Staple Wardrobe Items – Trusty Items I Will Always Love

Staple Wardrobe Items I Will Always Need

Here I am going to list the staple wardrobe items I believe that I will always love, and that everyone needs.
(My header image looks like i’m looking at my own post oops lol)

We all have those trusty clothes we always revert back too, purely because they are so comfortable and you can wear them with anything! These items are probably really boring, but they are very flexible, so I can wear these items in any weather, and any time of the year.

So maybe these might not be your choice of staple wardrobe items, you may have different ones.

If you have any items of clothing you cannot let go of, then please comment below and let me know what they are!

So here we go…

Trusty Staple Wardrobe Items

I have tried to sort of add a few items in one picture, otherwise this post would be full of rubbish outfit pics.

So read the descriptions and hopefully it will explain what I trying to show you..

My photos are only taken on an iPhone so I apologise for the not too good quality…

Long Woolly Cardigan

I chose to add this because it’s such a simple item that can change any outfit. It’s so useful when it’s just not warm enough to have your arms out, and it’s long enough to cover the length of any dress and skirt.

This one is actually from Primark, I bought it so long ago so i’m cannot remember how much is was, of course it wouldn’t have been much.

I prefer to buy black or grey cardigans as they go with anything, this is probably boring, but I like things to be convenient.

Thick Fleece Lined Tights

I always wear fleece lined tights. Why?

Because they do not get holes in! Honestly they are indestructible (not quite), the only annoying this is they get bobbly after a while, but they are so cheap, and the ones from Primark are probably the best, and they only cost about £6.

Staple Wardrobe Items are important! They make it so much easier to dress everyday, and find clothes to wear.


Cardigan – PRIMARK (Unfortunately they do not have this one anymore)

Fleece Lined Tights – PRIMARK 

Trusty Button Up Shirt 

I will always love this staple wardrobe item. I think I take this shirt with me everywhere, and wear it whenever I feel like I want to be cosy, or change up an outfit if there isn’t much colour!

My one is from Topshop, again I bought it years ago, I think I actually got it in the sale for around £20! And it was so worth it, especially when you are travelling its good to throw over anything to cover your arms, and add extra comfort.

Thick Leggings

This is just a staple wardrobe item that every girl should have. My personal favourite pair and only pair I like to wear, are from H&M. They are like extra thick and not very stretchy, which is good because you don’t get a baggy bum or baggy knees (pet hate with leggings and trousers!)

These ones from H&M also stay black! Its so annoying when they fade in the wash, but as of yet, these ones are still as black as when i bought them… Highly recommend, again I bought them ages ago, but I think they only cost under £10.Staple Wardrobe Items are important! They make it so much easier to dress everyday, and find clothes to wear.


Button Up Shirt – TOPSHOP ( Not the same shirt, but one similar!)

Leggings – H&M  (Similar ones)

Denim Skirt 

My denim skirt is from Topshop, and I wear it ALL the time!

I wear it all year round, with anything.

Definitely a staple wardrobe item you need. It looks so simple, so 70’s with the button down front, which don’t worry, never comes undone easily, or does up easily for that matter, it’s quite annoying!

I always go to wearing this skirt, pretty much every weekend, you can wear it with anything, this makes it one of my staple wardrobe items!

Black Turtle Neck

I added both these items in one, I have also worn the turtle neck with the midi skirt!

It simply goes with anything, and you can wear it in so many different ways.

I like to wear it underneath tops with shoulder straps, or short sleeves, it can add an extra layer of warmth in the winter.

Once again, it is black, I always wear and buy black, which many people hate, I like it thought, it goes with everything, and looks so effortless.

Staple Wardrobe Items are important! They make it so much easier to dress everyday, and find clothes to wear.


Denim Skirt – TOPSHOP (Even better than mine, this one has pockets!)

Turtle Neck Top – NEW LOOK –
Couldn’t find anything like mine in New Look, so here is one from TOPSHOP

Black Midi Skirt

Probably my favourtie item.

This is a must when you are stuck on what to wear, when I am going on a night out, this skirt will always be an option! No matter what, it goes with anything.

My one is from H&M and I think it was £25. I got this literally years ago, it still fits, and still looks as good as new.

Its a full pleated heavy skirt, so it is lined, and feels quite heavy! But this makes it a whole lot warmer, and it also feels like such good quality, and it wasn’t even that expensive.

Staple Wardrobe Items are important! They make it so much easier to dress everyday, and find clothes to wear.


Black Midi Skirt – H&M (No longer available) Here is a similar one from ASOS 

In these posts I also wearing the other loves of my life – Dr Martens!

You can find them here –



So there you go, my staple wardrobe items!

Please comment below and tell me what yours are!

Thank you for reading

Charlotte xx

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Charlotte Dawson


  1. 24th April 2016 / 12:09 am

    Those are some nice staples dear. I really like the denim skirt. U have given some great ideas to build a wordrobe with basic needs. Great post dear !! would you like to follow each on Bloglovin and other social media 🙂 x

    • 24th April 2016 / 10:05 am

      Thank you so much! I love the denim skirt, its so easy to wear!

      I have followed you on bloglovin xx

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