Sunday’s Roundup – Getting Holiday Ready

Now we are all jetting off on holiday, we need to be holiday ready. Read more about what i have been doing with week.
Once again, i have been really rubbish at posting this week, i know, i need to be more committed. But i have reason! I am trying to get holiday ready, I am not very good at organizing my time, and working full time doesn’t help this blogging thing either… I was going to post yesterday, but i was trying to chill out, and finish getting blog posts sorted for when i am away.

UPDATE: Still not holiday ready.

So this getting holiday ready malarkey is quite stressful when you aren’t going away with your parents anymore, they used to sort out everything!  They used to do the packing, PAY FOR IT, get the important things done.
Although i have been on holiday quite a few times with out my own parents now, there has always been other adults that can take all the responsibility. So each time i am fully on my own, i need to get ready in my head too.

You need to book the holiday.. On your own ( i guess your parents could help), you need to find a suitable area, the right price, select the right airport.

You need to pay for the holiday.. With your own money, so this means saving for the holiday, and spending money, do not forget about the spending money, oh and all the money you are going to spend on new clothes and things to actually take on holiday… Jeez this is expensive.

You need to pack for the holiday… I will be asking my Mother to help me do this, otherwise i will panic, and i will pack one million times before i am totally satisfied that i have not missed anything.

You need to do all the scary important things for the holiday.. By this i mean, sort out paper work. So you need your passport, boarding passes, e-tickets, insurance, aaaah.

And you need to travel on your own, by this i mean with out someone you would rely on like your parents.. (Not that i dont rely on Sean, but you know what i mean)

So after you have came to that realization, you can really get holiday ready, by yourself.

I think because i always go to Spain, for a week, its so much easier. It isn’t far from home, i understand the currency, i can pack easily for one week, and the flight is a breeze. Now that i am going to mexico, i am freaking a little, i have no idea what the currency means, i have no idea how much to pack for two weeks, and its so much further away!

So yeah, that’s what this week has been all about, preparing mentally and physically for my holiday.

I have all my clothes i need, i only need to get a few more essentials.

We bought the currency this weekend FINALLY, and now i just need to pack, and re-pack, and pack again. Just to be sure.

Now that i have no money, i am looking forward to saving it for a few weeks! Wahey!


Besides Getting Holiday Ready – What Else Has Happened?

Now i really do not have a super exciting life, especially not at the moment! But here is what else has been going on this week, things that are only slightly interesting.

Also this weekend, Sean and I went to Las Iguanas, which was so nice! Probably nicer because they have 25% student discount…

I ordered this mocktail (non alcoholic cocktail) I cannot remember what it was called, but it was a Ginger lemony drink, and my gosh, it was amazing, so refreshing, i could have drank 10 of them.
I also ordered a chicken ciabatta thing, because yes i am eating meat again to see if it makes a difference to my health, as likewise to last weekend, i have been quite poorly again!

I cut my fringe again, i got home from my break on Friday, and realised i looked a little bit dragged through a bush kind of look. Because i wear glasses, its even more annoying as i like my fringe to be above it, not under it…

So i got out the comb and the scissors and chopped it off!

Despite telling myself that i wanted it long so i can tie it back when i am on holiday… Since i have had a fringe, i don’t like my face without one! It also hides all the weird baby hairs i have at the front of my hairline.

I don’t have a picture of my hair. but i am sure you will see loads in the future, as it is not going anywhere for a while..

I do have a post about the first time i cut my fringe, so take a little read if you want to be brave and do it yourself! – So I Decided To Cut My Own Hair


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