room).

And it was SO fricken hot in there, the line for subway was massive, it took forever for the guy to actually make and give me my tuna salad sub.

So i was paying for my food, i then felt this sudden weird feeling in my ears, like a muffled sound, but the littler noises sounded so loud! For example, someone opening their food from the plastic wrapper, sounded so crisp and clear, but voices were muffled.. If that makes sense.

My eyes were going all blue, i couldn’t really see anything, and i was sweating from every possible place you can sweat from! I told Sean to quickly get my drink because i was going to pass out. I ended up basically lying on the table, and trying to stop myself from passing out, i felt sorry for Sean because he hadn’t seen this happen before, and i didn’t really want this to happen in front of all these people.

Now this has happened to be before, but this was before Christmas! A very long time ago, and it was due to a pill i was taking, this was changed and then i was fine.

But this was weird and i wasn’t sure why it happened. But now i think i know, well everyone else knows why.

I am not eating properly ugggghhhh.

Although i think i am, i eat healthy, i drink healthy, but i am still not getting enough. I didn’t think i would have to be re-thinking my health, for the 1000th time this year.

So this is where the re-thinking my health thing comes into play.

I think i need to start adding meat into my diet, i think i need to be having more foods, and being a little bit more chilled with what i am eating.

I am not dieting, i am not ‘fat’, so there is no need for me to cut out on some foods, like sugar and salt.

So there is the whole re-thinking my health, because i felt (still feel) quite strongly about being a vegetarian, but i think for now whilst i am trying to sort myself out, and be healthier, because i don’t want to be passing out because i am not getting enough vitamins, or nutrients in my diet.

It isn’t fun, its quite scary, and it makes you feel poorly for the rest of the day! In fact i still feel like poop right now.

(And to be totally honest, i had some KFC chicken whilst this was happening, and it tasted really fricken good, although i don’t want to admit that, and i wont be adding a regular KFC into my diet.)

I wont be adding meat into every meal. I think i am going to start having some maybe once or twice a week, but i don’t think i will be too happy about it.

I am just going to see if it makes a difference to me, and if not, then i wont eat it.

I just think my own health is a little bit more important at the moment.


Going On Holiday

Here is the second thing that is going on at the moment! I much more enjoyable story, and a much more happier situation! I am going to mexico wooo! In less than two weeks… Stress head alert!

There are so many things that i am worrying about, yet i know its going to be an amazing holiday, and i cannot wait to go! Although i will miss my family and stuff like that. I am really looking forward to going somewhere i have never been before.

So we are going in a group of six, Sean and i are flying out a day before everyone else, because we booked later than them, and it was cheaper!

The journey will be especially fun… 10 hours on a plane, with me! (Sorry Sean) I am going to hopefully sleep for most of it, and watch films.

I really don’t know how i am going to make this time pass quickly, i worry a bit, and them my anxiety kicks in, so i am obviously stressing about being stuck on a plane, not being able to get off, and having to sit in the same seat for a very long time.

I will be posting whilst i am away, not as often, but just so you know i am still here.

I think i have everything sorted, we just need to exchange our currency now, and print off all the documents we need. We have had injections, we have got insurance, and i think i have enough clothes… (I might buy some more things.)

I have bought a new camera! It hasn’t arrived yet, i had to order it online because it was out of stock in the shop, but it should be here soon, so i will do a little review post on that at some point. If you would like to have a look, this is the one i have purchased – Sony Cybershot HX60

I am hopefully going to take lots of pictures, and film lots of things whilst on holiday, so look forward to seeing that!

Okay so i have blabbed on for a while now, and this update it going to continue for the next few weeks! (Not really)

I will keep you updated on my meat decision, whether i do start eating it and how it makes me feel,
i will see if it makes a difference or not!

Thank you so much for reading,
i hope you have enjoyed my update! Don’t forget to share this post! And comment!

Charlotte xxx

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