Stress and Anxiety Relief – Why Burning Incense Is Wonderful

Burning Incense To Help With Stress And Anxiety

Burning incense is just one of many things I do to release stress and anxiety, and it really does work (as well as making your bedroom smell a bit nicer too).

I do occasionally suffer with stress and anxiety, but I now have more control over it than I did when I was in school and studying.
I have researched and learnt a lot of new ways to help myself feel happier, and less anxious.
Of course we all have days where we are going to be stressed – But this is one way to help you wind down at the end of the day to ensure you wake up to have a better one.

Becoming A Happier Person – How To Burn Incense

My favourite at the moment is either Ylang Ylang, or Rose, you can buy these online, or in an aromatherapy shop, or stall, where I live there is a stall in a shopping center which sells all kinds of wonderful things.
They are also very cheap to buy, They range from around £2 – to maybe £6 at the highest, if you bought a bigger packet.

To burn incense you will need an incense holder, obviously, you can buy these from the options I said above. You can get some to stand the incense stick upright, or horizontal in a fancy wooden box – which is what I use.

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How Burning Incense Can Help With Stress/Anxiety –

  1. It can help to unwind and relax your body and mind.
  2. When meditating, it gives you a nicer calmer environment, and stimulates sense of smell.
  3. Different scents give you different benefits – for example Ylang ylang relaxes your senses and helps you to sleep better at night by soothing your mind.
  4. I personally burn incense when I am working at home, I feel as if it motivates me, as my mind is not focusing on anything else once I am in a relaxing environment.
  5. When I write in my journal, I like to burn incense to give me a happier mind.
  6. Overall, it is very very very soothing, relaxing, and really helps you sleep at night. Good sleep = happy human.

So there you go, one way to become a better, positive and happy person.

– Let me know if you burn incense, and which one is your favourite.


Charlotte Dawson

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