SNOW DAYS // Top Tips For Winter and Christmas

Winter + Snow = CHRISTMAS?

As you may already know, we have had TONS of snow here. Which is so exciting because it’s also nearly Christmas!
The most snow I have seen since forever. (A lady walking her dog told me it’s the most snow in seven years! *apparently*)

On Sunday morning, we woke up to around five inches of snow, and it was still snowing all day. I was in a bit of a pickle because I wasn’t at home, and had not packed for this kind of weather…

After layering clothes upon clothes, we went outside with the kids and played in it, obviously. We made a snowman, had snowball fights, and got covered in freezing cold snow, and lost the feeling in our fingertips.

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Then on Monday, the school I work at had to be closed. I had a whole entire day off, to be productive. As you can guess, that didn’t really happen… I mean, I added stuff to my todo list, once I had actually done something, so I felt more accomplished #relatable…

I wrapped some Christmas presents and posted a depop parcel (if you want to shop my depop -charlotteanndawson), I took some, well, tried to take some, photos of Jasper in the snow, and I bought a present for my mum.

Now today, Tuesday, its another Snow Day! I knew it.  I was finally notified this morning, with one leg in my tights, mid getting dressed. So now, I vow to myself, to get proper things done today, considering I still woke up around 6 am…

Top Tips For Winter/ Christmas

Here are my top  tips for surviving the cold weather;

  1. Have the essentials
    – Hat, scarf, gloves, thermals, thick woolly tights, big puffy coat.
  2. Take some vitamins!
    -This might just be me, but I take vitamins every day, because no one likes to get ill, especially near Christmas.
  3. Don’t pick up yellow snow.
  4. Give yourself time to de-ice your car
    –  My car literally freezes up again as soon as I drive, if I haven’t removed ALL of the ice.
  5. Always have more than one pair of socks.
    – In case the ones you are wearing get wet!
  6. Walk flat-footed to avoid slipping on ice. –
    – OR, just look where you are going, and don’t walk on ice…
  7. Don’t put freezing cold hands under boiling hot water.
    – It hurts. Just wait to warm up a bit first!
  8. Drink lots of warm drinks. –
    I know you are supposed to do the opposite, but I would rather have some tea, than a tango ice blast.

Here are my tips for Christmas;

  1. Only buy presents you know the person will use!
    – I’m really bad at this, it’s nice to go crazy and buy all kinds of random things, but does the recipient really need a teapot? Unless they asked for it?
  2. Although you don’t want to, check your bank balance.
    – Don’t go overboard if you haven’t got the funds… I know I stress out when I haven’t paid attention to how much I’m spending, then check my account, and it’s literally crying.
  3. Wrap as you go
    – Just get it done, oh and don’t forget to label…
  4. Eat whatever the hell you want.
    – It’s Christmas for goodness sake, not the end of the world. Just the end of the year. If you’re really upset about having three Yorkshire puddings, instead of the one. Relax. Its the new year new me season soon. You can work it off then.
  5. Christmas is a time to think about others, and give, and whatever else it may mean to you. But don’t forget to think of yourself too. Don’t get too stressed, you don’t have to drink alcohol, you don’t have to buy millions of presents because someone else has, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do!
  6. Finally – Remember to enjoy yourself! Its all over soon, and the new year will be here in no time, so eat rubbish, love yourself, and everyone around you.

Thank you for reading this post!

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