The Sit Ups and Lie Downs of Being A Dog Owner… woof.

The Reality Of Having A Dog

This post is going to be all about what it is really like having a dog, if you are planning on getting one, or trying to convince your parents to let you.

As someone who loves ALL animals, I of course had to post about my own.

Throughout my childhood, my brother and I have gone through having all different kinds of pets, which is good, because I believe that it is a huge learning curve for children to understand the life of an animal, and how to care for them, and sadly, the death of them too. (Tell that to your Mum, its a very good point!)

Our Little Family

Jamie and I now have two wonderful little doggies! One of which we adopted after previously being sent back to the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) three times by different owners!

We decided to bring Bailey home because my Dad fell in love whilst we were trying to convince him to let us get a dog. Win win.

Bailey is a mixed breed, we have never been 100% sure of what he really has in him, but we know there is a little Shar-pei, a little Corgi, and maybe some others.

Charley is our other dog – he is a pedigree black and tan Cocker Spaniel, who my Mum secretly bought from a friend, but it was not a secret for long, because she tells me everything! The day we went to pick him up was the cutest day ever, I could hold him in one hand he was so small.

The Following Are The Ups And Downs Of Having A Dog

  •  Where ever you go in your house, they will be there… Going to the toilet, having a bath, eating dinner, in fact especially when eating! Waiting outside your bedroom door for you to move.
  •  When you leave the house and look back to say goodbye, they look at you like you will never return.
  • Dog hairs, no matter how many times you hoover or brush it off, dog hairs will be everywhere. Inside your bed, (although I dont allow them in my bed!) Clothes, as soon as you put new clothes on, dog hairs automatically appear! Food and drinks, I know, gross.
  • Barking as soon as they hear any sound or movement outside of the house. Very annoying! Also, they despise the post man/woman.
  •  Barking when you walk through the door, there is no reason, you know who I am.
  •  If you have taught your dog how to do ‘paw’ then they will do it continuously, whenever you move your hand downwards, even if you have no food, and in the process, scratching your hand!
  • Farting. They do not care, they will do it anywhere, and it stinks, really bad.
  • They are always there for you to talk too
  • Good when you want to have a cuddle.
  •  They can keep you company.
  • If they are trained well, they can bring you things! (slippers, pillows, dead animals…).
  • Learn compassion for animals.
  • Caring for something other than yourself.
  • Talking in that strange high pitched voice.

BUT these above reasons are exactly why we love our four legged family members!

If you have anything else to share about your pet please comment below,

Here are a few images of my fury family.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Thank you for reading


Charlotte Dawson

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