We all need some routine in our lives,so here's my morning routine! Its not perfect, but it will do!

Lifestyle – My Sometimes Morning Routine


My Morning Routine (That I Sometimes Do) I was going to write a morning and night time routine in one go. But me being clever and never having any ideas on what to write, I’ll do them separate! So this…

Here are my random favourite things. From clothing, to candles, these can also be great gift ideas for anyone you love. Get cosy, and relax with this candle holder.

My Little Favourite Things – A Bundle Of Randoms


Little Favourite Things – Random Crap Welcome back to Lottie Things, here’s a brand new lifestyle post, all about the little favourite things I am loving at the moment. These posts are super nosy, and weird, but that’s why I love…

How to boost your mood with some 5 easy steps.

How to Boost Your Mood – 5 Easy Things You Can Do


How To Boost Your Mood Welcome back to another Lottie things post, i’m getting good at posting every Monday now… I am in the process of updating the whole site, im aware its looking kinda bleak over here. Fingers crossed…

It is important to have a clear out here and there. So lets de-clutter our bedrooms and get ready for the summer!

How To De Clutter Your Room! Summer Clean Up


Hello! Welcome back, I know I have been pretty pooey at this whole blogging thing recently. Well now I have actually bought myself a new fancy computer. So I will be blogging a whole lot more frequently, and hopefully be…

When you come home from your holiday, you need to get your brain back into gear! Read my post on post holiday detoxing and see what i am doing to get out of holiday mode!

Post Holiday Detox – Getting My Brain Back


Hello friends! Yes i am back from Mexico, and no i am not happy about it at all! I need to be back on holiday right now, i am so completely done with it being cold, raining, or even having…