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restart your body and your brain to get back to who you are.

Well hello, Lottie things is back… Finally.

I’ve decided to kick it all back off with one of my favourite things to talk about. Loving yourself, helping yourself feel better, and just all round being happy!

I was planning on getting a lot done during the week off, but it did not work out! I ended up getting ill once again, and basically not wanting to do anything at all.

Now i feel awful, i have wasted so much potential productive time doing totally unproductive things. I am telling myself it is okay, it was a break, and now i am feeling a whole lot better.

After being ill for the one millionth time this year, I have made some changes. I have some things planned in order to give me a healthier and happier life.

Because, well being ill is so draining and so incredibly boring…

Anyway, this takes us into today’s post –

Self Help

I know i have some previous posts on this subject here on Lottie things, but this is a topic that helps me with my emotions and how i am feeling. Hopefully it helps you too. I feel like this time of the year is the perfect chance for you to start re-evaluating yourself and how you feel.

Making changes that you think you need to make, especially if those things are making you feel upset, or not helping you at all.

For example, it could be as simple as the time you go to sleep.
If you do not get into bed until 2am then that is the reason why you are feeling so crappy, so change it.

I will be talking about what changes i will be making, and also little tiny things that may help you relax and get back to being you.

There are two important things about your body, that make you who you are and determine how you feel.

Your body and your brain. You may have a preference on which one is most important, but to me, they are equal.

I will talk about them both and how you can essentially ‘restart’ them in the most easiest way possible.

Don’t worry, i am not telling you to quit your job and move to the other side of the world, but if that’s what you want, then go ahead!

Restarting Your Body And Brain

Your Brain and your Body are equally important, to me anyway. This is why i have merged the two subjects together here, and written about them both.
Without one another, you would not be able to fully control them and fully relax.

For example you need to relax your body, to help relax your brain and you need to relax your brain to relax your body… few that’s a lot of relaxing.

Recently i have been feeling a little lost, and a little confused as to why i was feeling the way i was, why i was getting so upset and angry all of the time.

I am just telling you so you understand – I relate! I understand how you may be feeling if you are reading this post, and i understand how hard it can be sometimes. I am also here to tell you that it will be fine, it will be okay and that it just takes time.

Five Simple Life Changes – That Will Change Your Life


1) Breathing – Taking a moment to inhale and exhale slowly, can really help you calm down, and hopefully throw that panic or anxiety attack away before it gets a whole lot worse..

There are a lot of different breathing techniques you can do, i would advise searching for some meditation or yoga breathing exercises, and find one that helps you.

A couple of exercise i do are; –

Inhaling slowly through your nose for 5 seconds, and slowly exhaling through your mouth for 5 seconds. Repeat this 3 or four times.

One i learnt through yoga is holding your thumb over one nostril, inhale slowly, then block that same nostril with your little finger on the same hand, then exhale out of the other nostril, repeat this exchanging where you inhale and exhale.
Think about positioning your hand sort of like a pretend phone. I tried to explain i hope you understand!


2) Listen to some calming music. This sounds a little ridiculous, but listening to the sound of rain falling, or the sea swishing, is actually very relaxing, even if it makes you feel like you need to wee.

There are so many apps out there that have hundreds of soundtracks and meditation music, download some and see if they help you.


3) Reading and writing is very important to slow down your mind. I like to make sure that i always read, and i try to write in my journal/diary every night.

Reading is probably one of the most fun ways to relax and calm yourself down.

It is so easy to get so immersed in a book that you forget about your own life for a little while. Which is nice sometimes.

Writing also helps to let out some emotions that you physically cannot, or you wish not too. Just write down everything you feel, write whatever the heck you want.

You will feel so much better afterwards.


4) Exercising helps to keep your heart healthy and your blood flowing. In turn, helping your whole self feel amazing.

You do not need to run 5 miles every day, or even need to lift weights or be an absolute fitness fanatic.
Just try to incorporate maybe 20-30 mins a day of whatever form of exercise you want.

Try Pilates or yoga, because they are amazing, so relaxing, so focused on your body and your breathing, it just helps a whole lot.

I have just started yoga, and i felt so good after the first session! I highly suggest you try it. I follow Yoga With Adriene She is amazing, the videos are so easy to follow, and fun!


5) Sleeping recharges you, ready for the next day! It is so important that you have a good nights sleep, and that you get enough sleep.

No one wants to run off 3 hours sleep. In fact, i dont want to encounter anyone running on that amount, nor would i like anyone to meet me.

Try to get into a routine, sleep at the same time each night, and wake at the same time each morning. Make sure you at least get in 8 hours in order for your body to feel fully refreshed and ready.

I have a previous post here where i talk more in depth about getting a better night sleep – Night Time Routine – Better nights sleep


Thank you so so so much for reading, i deeply appologise for the lack of posts, i am returning!

Please comment below if you have any questions to ask me, or any suggestions.

Love you all xxx


Charlotte Dawson

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