Veggie Food Ideas – Getting Everything You Need

What To Eat Now That You Are A Veggie

Now i am presuming that you are a vegetarian and that is why you are reading this, why else would you need to read a whole post about veggie food ideas? Well of course if you are thinking of transitioning to becoming a vegetarian, or if you are simply interested in what us non meat eaters eat. (There’s more to life than chicken, soz)

Why I Became A Vegetarian

So if you have just decided to be a vegetarian, i understand you are at the ‘what the hell do i eat now’ stage, don’t worry, i will help you through this, although, sometimes i am at this stage all over again.

Veggie Food Ideas – What The Hell Do I Eat

First of all, you need to decide what you are still going to eat…

Now, there is some confusion on what vegetarians are allowed to eat (you can eat whatever the hell you want)

Some will say that you cannot eat fish either, or eggs, or drink milk, if you dont want these, then you are basically a vegan.. And i am not a vegan.

I decided to carry on eating fish, my health isn’t tip top at the moment, and i could probably do with eating fish. It helps me to make sure i am still getting the nutrients i need.
(I am technically called a pesco-vegetarian/pescatarian apparently after further research, it is a thing!)

Eggs are also in my diet, in fact eggs are probably my main source of protein.

Just decide what foods you do or do not want to eat.

Now we can move on.

Next you need to decide what foods you like, if you are someone that does not like; fruit, vegetables, salad or legumes (lentils, chickpeas etc)

Then you might need to start trying the above foods, you will need them to ensure that you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need.

If you dont like them, then im sorry… You are missing out.

If you are someone who has just changed their lifestyle to become a vegetarian, it can be hard to decide what to eat. Well this post is for you! BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, SNACK IDEAS!



(I grabbed this image from google –
sometimes a visual is easier to understand than me just blabbering on about what you should be having.)

I’m not going to be giving you millions of veggie food ideas, this is supposed to be easy, and basically for beginners! So no fancy recipes here, just foods that do not contain any animal meat.Read what the vegetarian food groups are to ensure you are getting what you need to be healthy.



Breakfast is super easy as a vegetarian!

There are so many easy and quick foods you can eat to give you that extra energy in the morning.

Most of my breakfasts include fruit.

My absolute fave breakfast at the moment is overnight oats, i have a post about it here – Easy Overnight Oats! Quickest Breakfast Ever

Veggie Food Ideas – Breakfasts in a bowl; 

Granola –
You could just have bowl of granola with a milk of your choice, or mix with yogurt.

Greek yogurt –
add some fruit and honey.

Cereals –
an obvious choice if you have nothing else to eat.

Porridge –
Everyone loves a bowl of porridge on a cold day!

Smoothie bowl –
so basically make a chunky smoothie, add some fruit, and eat with a spoon.

Veggie Food Ideas – Breakfasts on a plate;

Peanut butter on toast –
(or any kind of nut butter) topped with bananas (or other fruit!)

Eggs on toast –
poached, or boiled, these are the healthiest kinds of eggs!

Peanut butter with apple –
add as much peanut butter as you want, chop us an apple, voila.

Or – Apple sandwich, cut and apple into slices, and put whatever nut butter you want inside.

Waffles –
with honey and fruit.



Lunch can be a little bit more difficult, if you were used to eating meat, then your lunches probably would have consisted of it, and now its hard to decide what else in the world you should eat.

These are easy lunches, so if you are on the go, or busy all the time, you most certainly will be able to have these for lunch, or at least prepare them for the next day.

Hot lunches;

Jacket potato –
Top with anything you like, i like to have soya meat chilli con carne sometimes.

Rice and vegetables –
include whatever legumes you like to add more protein, chickpeas are the best.

Leftover pasta salad –
warm up last nights dinner, and throw in some fresh tomatoes or cucumber.

Soup –
soup is easy peasy, you can either buy it and warm it up, or make it from scratch my blending vegetables, throw in some lentils for some extra nutrition.

Things on toast –
pretty much anything on toast really.. Simple.

Cold lunches;

Salads –
Of course. You can have so much in one salad, include eggs for protein, throw on some nuts or seeds, pumpkin seeds are great, and walnuts!

Sandwiches –
switch up the chicken for cheese or egg, or fish if you want to eat it. Add some salads and season with spice or pepper.

Vegetables with dip –
try have some toast as well to add in some grains. Try any dip you want.

Breakfast for lunch –
You could have anything listed in the breakfast section for lunch also. I would just advise adding more fiber, or starchy foods where you can.



Dinner can be so hard, but it can be fun! Try to experiment with different foods when it comes to dinner time. When you go out for a meal, order something new and see if you like it, you could then re create this at home! Veggie food ideas are everywhere.

Pesto pasta –
my favourite dinner, because its so easy! Use wholemeal pasta, and add a tablespoon or two of pesto and mix it in! Top with tomatoes, or cheese!

Chickpea curry –
You might have to look online to find a recipe you like, but this curry will have soooo much of what you need. Add lentils, vegetables, potatoes, and plenty of spices.

The special –
This is made up by Sean and i, it basically means, grab a frying pan, or wok, and add loads into it.
Try adding some vegetables, some greens, some legumes, spices, oils, nuts, seeds, cooked rice or pasta.

Roasted vegetables –
add boiled potatoes, tofu, or fish.

Veggie Fajitas –
I love fajitas! Simply fry a load of vegetables in oil and spices, and wrap them up in wholemeal wraps with salad, and cheese if you wish.
Instead of fajitas, you could make vegetable kebabs.

Try some vegetarian ‘meat’ so of course it isn’t actually meat, but it contains a whole lot of protein. I personally dont eat a lot of this because sometimes it isn’t that nice!

So you can try the vegetarian sausages, which are quite nice actually, or you can add soya meat into a bolognese, chilli con carne, or cottage pie.



Next veggie food ideas are SNACKS – Snacking is the most important thing if you are a vegetarian. This is when you are going to get a lot of what you aren’t necessarily getting in your main meals. If you are trying to lose weight, i would try not to snack as much.

I try to have a snack between each meal, as i am actually trying to gain weight.

Trail mix –
Make a bowl of different nuts and seeds, you can carry this around with you if you get hungry.

Fruit –
just always eat fruit, its the best.

Vegetables –
grab a carrot, and crunch.

Dried fruits –
they last a long time, and can substitute something sweet.

Greek yogurt –
Always a good snack to have, add some honey and fruit!

Roasted Chickpeas –
So easy, and so nice! Dry out some chickpeas, at a little oil, and season, pop in the oven for 40 mins, and there you go. Use for a snack, or a topping on salads.

Smoothies –
You can add all sorts into smoothies! Try adding greens into every smoothie you make for added nutrition.

Different teas –
Teas have all kinds of health benefits, i drink a lot of green tea to keep my metabolism working, and to refresh my insides!

Detox waters –
You can get added minerals and nutrition from simply adding things into your water! I have a post here – Water And Its Benefits – Detox water

If you are someone who has just changed their lifestyle to become a vegetarian, it can be hard to decide what to eat. Well this post is for you! BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, SNACK IDEAS!

Thank you so much for reading.

Let me know if you try any of the meals, or comment below if you have any other veggie food ideas!

Charlotte xxx

UPDATE – There are many reasons as to why I became a veggie, and many reasons I still wish I was. Due to my own personal circumstances -I had to incorporate some meat back into my diet.


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