Summer Achievements – What To Do For Yourself

Why To Make Summer Achievements 

I love love love writing ‘what to achieve’ posts. I think they are so fun, and also help you to figure out what you need to work towards! So this edition is all about summer achievements, i will be giving you a sort of detailed list of the different things you might like to strive to complete or do this year, especially in the summer.

Its easy to give yourself yearly resolutions, but monthly ones are even better, you wont get bored, and you are more likely to achieve them!

Summer is such an exciting time, the weather is getting warmer, clothes are way more fun in the summer, you can eat outside, and you don’t need to wear a jacket!

Some of us unfortunately are working over the holidays, so it may not feel like summer, just pretend!

You can still have fun at the weekends, or your days off, you just need to make sure you make the most of this time.

If you are going away on holiday in a few weeks, then that is definitely something to look forward to, i know i am!

It is great to have little things to get excited for, or look forward to, otherwise you will be bored of your samey same life. Arrange a holiday in your own country, or even abroad! Go for a few days, or maybe even a few weeks, just explore the world, because now is your chance.

We all need to set ourselves more targets and achievements, summer is nearly here so why not now? Read this post to find out what achievements i am setting for myself, and why.

Summer Achievements You Can Make

Its important to have things to work towards, so why not have some summer achievements on your list of to do’s this year.

You might be able to do more in the summer due to the weather being better, and also your mood, who isn’t happy when the sun is out?!

Now these are only a few things that i am going to do, and that you can do to. But of course, feel free to make your own, or change these ones! Now i know there is a lot, but you could just do maybe two or three.

Once you have achieved something, you will feel so accomplished, and ready to start the new year, with a new mind set, or even a new skill.

First – Fix up your living space.

By this i mean, instead of having a spring clean, have a summer one too.

No one likes a messy room, hence why this is on the summer achievements list. If you have allergies, like hay-fever, its good to give your room a good clean, get rid of all that dust, and all the clutter.

Having a clearer space, gives you a clearer mind, and we need that more than anything over the summer, in preparation for the new year. (September if you work in a school like me)

Second – Think about what you are eating.

Start looking after your body more, and fuel your body correctly. When it gets to the summer, we all go into panic mode, we all thought our bodies were a bit fitter than what they really are… But we know why.

You have probably been snacking, or drinking the wrong things, you might have not been doing your work outs when you should have, because its cold and you just want to get into bed. Well fix up now!

Eat healthily, and your body will change too.

A link so a previous post on food, in case you need some help… –  Veggie Food Ideas

Third – Get the body you want.

Go out there, and get fit! Especially if you are going on holiday, get that bikini body YOU want, not any one else. Remember, it is your body, and you have your own version of a good bikini body.

Although this kind of links with the second on the list for summer achievements, you need to eat healthy to get the a healthy body. Once you have started eating better, you will notice a difference and your holiday body will soon be ready.

Remember to do your workouts, if you have an app that helps you, set a reminder. My yoga app pops up and tells me “its time for some yoga” I get off my butt and start doing it straight away.

Your workouts don’t need to be hours long, just 15 to 20 mins a day is enough (as long as you are eating correctly).

Here is a post about being happy in your body. – Being Healthy = Body Confidence

Fourth – Take up a new hobby.

Hobbies are super good, especially if you are going to be having more free time, make the most of it! I am hopefully going to get the sowing machine out, and start to make some clothes!

Every second of every day counts, so why not use up all your free time learning something new? Something that you enjoy, or you have always wanted to do.

You might have always wanted to play the guitar, or even learn a new language.

Now is the time to start! This time next year, you could be a pro.

A hobby that i started at the beginning of this year – Exercising More – Taking Classes

Fifth – Take each day is it is.

If it is raining, fine, figure out what to do inside, or have a lazy day!

If it is sunny, then get outside!

Everyday is a new day, and a new start.

If you are someone who likes to plan ahead (like me) then this is fine, you can do that. But when it is the summer, you never know what you are going to do, you might get invited to a last minute party, or you might even be poorly! So learn to take each day in your stride, and make the most of what opportunities you have.

If the day you have just had was horrible, then do some yoga, have some chill out time before you go to bed, and tomorrow will be better, if you make it better.

Sixth – Arrange more plans with family/friends.

It is important to spend time with those you love, and the summer is the best time to do just that! Have a BBQ, go for a picnic, drive somewhere for the day, the choices are endless!

I understand that when its winter, and it gets dark early, and the weather is gross, you want to curl up in a ball and stay inside for a few months… (agree?)

But now, it doesn’t get dark here in the UK till really late, so you can stay outside for longer, and soak up all that vitamin D!

Spending time for your family and friends can help keep you busy, and you hopefully wont get bored. So many memories are made over the summer, so make sure you make them with someone who will remember then as well.

Seventh – Last but not least, do whatever the hell you want.

If you want to stay in all day and play the sims, then fine! I know i will be doing that sometimes, just dont become a hermit, no one wants to be one of those.

You control how your day goes, okay there may be some minor factors which may change it, buuuuuut, if you are being positive, you are being happy, then that is just how your day is going to go.

If you wake up in a mood, and are being negative about absolutely everything, then your day is going to be really fricken horrible, and its your own fault, not just because it was raining…

We all need to set ourselves more targets and achievements, summer is nearly here so why not now? Read this post to find out what achievements i am setting for myself, and why.Here is a cute picture of my dog, sitting in the sun, enjoying his easy life.

Thank you so much for reading.

If you have any other summer achievements then please comment them below, i would love to read them!

Charlotte xxx

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