Travel Tips List – Going On Holiday & Getting Ready

This post contains a detailed list on what you need to remember to take on holiday! Are you stressing, i am!

The holiday period can be pretty stressful! I know going on holiday really makes me quite nervous, so i need to make sure that i am 100% ready, that’s why i decided to write a travel tips list for you! (And for me). I am quite an anxious person, and i am not sure how i will handle this trip! Maybe ill have to have a few cocktails before i get on the plane. Yes that will help! (Not too many, drinking is bad!)

So I am going to Mexico this year, woo! I am so super excited, its a whole two weeks long, and also a whole nine nearly ten hour flight… Yes Its really that long, oh and we are getting a coach for two hours! How fun.

I have no idea what I shall do in that time, I will probably begin to feel a little claustrophobic, and stressed, and sweaty. So I need to make sure I am prepared, and i guess you want to be too, so here are some of my travel tips!

It can be easier to go on holiday if you are staying in your own country, I mean, you aren’t that far away from home, you can use the same currency, and you probably do not need any vaccinations!

There is no point in stressing over such a fun exciting thing, so lets just get to the travel tips, and start being calmer, and have fun when you are going on holiday, otherwise, you will be moody, and grumpy, and that is no fun to be around.

Going On Holiday? Travel Tips List

The prep work before going on holiday can be a whole lot stressful. There is so much to do, and so little time (by the time you realise you have one week left, there really is not a lot of time!) I would advise getting you stuff ready probably a month before you go, i wish i had done this, but i go away on Friday 17th, and sharing these tips with you is probably a little bit hypocritical.

Here is a list of a few travel tips you might need to do;

Lets start with major important travel tips;

I always flag every email i get from my holiday provider, this way i can easily track back, in case they have emailed me something important like my e-ticket, or notice to book my seats, or even more important, how much you need to pay.

Make sure your passport is still valid –  well, you can’t go on holiday abroad if you don’t do this, so i guess its really important, in fact this is the top tip of all travel tips. Also if you do need a new passport, it can take a little while for it to be ready.

Get vaccinations – I had to get two vaccinations, but they did them in one injection, thank the lord. I did sit on my mothers lap because i was having a mini panic attack, BUT THATS OKAY… is it?

Book travel insurance – Very important travel tip! You must do this, you never know what might happen, i don’t like living negatively, but you just don’t know! You luggage might go missing, you might need medical attention, anything. Just get insurance.. Head over to, or this is where you can find a good deal (its what i always do).

Think about which currency you need – If you are going to a different country, you will need to exchange your money, look around online to find the best deal, always pay extra to get your money back at the same rate too! This is important on my travel tips list, you need money. I always take a little bit more money, just in case i need it. You can now get a card if you are taking a lot of money abroad, this is a safer way to carry money around the world, but unfortunately it isn’t available everywhere.

Save the amount of money you need to take – Of course you will need to do this, to carry out the step above! Just be wary of what you are buying, stop wasting your money! Here is a post i have written about saving money! – How To Be An Expert At Saving Money

If you are like me, buy some more contact lenses or think about getting prescription sunglasses – I cannot see without any visual aid, so i always make sure that i have a fresh pack of contact lenses to take away with me, and i also take both pairs of my normal glasses. You could buy a pair of prescription sunglasses, but of course, i left this way to late, and i cannot do that now…

Book airport car parking if you need it – I don’t need to do this, but i do know it can be quite annoying, expensive, and difficult if you try to park at an airport, without reserving it.

Stock up on any medication you need – This is so important! If you are someone who has a lot of medication, make sure you have a fresh packet, and enough, or more than enough of what you need. I only take a contraception pill, and tons of hay fever tablets, but i have that covered, few.

Now for the things that are still important, but a little less important… You still need to do them;

Make a list for what you need in your luggage – Lists, and more lists. This is how i get through packing for my holiday, if i did not write a list, i would probably pack, and re-pack 100 times. Buy writing a list you can tick off when you have packed the item, or bought the item, then tick it off again when its been packed.

Print off any paper work – I guess this should be important, if you don’t have your boarding passes, or your e-ticket, i don’t think you are going anywhere… You can only print your boarding passes once you have checked in, so make sure you do it! I have a little wallet that i sort my stuff out into, in the order i need to use them.

Buy clothes or shoes you need – This is probably the only fun bit. Shopping. But brand new holiday summer clothes, and shoes, and accessories. All things that you probably will not be able to wear in your own country because it might rain all the time like it does here in England.

Top Tip – if you buy play suits, you can wear them in the winter too, pair them up with some thick tights and a long sleeve turtle neck top, and voila. Take a read of my staple wardrobe items to get more ideas – Staple Wardrobe Items, Things I Love

Buy toiletries – So here are a few things that you might need to take

  • Sun cream – Remember, no tan is a healthy tan! Get that sun block on, and protect your skin, you might get a little tan, but you do not want to burn. Burning is bad. I am taking factor 50 an 30 to Mexico.
  • Shower things – Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, razors. Check that your hotel doesn’t already supply these, this way you might have more room in your luggage.
  • After sun – Seems as you might get burnt, or your skin gets a little bit dry, make sure you take after sun! I always take an after sun cream, and Aloe Vera Skin Care Gel, because it works the best!
  • Medicines – This means things like paracetamol, ibuprofen, plasters, diarrhea tablets (you never know).
  • Facial Washes – You want to make sure you keep up with your skin care! I am packing some of the simple cleansers, and moisturizers. You might want to pack cotton buds, and some wipes too.
  • Deodorant, and sprays – You want to smell nice, right? Remember mosquitoes like nice smelling things, so don’t go over board. I would probably take some hand sanitizer to keep clean.
  • Tooth brush, tooth paste- keep those teeth squeaky clean.
  • Insect repellent- This is important if you are going on holiday to somewhere where this is a thing. So mexico currently has the Zika virus, and no body wants that! I have bought repellent bracelets, spray, and cream which has repellent in it.
  • Makeup and hair things – You want to look nice when you go out at night. I never take lots of make up, only bronzer, some mascara and eyeshadow, and my eyebrow kit. I take bobby pins, hair bobbles and hair bands, oooo and sea salt spray, it gives you those beachy waves.

So i think that’s it for toiletries, but knowing me, i have probably forgotten something.

Pack your bag and hand luggage –
Finally, pack your main luggage first. Tick off when you have put it in your bag. Make sure it is all secure so it doesn’t all fall everywhere when the bag is thrown into the plane like a rag doll. I always pack liquidy things in a food bag, in case they leak. You don’t want sun cream all over your clothes. I then pack my hand luggage, make sure you pack fun things to do on the plane, and have your passport!

Decide what to wear on the plane –
You want to be comfortable, but wary of the weather when you get off. Especially if you have to get a coach for two hours in the blazing sun. Make sure you take sunglasses, and a hat! (Oh and wear sun cream on your travels)


Thank you for reading my travel tips list post!

I hope this has helped you in some kind of way,
i was hoping it would help me, but i will probably still be freaking out on Friday…

Charlotte xxx

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