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This is a little bit of a more serious post that I have been quite worried about posting so soon, its all about self help.
I think that if I had found a post like this when I needed it, then it would have helped me a lot.

Instead of having to learn everything by myself.

I am going to start writing about how you can also do self help, and become a better you.

Some of us may feel like we are ugly, due to our own self belief, or being told that we are by other girls, and boys…

We cannot be perfect, we might be ‘too big’ or ‘too skinny’ I know that when I was in school, I was way to thin. But there was nothing I could do.. I didn’t know what to do!

I went through most of school being shy, quiet, and lashing out at my friends or my parents.
Until I began sixth-form, and began to worry about myself, and my own mental health – I visited the doctors, and was handed a bunch of leaflets about who I can call or book appointments with. But I did not want to do any of this, I didn’t want to explain myself to someone else in the hope they might make me feel better for ten minutes.

This is when I decided to begin Self Help.

I struggled a lot when I was in school, with handling emotions and trying so hard to be happy, and impress everyone else. Especially found it hard the last few years of school, this may have been due to pressure of getting a job, passing exams, and keeping everyone happy.

I am not aware if my parents or family knew about any of this, because it was never their fault, and I didn’t think it was much of a big deal. Thinking about it now, it probably was a big deal, I managed to hide it and not really tell anyone.
I am quite proud of how I have became who I am today. I am much more confident, I have a full time job, I am not worrying what other people think.

Being A Teenage Girl Is HARD

Super hard in fact, and we should get way more credit for managing to get through it.
Here is why;

We have periods.

There isn’t much to write about this, we all know how much it hurts, how gross it can be, and how gross it makes you feel. But they are natural, we should all have them, and that’s the end of it.  There are hundred of posts all over the internet about periods and the different ways you can deal with it, but I am not an expert. You will learn what you should use, how to control it, and what makes you feel better. (Hot chocolate, and loads of blankets)

We have to deal with annoying boys.

We all know boys are awful, especially when we are teenagers. You probably friend zoned that one boy who was nice to you 24/7 , really liked you, and worshiped the ground you walked on, because you didn’t think he was good enough. Re think this please, don’t be with a boy because everyone else fancies him, or if he is an idiot – not a good move.

Not all boys are idiots though, and we know this, I know this. It just takes a while to realise! I didn’t have great relationship with boys in school, so thankfully, I didn’t experience anything too bad, because I kept myself to myself most of the time.

We have to grow up, too fast.

Girls now are so bothered about what clothes they wear, how their hair looks, and what brand of makeup they have. When I was younger, I passed for being 12 until I was around 15! I never cared about make up, and hair my hair looked. I did care about clothes, because this is something ‘important’ to teenagers. But does it really matter if you have the same pair of shoes as your friends because they are apparently fashionable. No, no thanks I will not be buying those huge chunky trainers you have. I do not like them.

Girls can be horrid. 

Really horrid actually. There are so many girls bringing each other down. This may be because they think they are ‘ugly’ or they just dont act the same way as them. Girls hold grudges way too easily, and it takes a long time for trust to be built back between them. I think this is something everyone experiences though, and should experience, I think we learn a lot of social and emotional skills when we are in school, they we will certainly need when we grow up and leave.

It is a good life lesson – Learn to not care about others, learn to love yourself, most importantly, understand who are your real friends, and who you should ditch. (This helps a lot, fall out with your friends all the time? Make new ones!)

Sometimes we can be fortunate and have the best friends that anyone can ask for, whether these are girls or boys, these are the friends that help you get through school, and give you a positive experience.

What Is Self Help?

Self help is when, you find ways on how to make your own self better, they ways a doctor may tell you might not be for you. Remember they give you a few tips that they give to everyone, and we are all different, so of course they aren’t always going to work.

I began to search the internet to find different ways I could help myself. Without having to end up speaking to a stranger for a few weeks about my problems. I found hundreds of ways, and stuck to a few that I found had made a difference.

I’m not going to post all of them today. I will keep you updated with more, otherwise this post will go on for pages and pages and pages. I also don’t want to overload you with information.

Today’s Tip On Self Help

Write in a journal!

This is honestly my top tip on how to begin self help. Its what worked the best and the most for me. I have around 5 full journals. I wrote in them everyday. Writing in a journal feels like you are telling someone how you feel. And they will never tell anyone else. Once you have released it and it is out of your brain and mind. Then you will feel better.

I would write anything;

  • What happened that day.
  • Why I was upset.
  • How I felt about myself or someone.
  • What I thought I could do to help – this mainly consisted of moving to Australia. This never happened obviously, but it was a nice thought!
  • I would even draw mandalas, or other pattern pictures.
  • I made up my own stories and scenarios that were happy and nice.


 — Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy you — 

Feeling down, and upset. Are you finding school hard? Read this post all about self help.


Thank you for reading my post on self help, I do hope it has helped you.

Charlotte xxx

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